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  1. NYBT HBS The New York Times Building

    Damn I literally live on 40th 8th Ave right across from this building!!!
  2. Millennium Residence

    is this ploppable?
  3. Samsung Tower

    please someone tell me how to plop this instead of waiting it to grow. Thanks~!!
  4. HK The Marlin

    any dependancies for these?
  5. Okhta Center

  6. Macys Department Store

    lol actually I work near this Macy's haha I work in Manhattan 8th Avenue 35th Street lol
  7. asian shop

    does anyone know where this plop is at?? I can't seem to find it in either Landmark, Rewards, or anywhere else??
  8. asian shop

    now these types of uploads I LOVE!!!!!!!! Asian cities both Seoul and Tokyo beat NY and any other city in the world anyday anytime!! Thanks!! perfect for my Seoul city! =)
  9. NDEX ITS Edgbaston House Birmingham

    love the night lights!!
  10. HK Admiralty Centre

  11. NDEX ITS Cobalt House Birmingham

    i love the night lights!! impressive!!
  12. NDEX ITS McLaren Building Birmingham

    nightlights are 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. MP Building 4 Sale

    i love the textures of your buildings...thank you!!
  14. MP High Wealth Row Houses

    ohhhh these will create "Greenwich village" in my very own Seoul City!! Thanks a bunch!!!
  15. Adelita Bar

    its cute ^^