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  1. Sim City: Wishlists

    My main concern is the realism of transportation systems, which many before me here have already pointed out. However, I have more specific grievances: In SC4, Maxis incorrectly labeled their roads. "Roads", "streets", "avenues" are NOT terms that designate the size, capacity, speed limit, etc. of a given road. Pave any 2-lane city street and you can name it an "avenue," a "road," a "way," whatever you like. These terms they labeled were not accurate and not indicative. Instead, on my "wishlist" I ask that the roads be more accurately labeled. "2-Lane Arterial" "4-Lane Arterial" etc. for in-town roads. Next, intercity roads. They COMPLETELY got this wrong. A "highway" does NOT mean it's a freeway! What they labeled "highway" and subsequently has everyone on this website referring to as a "highway" is a freeway. If you were to carve out a footpath between two cities, it would be a highway. THAT is a highway. Any form of non-rail ground transport that leaves a city and travels to another locale. The new SC should have a "Highways" panel that would include: -"2-Lane Highway"(YES, a 2-LANE ROAD can be a highway. I can drive on one to leave the city I live in right now.) This would have options for Passing Zone, No Passing Zone, Passing on One Side, No Passing on the Other, and turning lanes(making it technically 3 lanes, but it would still be 2 lanes in each direction) -"3-Lane Highway"-Same Passing, No Passing, etc. options. Also, of course, you'd be able to determine which direction gets 2 lanes and which gets the remaining 1 lane. Also, same turning lane situation applies. -"4-Lane Highway"-Many options here. Median/No Median. Divided/Undivided. Turning Lanes On/Off. and THEN -"Freeway"-(for those who don't know: a freeway is a limited access road that cannot have at-grade intersections. I.e., one can only enter a freeway on entrance ramps and exit on exit ramps(limited access), and the freeway may not cross another transportation's path, so it must have a bridge over it, or it must go under it(no at-grade intersections). Freeways should have the 4-Lane, 6-Lane, 8-Lane, and 10-Lane options. Then, you can use a tool to drag the entrance and exit ramps out of the freeway, as well as drag flyover ramps out of it to connect with other freeways or even surface streets(this DOES happen in real life). This was another big complaint for me in SC4: You were confined, and still are, even with the NAM, to certain pre-built ramps for freeways. In real life, this never happens; almost every entrance/exit ramps and flyover is unique and specific to that area. Maybe it's very very long and winds far from the freeway to avoid an obstacle. Maybe it's very short. Dragging them in SC5 would allow for road systems that don't force you to bulldoze tons of your development. And that is all. Just a road system that is functional and realistic. But I'm not going to hold my breath that it's going to happen.
  2. Signs in the game

    In the game, it is impossible to name freeways(the limited-access roads which the game incorrectly refers to as "highways"(incorrect because any trail can be a highway, even if it's a footpath, a two lane road, anything, so long as it goes between two destinations)) like other roads, i.e. with the tool that puts the letters down in yellow. Instead, if you are obsessed with correctly naming roads like me, you have to put down the big signpost signs or just leave it unnamed. I am only asking if someone knows if it's possible to put a .JPEG image in the game. Then I would be able to go to "AARoads.com", make my own shield, and put it as a .JPEG file on the sign post signs, instead of having to put "Interstate 60" every few yards to clarify what road the freeway is carrying. Thank you.
  3. BAT Request Thread

    Baseball Stadiums (Clockwise from top left): Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Shea Stadium in Queens, New York, The Kingdome in Seattle, and the Astrodome in Houston. Description: Baseball stadiums that reflect the 60s-70s era of building stadiums in which most, if not all, were "cookie cutter" styled, many of them domed as well. A replica of, say, The Astrodome would suffice in meeting this need. Why this would be beneficial to the game or community: The reason why this would be benieficial to the game and communtiy is because it would enable more Simtropolis members to build more realistic sports franchise histories in their cities.
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi, I looked at a few forums that involved a question that I had, which was: where do you find the mod for making an "avenue" have median turning lanes rather than landscaping? I've looked everywhere, and the only answer I got was "I think it's part of a NAM that hasn't come out yet." Yet I've seen tons of pictures with this feature. Any answers?
  5. Weston

    Could you please tell me where to find the two-lane road with the turning lane in the middle featured in the picture of George Washington Drive and River Road's intersection? Thanks! 
  6. Mass Pak Special Requests 2

    I have some requests. I made a fictional city with use of real non-used Interstates and US highways, such as I-60 and US 39. Could you make the following? Interstate 60, Interstate 51, Interstate 53, Interstate 251(a loop), Interstate 460(outer loop), Interstate 453(inner loop), State Highway 89, State Highway 7, US 39, US 288, US 88. For the state highway shields, make up your own design as you feel because my region is a fictional state.