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  1. Pedestrian Mall Connector for use with NAM

    Pretty nice, i lost days looking for it. 5 stars.
  2. Islington 1x1 Health Clinic

    Well, this wasnt so creative after all   it would be interesting if you moved the park to the front of the clinic, because its always weird put the park isolated with an exit to nowhere
  3. Sorry for the late on the answear, i was a bit busy building a new medium-to-big city on the weast using metro and trams (i plan to make a big conurbation ahead, surrounding the capital city). Dont will take prints now because this isnt a cj hehe, maybe later). Yeh, i admit there was some lack of effort to make the small cities around got a more natural shape, but that was because i dont wanna make conurbated areas yet. I already started work my way on it. I plan to build random farm areas on poligonal shapes on random edges of conurbated areas to gave a more complex urban development air and disguise the border - this surrounded by small density neighboor before turn to medium. Most part of your types im already following. But the terrain mod part i had some issues; i tried the appalachean one, supposelly had snow and all, but i couldnt make it work. Furthmore, i dont know if the game runs visually smooth with so much modifications. Anyway, i will give a look on your recomendations.
  4. So, ok, its some time since i started. Maybe it would be interesting show my progress and hear your opinions to see if im making my way through. Here is the region i already made, it is about 1/6 of the total and its not really an high density place through i already reached the stage 6 of the game, where the demand and development get so high that isnt hard make an high income (the easten city i picked a 500 000 loan to start at hard level and started make profit even making everything at low density - btw, i earned the space base in there due the 25 000 high tech jobs, this would mean i finished the game in general terms :3) now till i finnish the entire region is just a walk in the park. Here is the map of transportation. Notice that im using nam 31 but using classic standarts of capacity (some lines of the high speed line got 30 000 passagers per day) Well, i dont plan to put an high emphasy on RHW since i dont plan to build giant megalopoles but instead build a country, where big cities use convencional high ways to conect between their conurbed areas and minor RHW-2 roads to conect with small cities. Also public transportation. I plan to make a train and a monorail line crossing all around the two major islands of the country and utilize ferries (mostly passanger ones) massively to conect cities across the canal that separates the two island and the ones around some rivers. Metropolitan system i pretend build some ones on cities/conurbed areas with population superior to 1 million of peoples, starting with terrestrian lines at medium density suburbs and going subterranean around high density areas. Wish i know how to expand this image. Anyway, the black box on de edgy is the area i already made, there is an orange and grey line that you guys barelly see but its my general ideia of the tracing that the monorail and train line will made around. I will make two circulars high way lines, each one encircling each island and getting conected by a bridge at the capital. The place im building right now will be the industrial center. Since industries dont employ massively like the comercial skycrappers, the major industrial cities are filled with small density houses. Below the black box in that image, already in the another island, i plan to make a plain terrain that will serve as countryside, with small cute cities and filled with farms. After the country get food and industries enough i can proceed and use the rest of the scenario to make giant comercial cities, turistic places, mountain places, etc. Like i said, im pretty open to sugestions. ... The only thing that bothers me on this game is the fact the airports doesnt work like a real transportation modal. Yesterday i caught myself thinking if it wasnt possible to make airport works someway like ferries routes, crossing both water and land at 800 km/h. It surelly would make the game interesting.
  5. Hardun Industries Coal Mine

    sorry, but im having problems to unistall it, it keep appearing again   how should i proceed?
  6. Hi Indiana Joe, i installed the CTM and the snowcapped version, but no snow, althought the textures bettered a bit. Seeying the comments section i could see some peoples had the same issue than mine, but no answers. I will see some topics you recomended me before i start building the cities, but there is no need to hurry: i wanna build the terrain before and it will took some weeks yet. Sure i will wait for the new release of the nam. And thanks for the tip moose, but im looking for an stable solution for this issue.
  7. Hi everyone, i dont know if a topic over here will be effective, but well, i will try. Im not a roockie over sim city, i bought it original in 2005, and few time before i bought the expansion, played it in about 4 different computers along the time, still have the old cds but stoped about some years ago because some real life issues (studies, university, etc). In any case im thinking in start playing it again, already bought the steam version to dont bother with cds anymore and made an sketch of the final region who i will work for the next years. Like you guys can see, its pretty massive. Actually my central ideia is build a reallistic region. Even consuming years, it will be pretty small in comparation with real world regions, thats the final lesson of sim city i guess; no one can build a entire country alone. Anyway, before i start, i wanna hear some recomendations. -Im using the default texture, it dont bother me at low altitude, but for mountain range it is pretty irreal. What is the best texture to simulate both mountains and rocky falls? -There is some good mod to simulate seasons like that 12/25 easter egg? Maybe im being a bit lazy asking this, but i heard some time ago that there was a project that changed the brighty levels of the game according to seasons, but i dont know if it is ready yet -What are the best topics here to gave me good ideas for city planning? -The final question: NAM. I know it is the best mod for sim city, but i remember the first time i used it, it changed the transportation parameters; roads by default can support 1000 cars, NAM increased that for 3000 and i remember the game get too easy for me and i uninstalled it, even being pretty nice. There is some way to install nam and stay with the default simulation parameters at this rate? (Talking about nam, i saw a video some time ago about a new project of their, dont know if was released yet) As the topic go on, i wish we could share some ideas. Sorry for any gramatical error, im not a native speaker.
  8. Chapter 5 | Update 27

    A dad asking to her daughter date a lesbian 14yo girl? nice, new pervs levels achivied xD
  9. Chapter 4 | Update 23

    nice ep (except for the sick parts =P) go on ahead but... hei, and the United states tension?
  10. Chapter 3| Update 20: The Lead Pt. 1

    Nice jets, very cool
  11. Mexico and United States

    well friend, the cartel shell to the united states, so the drugs come to turn in a billionarie bussiness. the farc are financied for the united states... thats is f. ironic
  12. Mexico and United States

    better than US, the part of brazil when I live, its comparable to the european countries. its the nem part of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. In this state lives 10 million people, 2 times more than uruguai and paraguai population togheter.
  13. Mexico and United States

    I think with this kind of thing in the balance is extremely humiliating for the very third world countries ;-)
  14. Mexico and United States

    well people, I live in Brazil, the so-called third world, and what I can tell you is that this concept of three worlds is completely obsolete. For starters, poor countries should be the second world, that however poor a nation is, it will be better than a communist country (second world). Further, the life situation of third world countries in Latin America is very well recently. Since the military dictatorships have lost the support of the U.S. (sorry, but is true, the so called largest democracy in the world, the usa, has supported a series of military governments. But that's ok, could have been worse if the socialist model take care ;-) thank you cia) a series of government assistance-reduced poverty. I know a girl who took notes lower than mine and got a scholarship at the university. It is questionable, but necessary. Within a few decades will disappear from the slums of Brazil, our space program and nuclear will re-active, etc. etc.. all within the system of government more inefficient can be expected in a culture of third world democracy. The fact is that seeing the world the way that we are experiencing (rich north and poor south with the exception of Australia) is something outdated and even prejudiced. Poverty is something that has much relevance in places like Latin America. The mentality of our people are working to support the family and have some distraction. Anything more than that will only serve to attract eyes acids and generate discord in inheritance. Anyway, that's not the case. The point is that behind the veil that is common to be used to ease his conscience and leftist propaganda, there is a very strong culture in the very south america. More than 100 years before the Americans take up arms for their idenpendencia, Indians and priests battled bi forces of Europe to have the right to survive, and were massacred. The survivors were to Paraguay, and 100 years after that country was completely destroyed in a war that wiped out 75% of the population. The center of Latin America is an area of constant conflict by the potential that this area has. If the people part of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay have a single national identity could create a third force in the region that threaten the current hegemony. Well, let's talk about Mexico now, the main reason for the nation to be poor is that they never had much luck in international trade. Could only contact with the rich while it was under European domination or being exploited, then the people revolted against it and overturn the rule. However suffered embargoes. So it was with France, it was with the nationalization of petroleum. The lack of trade is a very simple way to leave a nation in misery, and when that sort of thing occurs following others, such as warlords taking up arms for power and, of course, corruption. Because this type of situation has lasted for so long is mexico a country miserable. Yet I would call stupid people who migrate to the U.S. illegally. Canada is much more friendly and better opportunities as well xD Sorry for the broken English, because this text is so big, I used google translate to save time. And this tool is obviously not perfect.
  15. Chapter 3| Update 17: Scapegoat

    lol, that's remenber-me another game, call of duty 4?