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  1. I had a course in school from an architectural professor who actually helped to charge nazis of war crimes in the 90's and is a leading expert in Nazi architecture. I could never do justice what he said but I don't think this should be brushed off so lightly. There were a lot of architectural decisions that had horrible consequences. Someone designed the concentration camps in a lot of detail and the drawings and the markings are terrifying on the drawings, it is hard to convey here. Albert Speer, who was chief architect for the project to rebuild Berlin and likely responsible for the building you are recreating was a hardcore nazi to the end with Hitler. The architecture is based on glorifying the third Reich and the "master race". It does have a fairly common look to it, sure its not in the shape of a swastika or something but you can be sure the real deal was heavily influenced by that ideology. All buildings are designed, regardless of whether you want to categorize it as art or not, architecture is a combination of design and technical exercise, even the simplest shed is influenced by something. I don't think it is fully comparable to fascists although i see the comparison at surface level and the points made. There are certainly some nationalist buildings by many empires over history and I don't think they should be taboo but the nazis were above and beyond, they were building this building as part of a larger project driven by the extermination of a race. With everything going on in the world every act I think contributes to this werid resurgence of the nazis which is dangerous. Even if the intent was just that it looks cool and is unfortunately timed, the result is a nazi building. There is no innocence to this architecture. I love your work, and I dont think there was any ill intent. It does look cool as it is a grand monument designed to function as the hub of the new centre of the new world of a narcissist regime, but the symbolism of this project is an evil one. If you pursue this project I would have no ill will towards you but I felt a duty to that course (even still after ten years) to write something, no matter how short I fall in getting the point across. Sorry to continue the hijack of this fantastic thread, I promise not to say more on the topic. This is just a model, and for better or worse most wont even realise where this building came from, I get that. I would never want to dictate what anyone should do, nor do I feel good about puting things off limits, its complicated. I just hope that you pause and make a conscious decision before going forward, and will respect your decision either way. Again love your stuff, appreciate your contributions. All the best to you.
  2. The random colours to me are just bright versions of what actually exist. Union has green window frames and gold doors in real life. So maybe the confusion is in the saturation ect? For me, the part that really needs to be adjusted is the roof. In reality, a flat roof will always be gravel grey or black tar paper depending on assembly. The copper roof green is unnaturally bright (maybe I've just been using LUTs that dim the crap out of everything too long haha). Also, they recently replaced the copper so its back to its original more subtle fresh copper look which is absolutely personal preference here but I like more. Regardless I think most important is the green copper which at the very least should be toned down. I know copper can become quite bright green in real life but I think its texture and lower reflectivity mitigate its brightness, which cannot be replicated in a game texture like this. Edit: I wrote something nice about how impressive the detail and accuracy of the textures were beyond the saturation issues but it got deleted lol so short version kudos
  3. Nice! I don't think that's an issue UP is more of a train service anyways still. I'm going to have to create a new train based city solely to use this massive station. On a side note, you're lucky you don't have to use the station, its been a mess inside for years.
  4. TTC stop is sort of separate out front... barely connected. I'm not sure its super crucial to combine in this asset as one thing. Might make sense for the UP express track (The one closest to the main building I think) to be metro. Looking great so far I can't wait! This is such a complex project I can't believe you're taking it on!
  5. Avalon Indie City-building game Reboot 2017; now 3D.

    Its so nice to see these projects grow. I'm really impressed! However you have really set yourself a massive goal to compete with cities skylines or even citybound (since its road editing is a huge advancement) even though citybound is very slowly progressing. The roads look clunky like cities xxl which were probably the worst roads of any city building game sadly. Anyways since you asked for me the three major things that city skylines does not have for me right now are regions (or as you put it unlimited city & pop size), agriculture, and limited road setup. If you were to nail anyone of those it could be fun.
  6. Delta2K5 is on it haha, same thing happens to me! Usually every time I move around it flickers and then takes about a second to settle like the pictures above.. kind of clipped.
  7. Wow sounds like such an annoying bug to find. However I'm so happy I stumbled on this I did not connect this issue with the power plant but rather I thought my mods had gone screwy... what a relief!
  8. Amazing I'm loving the mod! I've been watching this for months I spent the afternoon making a nice metro depot yard. One tiny thing is weird though... I find the base textures on the ground to still flicker quite a bit, I know that was discussed previously. I am using a lot of map theme mods so maybe its just me.
  9. Amazing job, such a great improvement thank you! I love the new straight slope capability.
  10. You can achieve this effect with network skins if you download a wooden power pole prop in the workshop. I use it with all my rural roads and it looks great. I forget what the asset is called but should be easily found in a quick search
  11. The gravel you have picked looks absolutely fantastic! And I would love the highways without the crappy dirt around them... that drives me nuts. You know what I've always wanted (I'm not sure this is even possible) but ditches alongside roads or highways... they exist everywhere in real life and that's one detail that is never picked up on in city builders. Sim Peg made those modular irrigation ditches for SC4 but that was the closest I've seen to roadside ditches. Making a texture look like a ditch though I can imagine may be an insurmountable challenge. Anyways just rambling... great work, I love all your stuff!
  12. Oh thats good news at least! Im downloading the assets from skymods now anyways to prepare to go back online. Seems easier than going though the workshop folder but the list is still very helpful.
  13. Thanks to all of you for brainstorming solutions haha. I am crossing my fingers steam being online for 20 seconds literally while I was reading the reddit post didnt wipe the assets. Someone posted to look for this folder number: 255710. Is there any common denominator I can filter out his assets to move to the local file? The problem is I can't move them all because some mods are in there and they sit in a separate local folder if I am correct. If I go through every one (sigh/fml) will I have to look at Turjans list above for each different name? Oh man this SUCKS! Some people treat modders like dirt or their personal slaves its so bizarre and now those idiots have driven one of the best away. Thats so sad.
  14. Portsburg Skyline Teaser (and more)

    http://imgur.com/rInngBY A shot of my next city Portsburg, about 2 thirds complete. I will make a video tuturial on how to make easy and realistic express/ collector lanes and their benefits. However... can anyone help me with linking imgur images to a journal entry? I cant get the insert other media button to work so I just left a link above of another image.
  15. The Networks of Lakeland

    I used cimtographer to get a base and imported it into illustrator to make it look nice.