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  1. SHK Villas

  2. Fossil Island

  3. Overhanging Fillers

    I have been waiting for these for so so so ....... so long.  I'm about to redesign my city just for this..  Thanks, thanks so much..
  4. You guys are cool. Your interest in this (modding SC13) is highly appreciated. I was trying to read your progress, but I dont understand much. If you ever figure out how to bring the joy of SC4 to SC13, devs should pay you because you'll keep this game around forever like modders did for SC4. Good Luck. Oh a few ideas for future thinking: 1. Allow/change game to upload/save to local drive 2. Expand city size limit, or build outside the dredged white dotted line. 3. Farms 4. Self dependant city I know that any of that stuff is probably impossible (you dont have to explain why), but seriously to us simple people - modders are the last hope for enjoying something new like the SC13.
  5. SimCity Blog: Telephone City Part One

    I'll have to give it up to the modders -- soon we will make it OUR simcity and not MAXIS.... Mua-ha-ha-ha-haaa.... My SC4 is about 90/10 downloads/maxis content and I mostly use downloads... But, to make it fair, maxis have put down a pure core entertainmnet down where it tickles my brain (and eyes) with SC4 (they deserve an award, hopefully SC13 will be great (even if different), or i'm staying with SC4 (hopefully all the modders and CJ-ers stay too)...
  6. God Terraforming in Mayor Mode Mac

    Thanks for upload, some new folks will be informed.  I've been using it for years, but I think a lot of useful/popular things like this should be reposted maybe with a tweak here and there.  Like many here, I didn't know about simcity4 (or any other kind) til about 4 years after SC4 came out, and I missed many important downloads that are hard to find sometimes... People like warrior "I uploaded without installer because someone asked..." are much appreciated here in the community.  A few times that I left any question or comment on the forum - always had a warm, thoughtful replies.  SC4 will never die..
  7. something went wrong with everything....

    Why is it bad to have images and readme's in plugins? I keep images so I dont have to remember which building is which. In case it gives me trouble in the game, it's easier to find among the plugins. So why is it bad to keep images?
  8. Overwhelmed by RMIP's and ACB-VLT's

    Yeh, Moose, I'm begining to learn that. Also slowly figure oud a few things during dark morning hours: First of all, there is a parked random plane lot for all types of planes. And the numbers and markings on runways - gonna copy my google maps airport in my city. And now, trying to figure out how to tie together Style 2 large teminals to Style 3 Concorses. I deleted buncha individual plane lots, buncha jetaways (seemed redundant) and it's all coming together. What a beautiful piece of work this stuff.
  9. Overwhelmed by RMIP's and ACB-VLT's

    Even easier, jsut give us a simpler pack version: 1. Prefab Runway that you typically see in a most common airport. (Please include a landing and taking off plane on it) 2. One Heli pad family (each plop pops different heli) 3. One set of latest/most popular terminals and concourses. 4. One Parked plane family (each plop pops different plane paint with vacant spot mixed in there) 5. One Traffic Control Tower. Or just tell me what I can delete and what I shouldn't. Thank you.
  10. something went wrong with everything....

    I have been pondering over this since I got into downloadables with dependencies. It's the dependencies that confuse us noobs. Here are my suggestions: (But first of all - I'm greatful for years of voluntery work every one put into this game - I hope SC 2013 is NOT successful so we can continue enjoying all the work you guys put in) 1. Keep one dependency per creator, this way he/she can update, add, or remove any bit of it, and we as users will keep checking up on what's updated. Oh wait, other creators use those dependencies, dont they? Crap. Nevermind. How about this: A substitute system. Lets say you have a mod or a lot that uses particular trees. Is it possible to point the flora of that tree to a certain file outside the mod/lot. Then all we have to do is take a tree file and rename it to whatever that lot is pointing to. So we pick 10 tree files named "tree_01, _02, _03,..._10". We in this case will have our favorite trees picked out already named "tree_01, _02, etc" Same thing for car packs, street lights, farms, parks 1x1, 2x2, 3x3. etc, base textures, and other commonly used objects. It will also be great if creators can give us options to replace certain unused maxis menu items (who needs 4 1x1 spring gardens, maxis parks, or LM's that we dont use. PEG replaced the seaport (I never looked back). 2. Overhaul the entire game replace most menu items and look of the game to a universal new polished look: replace maxis trees, cars, roads, buildings, textures, utilities, civics, include, diagonal and curve road fillers, MMP with a one set of trees (simfox's or VIP's two mayor trees - those are perfect and veried in size and look with each click), road side trees, sidewalks. Include prefab airports (kinda like x-ports, but longer runways) and then include only the dependencies that require to show those "new polished items". I'm pretty sure that #2 can be made by a user in various ways, but the dependency lists clutter the menu lists with billions of trees, airport items, fences, parks, and redundant buildings. 3. Or (easiest of all), when creating a lot, make 2-3 versions each pointing to simfox set, VIP set, and Cycledogs set, trees. So we can choose. I only use two VIP trees and rarely simfox's, but I have to have all Cycledogs, Matt_b's, and more, just because I like a house from here and a building from there. 4. Or even easier, create dependency that will not put items on the mayors list, (like they do options with LM, Plopable, Growable to choose from) - same for dependencies (show up on mayors menu & not show up version.) Any one of these ideas will help everyone. In any case, I'm holding on to a somewhat organized plugins folder, but I really really appreciate and will be happy even if nothing is done to simplify the dependency debackle.
  11. Hello, everyone. I've been quietly playing SC4. And finally got to the Airports - obviously hate the Maxis tiny toy versions. I like to keep my choices simple and uncluttered. But with the Modular Airport Plugins I simply got overwhelmed. I played around with this for months (trying to minimize menu items, understand what all the markings and lines are for, and keep my dependencies down). I want to play SC4 again! I've tried all I can find and concluded that RMIP and ACB-VLT Combo is the best for a clean result. So far, I tried SimcityFuturist's Regional Airport V.1, but with the amount of dependencies required, I gave up. Plus that airport seemed cluttered with lots of uncessesary stuff, and it's in the train menu. I do appreciate this plugin as I learned a lot just from playing with it, and it would be perfect if it wasn't in the train menu, or have so many dependencies. I also tried "x-ports, but the runway seem very very short and tiny for the large planes parked at the terminals. Now, I have RMIP all 4 Volumes and ACB-VLT both Packs. Is it possible for someone to create the same set up as SimcityFuturist's plugin, exept consisting of fewer parts and limited to basic dependencies. It would be great and easy for anybody new to have: 1. Runway (or another option with two parallel runways) maybe 85-100 tiles long 2. Main Entry Terminal (that would also act like the airport with jobs and/or capacity of 100,000 for example) -- You can probably use the Maxis Airport file and size it down but keep the specs. This way it'll be replaced in the menu with the new item. 3. Maybe a couple more attachments with terminals, heli pads, parking or control tower. (or include as item 2. 4. Please make planes take off and land on runway or on taxiways (if possible) All should be one style, without any extra hotels or parks or whatever (I can add those myself, just leave empty spaces blank) Don't need a viraety of airline companies (whatever the 4 volumes include and thats it) Don't need bus depot, either. Actually SimcityFuturist's Terminals are pretty good (if you're reading this, bro, just build without the extra parks and roads and the rest of the plugins. Willing to fund this endevour, if it's simple enough and clean. I am greatful for all the work has been done - lots of detail. Just overwhelmed, even with given instructions - which assume you know all the rules of the airports - I dont. Thank you.
  12. Landing strip

    I like this a lot, that's what Maxis shoulda done - make the three included airports differ like this - I believe this replaces the small airport in game - which is PERFECT - dont need that original one if I have this one. The look of this "strip" is excatly what it should be, a powed farm with tracks of frequent plane lendings - obviously used by dusting planes or something like that. It's supposed to be this simple and run down. Thanks Majestic - I like this one.
  13. Soelom

    I'm surprised at such a low rating... I've downloaded this map, and tried it -- very well made map. 1. It has rivers not too wide or too narrow, and easily bridged, yet looks natural +1 2. Every tile has a body of water +1 3. Water edges are sloped not too steep +1 +1 4. All large tiles (I like that) +1 5. Already processed map, no need to re-draw with SC4, just move folder into SC4 directory +1 +1 6. Landscape looks natural +1 I love it (actually abandoning my previous island for this)
  14. SHK Villas

    Theyre great, and your beach houses too. If it's all the same can you make these and the beach houses growable too? light density, med wealth or something.... thank you. for these though