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About this City Journal

An interactive CJ that lets readers plan developments and watch how they affect the city, Virgin Shores is a young nation on an island in the North Pacific that has become a leading global...

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Virgin Shores has always shared a landmass with Archean's nation Follomer, and after he recently wanted a fresh start, we came to an arrangement. Virgin Shores would take over the entire island, divided into three Regions. Archean would be Regional Administrator of and create one of the regions, and rawr APPLES the other. Both will update in their own CJ on their own schedule, independent of this CJ (though this will remain the central CJ and I will remain Governor), and the CJs will intertwine somewhat.

Please, do post any questions here and the three of us will be happy to answer.


I went ahead and built Archean's proposal for the South Copley Bypass project, with a little modification to fit the terrain and the RHW's capabilities.

2.1 A shot from back when grading was being finished up on the whole project.


2.2 The Completed Bypass


2.3 A close-up on signage


2.4 A closer look at the South Copley Spur interchange


2.5 Traffic on the new bypass



The first official update is here!

Welcome to the municipality of Copley, located south of Ghent and west of South Valley along Highway 41, population 11,849. Copley consists of the individual towns of Copley (Minicipal Center), located north of the valley, and South Copley, located 3 miles south of Copley. Copley itself has become a small urban center, as its area is limited by terrain, while South Copley consists of more sprawling, suburban development. Now on to the pictures.

1.1 Downtown Copley


1.2 Copley Municipal Center



1 - Copley Farmers' Market

2 - Copley Town Hall

3 - Copley Health Services

4 - Copley Bureau of Farm Management

5 - Copley School

6 - Copley Farm Supply

7 - Copley Biotechnology Park

1.3 Copley Overview


1.4 South Copley Overview


1.5 South Copley Neighborhood


1.6 Copley Industrial Center


The Copley Industrial Center is home to Hardun Electric's South Copley Generating Station, as well as several large mills and the region's Plasma Gasification Plant, which disposes of waste. However, these large industries employ quite a few people from South Copley, and Highway 41 between the town and the industrial center has grown quite congested, much to the dismay of local farmers. Thus in early 2010 the highway was designated the South Copley Transportation Improvement Corridor, and on June 27, 2010, VSDoT-H unveiled a proposal to build an expressway-grade bypass of South Copley, on right-of-way that an old municipal ordinance set aside.

1.7 South Copley Bypass Proposal


The decision on whether to build will be left to the general public by poll. Please comment with your input, either

Option 1: Build Original Proposal

Option 2: No-Build

Option 3: Explore More Options

Option 4: Build Archean's Proposal

Thanks, and after I've gotten significant feedback another update will follow and construction will begin.


Just something quick I whipped up in Inkscape:


Click for rull resolution! (2007x2007px)

Note: I haven't figured out terrain yet, which accounts for the bridges and the weird curve in Highway 30. I'll add that in at some point.


Valley Ridge is the oldest town in Virgin Shores, established in 1863. The town is situated up on bluffs over a dried river valley, and while it is still known for its charming 19th-century small town, several high-rises and modern suburban commerce has come to dominate it. The town's population is 67,369 as of 2010 census estimates, and is growing rapidly with suburban expansion.


The city is still being filled out in regards to suburban development, and of course downtown is still growing, but thoughts?


Well a few months ago I announced that I was leaving SC4. Ha. As if I could. I lasted maybe a month before I started playing again. Experimenting. I got mostly everything working how I wanted it.

So now I'm back CJ-ing. Virgin Shores will continue as a new region that is rather large and already partially developed, and will feature an abundance of unreleased NAM goodies, so, while you should feel free to comment, please no questions regarding release dates, et cetera.

Anyway, here is the first city from the new region, Valley Ridge. A tour will be forthcoming, but here is an overview of the central part of the city:



And as a bonus, a night shot!



I've been playing around the past few days in Harbormouth, which is a town located on a barrier island directly to the north of Hawthorne Creek.

Most of the town needs more detailing before it can be shown off (lots of marshy coastline...), but here's a random shot of a rural intersection on VS Route 1 Business:


This intersection was a rather busy one, even after the opening of the parallel VS-1 Freeway (visible in the lower left), still seeing over 1500 cars per hour. As development continued at an extremely rapid pace in the surrounding area, these roads became a traffic nightmare, and the VSDOT decided something had to be done with the opening of the North Island Technology Park (surrounding VS-1 and spreading along the coast), which brought hundreds more commuters.

In conjunction with the proposed traffic solutions, the Hawthorne Creek Regional Planning Office proposed a comprehensive redevelopment of the surrounding area to make it more desirable and give it a more "urban" feel. The final plan included new Elementary and High Schools, a fire station, and some medium-density commercial and residential, centered around a new avenue that interchanges directly with the VS-1 freeway.


Quite the little suburbia now, isn't it?


The junction of VS-1 (north/south) and VS-301 (east/west) south of Hawthorne Creek, the big city I've been showing recently:

(click for full resolution--all images are now shown in 1600x900 widescreen courtesy of my new laptop!)


Note, detailing is yet to come (though not much more) and the surrounding areas are set to become mainly low-density residential, with some strip malls and big box stores thrown in.


*blows off dust again*

Lets take a look at a whole new developing urban center that I've been working on now that I have a new PC that runs SC4 lightning-fast.

NOTE: Some chat regulars have probably already seen these.

Overview of the Hawthorne Creek CBD so far:


Main features include the High-Speed Rail Terminal and surrounding commercial development, the Westbank and Downtown Expressways, and the magnificent bridges.

Random pretty houses off the Downtown Expy:


Growing suburban development near a brand-new Diverging Diamond Interchange:


And how about a shot of the HSR cable-stayed bridge?:



Preview VIII

I decided to play instead of sleep after work today... and I think something good came out of it!





In the last pic, the beach in the foreground will have imported sand, and the other side will be marshland.


Preview VII

A little something to tide you over...


The start of the western suburbs of Virgin City. Feedback?

Sorry I haven't been around much lately guys, but I've gotten a job and school has been really demanding. This was the first time I fired up SC4 in over a month, so expect these little previews to be a bit ...sporadic.


Preview VI

I worked on a suburban hell south of Beebington, and began surveying the site for Fort Beebs.

Some development surrounding the interchange shown recently, and a strip mall accompanied by some big box stores:


Development connecting with the existing town of Beebington:



Preview V

The Lusana Heights Bypass was finally completed, ending at a large interchange south of Beebington that includes a currently unfinished spur highway (VS-299) that is set to encourage new development south of the city (the National Guard is even eyeing the location for a potential "Fort Beebs") before merging with VS-99.


I also finished rendering and seeding the entire region, and managed to take a region shot:

WARNING: VERY LARGE IMAGE (6098346 bytes - 2840px × 1665px)




Preview IV

After the opening of the Lusana Heights Bypass, traffic surged along the highway, resulting in the speedy construction of a new interchange leading to a new freeway alignment paralleling the original highway to the south:


The freewas was extended westward down past the snow line into a town about 5 km away, where it currently terminates at an unfinished interchange:



Preview II

Not any new pictures, but just to keep some of you interested...

Here's the initial development on the West Bank district of Virgin City:


And an admittedly somewhat odd-looking city up in the high mountains:


Pardon the boxes, the issue is being addressed and should be resolved eventually. This city I am particularly proud of because of how the transportation has evolved. The city originally was established at a crossroads between two 2-lane highways, but soon the town could no longer support the volume of through traffic, so a freeway-grade bypass was built, and eventually the highways were widened going off in both directions. Construction is also basically complete on an expressway-grade ring road encompassing the original city, but development is commencing outside of it too.

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