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  1. Maxis-Styled AVE-6 Median Pack

  2. Highway under bridge

  3. Post Your CiM 2 Pictures Here!

  4. Your worst fears, TRUE! READ!

    EA have no excuses for the servers to be not operational on launch day. EA don't even operate severs - its outsourced to AKAMAI (which also host the likes of facebook and netflix - so they do have the capacity) Its just shear incompetence on EA's part - nothing more.
  5. Bay Area Members

    want to fly over a person living in Ireland?
  6. Simcity 4 and Radeon 7850?

    Hi guys, I am having problems with simcity 4 and my new radeon 7850 graphics card. Basically, when I scroll around the city (either using the scroll wheel or moving the cursor to the edge of the screen) the screen will turn a tinted yellow and props and shadows will disappear. I have the steam version of the game so its on the latest patch. This issue is solved by turning software mode ON, however this is less than ideal as I get low FPS when I scroll around even on a blank city tile and even then graphics settings are set to a minimum. Edit: I should mention that I have no plug ins installed, and my graphics drivers are updated to the latest version.
  7. Maintenace/Performance thread.

    Chat is not working for me. Getting the same error message as some users above. Tried using both the latest build of Firefox and IE10.
  8. So what you do think?

    Hi for some reason the forums is stuck on the IPboard default theme. Once I log out the site reverts back to the original ST theme so I believe its something to do with my account. I have cleared the cache and cookies and used a different browser but the problem still persists. The drop down box at the bottom of the page says I am using "Simtropolis 7" Here are some screenshots : Edit: I just sent Kevin a PM and he should be able to fix the problem I am having
  9. Smalltown USA Relots

    Great work! 5/5
  10. PEG PPond Lift Bridges

    Nice work peg! 5/5
  11. Tropico 3!

    cool, might pick this up on the 360 whenit comes out
  12. Member of the Month Awards: August 2009

    congrats krbe and sim1234
  13. sc4 tools wont run

    Try running as administrator and windows XP compatibility mode.
  14. Xbox Live GamerTags - Post here if you have one.

    EDIT: N/A
  15. HK Fab 2

    great work bixel 5/5 :D