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  1. BLaM HIDP Bistagne coal mine single pit

    I have to agree with Deadwoods and Barbyw on the comments made. I also can see why good and excellent moddellers have left Simtrop because of ungrateful comments from those who have never produced a model of there own. But take great pleasure in cutting down others work. - I do like the model - it would of been better if seperate pieces - imho
  2. NHP Invermere Valley by besku3epnm and JPlumbley

    You guys are the best - thanks for everything
  3. Bosham Church

    this rocks - great layout and modeling - great work
  4. PEG Toy Factory

    this is awesome work PEG, Great addition to the MTP lots - thank you so much for sharing
  5. BLaM Hassan II Mosque

    I really lik ethe building - alot of work went into it - It shows. But the lighting needs some help. too bright in many places and too yellow. lighten the tone of yellow and soften the intensety and I think you would have a perfect building. MHO
  6. Sword Tower

    I really like the base, but the tower part just looks way too modern for the style of base you have. If you keep the base and shorten the top of the base part it would make a great Capital building - just and Idea
  7. BLaM French Connections Goober Plazas

    you have dramatic improvements on these last two - more depth and life to them - thanks
  8. BLaM French Connections Floral Plazas

    I like this soooo much better this actualy has life to it - great job
  9. Frauenkirche Dresden

    this looks Awesome
  10. BLaM French Connections Flower Plazas 2

    this looks nice but like I said before it looks lifeless with the maxis props on it
  11. BLaM French Connections Flower Plazas 3

    looks nice but maxis props gust dont give it any depth to as a custom prop would - no shadows except from the trees - sorry no life to it
  12. Plopable Farm Field Pack

    wow thanks for these much appreiated
  13. BLaM French Connections Almira Park

    I agree with royal - no trees all those flowers and no trees - and I also cant goto simcities.com for I was banned also
  14. BlaM Little Strip Mall Pack One

    just a suggestion when taking a pic for your upload goto max then back off one and it should be real clearimage then take the pic - to close and it gets blurry - nice job though
  15. BSC Winterton College Lilith

    she did a excellent job on the model and you did a fantastic job on the lotting BSC - great job I give you a 10/10