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About this City Journal

A fictional nation in North America that's full of strife and stories.

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Jensa's Family Home. Raechal, Follomer


When Tessa knocked, she wasn't expecting the person to answer to be a young girl with brown hair, just like 'her's. The two stared at each other. Tessa not knowing what to say, and the other girl trying to remember where she had seen Tessa before. The cat ears and her face brought it all back, but since it had been years, and Tessa had such a shortened life, it was almost like trying to remember a stranger.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca:...Tess? Little Tess!?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Hi Rebecca. It's been too long,..

She then lunged and gave the girl a hug. Rebecca smiled and hugged her back before turning back around to face the hour.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca:Here! I'm sure mom and dad would love to see you too.

Tessa smiled and wiped away a tear before following her inside. The next few moments were full of hugs, smiles and wet cheeks. Seeing Tessa brought back memories of Jensa, since they were always inseparable while they were friends. It was even a bit weird, seeing Tessa and not seeing Jensa right next to her. After awhile, Rebecca asked if she and Tessa could talk out back on the porch. Tessa agreed and followed, taking in the crisp air and the tall trees around their yard.


Rebecca.jpgRebecca: I still can't believe you came out here by yourself. How was the trip?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Uneventful mostly. Had to drive a rental the rest of the way here from the nearest airport.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: You drive now! Goddess how you have grown. I swear you used to be just a little girl last time i saw you. And here I am, barely grew an inch.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Well y'know, people like me don't live that long.

Rebecca nodded, with nothing to say about her short lifespan. She hoped Tessa was making the most of it.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: You know. Jensa would have liked the fact you came all the way here to visit. She always did like having you around the family.

Tears began to trickle down Tessa's cheeks. Smiling and wiping them away, she nodded and laughed a little.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I do miss her. That day just wont leave my mind.

Rebecca then began to cry a little, crossing her arms.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: I can't imagine how hard it was for you, to be there and all. You know you're always welcome with us, right Tess? You're like the third sister I never had, heh.

The both of them smiled at each other, drying their cheeks.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I'll be able to visit a lot now. I actually moved into a house not ten minutes away. Don't, even ask, all my idea.

Rebecca.jpgRebecca: Right, haha, you always do whatever you set your mind to. Y'know, I was looking toward seeing a movie in town tomorrow. Wanna come with me? Who knows, maybe you'll find a local boy to help take your mind of things. Got some cute ones around here.

Tessa laughed at the offer, but couldn't help to not get very interested in the idea of 'cruising for boys'. And whenever she though of being close with someone, her mind always trailed toward someone she once got to know back in the big city.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I'd love to Rebecca!


Okay so, this story update was full of story, and not very full of actual imagery. So I'm going to take you around the city of Raechal!

Resized to 61% (was 1329 x 747) - Click image to enlarge2-20.jpg

Just outside Rebecca's house is Tayble Ave, one of Raechal's only "unique" roads. Unique as in I used the NWM on it. Really love how it turned out. It's meant to signify that this is Raechal's more ritzy neighborhoods.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge3-20.jpg

And just south going down Tayble Ave you hit Raechal High! The city's only High school. Because there's no middle school, Raechal High holds grades 7-12. Complete with large parking lot and Baseball fields. Uh oh, it's getting a bit cloudy!

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge4-19.jpg

And now it's started to rain. Wonderful. Well it'll be good to dampen all that dead grass. Here you'll see Ferns Hill Elementary. Just right up the road from Raechal High (literally), you'll find grades K-6 here.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge5-18.jpg

West of the schools, we come upon Raechal's pride and joy. A freeway interchange! Westbound heads toward a major seaport and then hits the Follomer west coast. Northbound goes toward the coast and then heads east, then down south. While the southbound goes in that direction before hitting the mountains. They say if you stay on the westbound, you'll hit the Capital city eventually!

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge6-18.jpg

The Elephant Ears Main Street exit. You can guess why it's called that.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge7-13.jpg

And here's downtown Raechal! No highrises here! Raechal has done a pretty good job of staying small. (not that being way up north near nothing of interest helped) At first started as a small farming town near the ocean. It's still a farming community, but has suburbanized greatly, with many things to do!

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge8-10.jpg

You could hit the Century Theater to catch any of the recently released bit box office hits or enjoy the plaza next door. Those people might want to hurry back to their cars, or a shelter. No one like's being drenched.

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge9-7.jpg

Or you can decide to bunk it here in Raechal at it's semi-luxury apartment homes! With reasonable monthly rents of course. Definitely not a day to use the pool though. Unless you don't mind the rain as long as it's still hot out. However one thing to recognize though is about Raechal's one tragic tradition it's seemed to have for itself. Almost everyone who was born in Raechal...

Resized to 59% (was 1366 x 768) - Click image to enlarge10-5.jpg

Grew old, and died in Raechal. Town Cemetery is almost 86% local born.


Episode 42:

Youngest Home Owner

Raechal, Follomer

Right on the North Follomer coast.


Personal Diary of: TessGirl_312

"Hey Diary, new entry."


"I just arrived in town a couple minutes ago. It's definitely much different than the capital. That itself is a plus. My dad took it pretty hard when I told him what i wanted, but otherwise went along with my idea. Mom was more so supportive, though hesitant. But in the end, they both agreed this would be good for me, to get out of the city and start a new, normal life. At least maybe I'll be living in a neighborhood where almost no one will recognize me as 'the Chancellor's daughter'. But we'll have to wait and see.

Raechal is a very nice suburb city. Nothing's taller than five stories and there's trees and housing everywhere. Hell, maybe I'll even attend the local High School. But one adventure at a time, shall we? I looked through the house and I can safely say I'll be comfortable. Not to mention the backyard, is an entire park!"


"A field with huge trees, neatly placed logs and boulders.

When I told dad I'd be living by myself, he insisted on buying me, and I quote, 'one of the best houses, in the best neighborhood in the whole city'. Well I've just seen the house and I don't even want to ask dad how much it cost, but it's very satisfying. I'd place it within the upper middle class to low high class incomes. And to think, he paid the whole damn thing off in one payment. I insisted though that I pay at least the utilities myself, which means it's job hunting time."


"I'm already set up with a job interview at the local 'Tina's' here. It's tomorrow. It's actually right outside my neighborhood, which is also neighboring a McDonalds. I'm going to have to watch my weight from now on."

|| End of Entry ||

Personal Diary of:TessGirl_312

"Hey diary, another new entry.

I've gotten most of my things unpacked from the moving truck, and I've already gotten several odd looks from the neighbors. A bunch of "where's her parents?" looks i bet. I wonder if some of them will come up to greet me. I also noticed something a bit odd. When I looked up this town, it didn't show any nearby airports, and yet I keep seeing this plane fly overhead. Weird."


"Anyway, after I get settled, I'm just going to be lazy for the rest of the day. Since tomorrow's going to be busy. I'm also going to look up a family living here in Raechal. I owe it to them to visit, ever since the day she died..."

|| End of Entry ||

Above the city...


pilot.jpgPhoenix Pilot: Affirmative, she's safely in the house. Continuing overwatch, Sky-Eye out.

Meanwhile, back at the Capital.


The events of the power outtage have mostly died down and some power has been returned to parts of the city, although a large chunk of the grid is still in horrible disarray. After several hours, the city's emergency departments have finally gotten somewhat of a hold on the situation, and a sort of 'curfew' had been put into effect until the rest of the problems had been resolved.

After Chancellor Tristan reunited with his daughter, and then only to let her go off on her own again, he returned to his official duties as the Chancellor, expecting to get some work done in his country.


While the replacement for the destroyed Chancellor's tower is being finished, Tristan's temporary office across the street in the government building is being used.

*knock knock knock*

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Yes, come in.

Kristina.jpgKristina: Hey honey.

Tristan smiled and leaned back in his chair.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: What brings you here dear?

Kristina walked over and sat on the edge of his desk, holding up a folder.

Kristina.jpgKristina: A few things that wanted to be brought to your attention.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Right then. Another round of yes/no questions?

Kristina shrugged and started reading off the file inside.

Kristina.jpgKristina: First off. The High Council wants to insist, yet again, for you to get your daughter into politics.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: No.

Kristina.jpgKristina: The New York Times wants to hold a professional interview of you for their-

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Hell no.

Kristina.jpgKristina: The European Union want's to know if you would provide a few assets toward their War in Libya.

He turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Do I even need to quote our Isolationist bill?

Kristina.jpgKristina: Well then, that covers it. I'll just write a big fat "N-O" on the cover and return it.

She giggled and set the folder on the desk, and faced Tristan.

Kristina.jpgKristina: I have a personal worry though Trist. Are you sure Tessa will be alright all by herself up north?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Let's try not to worry. I'm making sure she's looked after. Even if she doesn't know about it.



Somewhere off the west coast of Follomer,

Approaching the airport.

After the raid on the Terrorist cargo ship, soaring back over the blue ocean was calming to Tessa. Watching the water, the surf fly by below her, the sun gleaming off it like a mirror. She liked it. And now that she wasn't drugged and free again, she just wanted to get away. Get away from it all.

Tessa looked across the cargo hold of the Ghost and saw Likisy, keeping somewhat of an eye on her. She slowly stood up and walked over to him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Likisy. I just, wanted to thank you for, coming after me. I didn't know what i would do.

Likisy smiled and reached out, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Don't worry about it.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I was just wondering. Where, did you grow up?

Likisy looked at her for a second, confused, then relented.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Well, believe it or not, but I'm actually from Virgin Shores.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Really??

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Oh yeah. I moved to Follomer with my family when I was about seven. Ever since then we lived just outside Saint Krist.

Tessa smiled. She knew a Virginite now. But it didn't answer what she wanted.

One of the other soldiers sitting close by then turned toward Likisy and Tessa.

Corporal Denning: Hey, did I hear that right sir? You're a Virgin?

Several laughs were then shared around the cargo hold, including from Tessa. Likisy just chuckled a little and turned toward the soldier.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: That's VirginITE, corporal, but I believe that's the same question I asked your fiance last night.

Everyone then erupted in laughter and remarks. Tessa wondered if this was commonplace in the military. She couldn't help but laugh a little. She also wondered if she saw herself joining the military one day.

Saint Krist-Uniden International

Just off the coast.


Ghost Pilot: S-T-K Tower, Ghost flight requesting permission to land, priority one cargo.

S-T-K Tower Ghost flight permission granted. Airspace is clear, land when ready.

Ghost Pilot: Copy tower, Ghost flight out.

Raven Pilot: Ghost flight, Raven-3-1. Welcome mat is laid out and there's beer in the fridge.

The pilot of the Ghost smirked and slowed the transport down, beginning to land as the two Raven dropships flew past overhead.

Ghost Pilot: Copy 3-1, thanks for the escort.


The Ghost slowly came back down to solid ground and then landed, it's jet engines finally dying down to a steady murmur. The rear door to the cargo hold lowered down, and the soldiers began to exit, with Likisy and Tessa coming out last. What was awaiting them just a ways away on the tarmac, was none other than the same man who awaited Tessa on the helipad just days before.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad!

She ran out to him and jumped into his arms, embracing him again. Tristan gripped her in his arms, a few tears rolling out of his eyes.

tristan2.jpgTristan: Tessa, I'm so sorry. I'm never leaving you out of my sight again.

Tessa hugged him tighter, enjoying the presence of her father once again before remembering her want to get away, and looked up at him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad I... I want to talk to you, and mom about something.

tristan2.jpgTristan: Tess, anything you want. Lerra and i will listen to whatever you have to say.

The hug then continued. Tessa's mother would be waiting for them back in the Capital. But Tessa didn't want to stay there for long. Anywhere near the Capital, or a big city isn't safe anymore. She just wanted to be a normal girl again. And she's not going to hesitate with telling her parents about what she wants. She then finally got her answer. Her best friend, Jensa. The girl she loved being with every day. She was from a city somewhere north-east of the capital. Way north-east. Far away...exactly what she wanted.

Everything added up, and she fully decided, one hundred percent, that she was leaving Saint Krist. And she knew where she was heading. Where she was going to start a new life, as just another young girl.




Final Rescue Part 1______

Pacific Ocean,

           Somewhere off the coast of Follomer

Tessa had no idea where she was, or how long she had heard the thump-thump of the rotor blades, which helped her deduce that she was inside a helicopter. Being no stranger to helicopters, Tessa knew this one wasn't as "friendly" as the others. After a while, she became more lucid, and sensed her wrists were tied behind her back, and ankles bound as well. Not to mention there were three armed men pointing the business end of their rifles at her.

Still trying to recover from the drugs injected into her body, she felt heavy. She didn't want to move, but over time she could move her fingers, then her whole hands.

Male Voice: There's the ship.


Male Voice: Taking us down. The captain would like to talk to the girl himself...don't rough her too badly.

Male Voice: He'll have her soon enough.

Tessa stayed on the floor, but fear took her. She could barely move. What was going to happen? What would they do to her?

The helicopter slowed, lowered and finally landed on an extended pad hanging off the edge of the cargo ship.


She was pulled and dragged out onto the deck by her arms and hauled past the men standing around outside, staring at her. The bright sunlight partially blinded her so she couldnt get perfect views of her surroundings before she was taken inside the ship. She could definitely hear the ocean though.

Once inside, she was taken to a crew quarters and thrown onto the cot inside. She turned and stared down the man who threw her. Her vision returned and she couldn't believe who it was.

manRua.jpgRua: Welcome aboard, Tessa.

Still tied and bound, Tessa stared at him with wide eyes, remembering him from the warehouse , the warning he gave her. Now he was her captor. He then took a few steps into the room as the solid metal door shut behind him.



Saint Krist-Uniden International Airport


The Chancellor's helicopter landed near the Airport's supply office with the military already on the ground. He stepped off with Commander Trellian right behind him. To him, a national tragedy is unfolding. Just several hundred feet away at the gates and terminals, normal civillians were boarding and leaving their planes.


Tristan walked up to the man standing before the groups of soldiers, fully clad and waiting. The man saluted and leaned in close.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Chancellor, I wish it could be a pleasure.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Me too.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: I'd like to say sir, I was your daughter's protection during the New Lynais Op. I made a promise to keep her safe, and you have my word I'll get her back safe and sound.

Tristan nodded and patted his shoulder.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Thank you. She's all I have left, and you're one of the few left that I trust with her life.

Likisy nodded and pulled out a small map of the general area around the Capital City. He pointed at an area where the Bayfront Hospital is.


Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  She was abducted here and taken by chopper. That you already know. And we've plotted the course it took based off commercial shipping reports. However we ran out of leads before we could get a satellite in position.

He then traced the dotted lines to an "X" out in the ocean.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  Based off the last report and estimated speed of the target, we've placed it in this area. Intelligence is already scanning every square mile of ocean there, however we're not going to wait. Three squads of Marines, as well as myself will head for that area and begin searching for the target. We believe it'll be a ship of some kind.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Very good. Thank you for this. However that's miles of ocean, I don't want you wasting time returning to the mainland to fuel.

Likisy smiled and put the map away.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  Have you heard of the new "Ghost", sir?

Tristan raised an eyebrow. Certainly he didn't mean the experimental prototype?

Minutes later, over at the International flights terminal, a child and his mother stood in line to begin boarding for their flight to New Gelderland, when the child pointed something out passing over the ground.

Little boy: Look mommy! Big shadow!


To Be Continued...


Chapter 6| episode 38





When Tristan got off his dropship and walked off the landing pad toward the hospital, he witnessed the groups of people in one area or another. They were panicked. And it was his fault. There must have been something he hadn't done, something he overlooked that allowed this dastardly attack to happen. Will his country ever see lasting peace, he thought to himself as he made his way inside and to the nearest nurse's desk.

Putting his hands down on the desk, he got the distracted nurse's attention.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Miss, this is urgent. What wing and room is Tessa Liara Archean in?

The nurse glanced up at him and, recognizing his face was shocked to see him here, alive and well! Almost everyone in the city had surely believed their Chancellor died in the attack. But here he was, demanding a room number.

untitled-6.jpgNurse: U-uhh, I-I believe room one-oh-f-four, Urgent Care.

Tristan nodded and sped off for the nearest elevator. The nurse shot up and leaned over her desk to watch him go, still shocked. After a minute she called for some sort of authorities to report his appearance as he disappeared into an elevator.


When the elevator doors opened, he walked out into the corridor to find it surprisingly quiet and lacking of human presence. He cautiously walked down it, looking at each closed door before coming up on an all to familiar sight to him. Infront of a certain door, one of Tristan's personal bodyguards, who was one of Trellian's men, was laying slumped on the tiled floor, a stab wound in his neck. Tristan instantly turned soldier as he quickly closed the gap between him and the door, and after kneeling, grabbed the man's sidearm and held a second before bursting into the room, gun raised, only to find an empty bed. He scanned the room before noticing the bed sheets were strewn all over, dipicting some sort of struggle. That's when he heard a loud slam, from a metal door clasp, which is when he turned and bolted out of the room. down the hallway, he saw a staircase door and bolted for it. When he reached it, he looked down and then up, and saw a figure quickly scaling the steps.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Stop!

The figure then glanced down, and immediately fired two rounds down at him. Tristan ducked behind the wall before quickly giving chase, knowing this man had his daughter! He chased him up the staircase all the way to the maintenance level right below the roof. The figure opened a hatch to the roof and pushed a smaller person through it before following.


Tristan ran to the hatch and carefully looked through it onto the roof, not wanting to get hit by a bullet. As he climbed the ladder, the two figures stood near the edge of the roof, with a Helicopter getting a bit too close to the building.


As the Helicopter slowed to a hover near the end of the roof, Tristan got within twenty feet and pointed the gun at the armed man, who turned with the other figure trapped in his arm, the gun pressed to her head. Tristan widened his eyes to see Tessa, his daughter with a gun to her head. She looked barely conscious, her legs wobbling and eyes half open. Was she drugged?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Don't you dare! Release her! Now!

The figure slowly backed up toward the awaiting helicopter and laughed, keeping his head right behind Tessa's.

untitled-6.jpgArmed Man: Not this day Chancellor! She's coming with me.

The groggy Tessa moaned and tried to focus on Tristan, and slowly raised a hand to him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  D-daddy? Why....what's going, on?

untitled-6.jpgArmed Man: Don't worry sweetheart, you're coming with me for now.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: You son of a...you let her go, NOW!

The figure just smirked and kept backing up toward the helicopter. Tessa's head remained right infront of her captor's, so all Tristan could do was point his gun with hsi finger off the trigger. He couldn't risk it. He wasn't familiar enough with a weapon to fire through a hostage to hit the hostage taker without fatally wounding the innocent. He just couldn't risk his only child.

As the gunman got into the helicopter, pulling Tessa in with him, the Helicopter quickly lifted away, with Tristan remaining on the roof, glaring at them leaving.


As the Helicopter left, Two officers finally arrived at the scene behind Tristan as he just stared on, helpless, infuriated. After a minute, Tristan let out a yell and fired the rest of his magazine into the air, catching the police officers off guard, making them raise their guns at the Chancellor. Tristan turned around, furious and pointed at the helicopter now quite a ways away.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Dont you point those things at me! Get a chopper in the air and FOLLOW THAT HELICOPTER!


Chapter 6: Episode 37









So now I would like you all to tell me how you liked this new style of updating! It's actually really fun, but I want your input of which you like better. This Manga style or the previous I've used. Be honest!



Chapter 6| Episode 36


Later that night,

                Office of Military Intelligence Building.


The sun set once again, and darkness fell, but that's never a problem with this city.


Tristan before a computer console looking at the video feed of a fighter jet  in the air. He watched the video feed of the land going by in a night vision green tint.

pilot.jpgPhoenix Pilot: Negative visual so far.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Keep scanning, they came from somewhere.

pilot.jpgPhoenix Pilot: Yes sir, continuing sweep.

Tristan then turned around and faced Trellian and Panin, who were doing their own thing.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tell me any of you have something.

Trellian looked up from another computer terminal standing behind its occupant and shook his head. Panin looked up from a datapad that was given to her by another assistant and also shook no. Tristan sighed and folded his arms.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Those missiles came from somewhere, how hard can it be to find where they launched from?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Sir, those missiles were military grade, and powerful. They could have been launched from an off shore vessel or Virgin Shores for all we know.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: We can't rely on Radar scans. They completely evaded being detected by several listening posts all around the city. I don't know if we'll ever find out where they came from Tristan.

Tristan sighed again and began to pace.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: What...what about my daughter? Where's Tessa?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Oh! Sorry for not saying something sooner sir, one of my men radioed in saying  he was with Tessa near ground zero. They're also with your wife and Lerra. They're safe inside the Government building.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Good, I want a Raven ready to take me there in ten minutes, understood? I don't want to be separated from my family again.

Trellian nodded and turned away and unclipped a radio from his waist. Tristan lowered his head and rubbed his eyes with his fingers, moving them to the bridge of his nose. Panin walked over and put a hand on his shoulder.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: Are you okay Tristan?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Why Panin? Why must running this country be so damn hard? Why is there always someone trying to wreak havoc?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: We'll find a way to fix this. Don't worry.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: One day our people will have a new start...somehow.

Venture Telecomm and Entertainment Building

Waterfront Plaza



Rua sat on one of the benches, still staring at the OMI tower across the water. He felt the cold breeze of the air hit his face as he relentlessly stared down the momument to Follomer's military might. He then raised his watch up and looked at the time, letting out a sigh. He then pulled out a flashlight from his pocket and set it on his lap.

manRua.jpgRua: Well...let's see how this goes.

Industry Warehouse

Just outside St. Krist city, north of Downtown


Late night traffic buzzed by the warehouse. Everyone was heading home after a long day. Inside the warehouse, one man was still at work, as he called it, as he sat down before a large computer monitor, and looked over it's many programs. He then cracked his knuckles and typed in several commands before hovering his fingers over the enter key.

???: God giveth...

His finger then came down on the key, setting the commands in motion.


???: And God taketh away... Ha, ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!!

OMI Building

Sub-level command center


Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Raven will be prepped on the pad in five minutes sir, I'll accompany you to the government building-

The lights suddenly went out all around them and everything lost power.

Assistant 1: What the hell??

Assistant 2: We lost power, everything's out!

After a minute, power then returned to the room, and the rest of the building. The island's backup generators kicked into action as the central computer detected a cutoff of imported power from the city. Tristan looked around, confused.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: What?? A power surge ontop of everything that happened today?

Trellian then heard a report over his radio and told the assistant at the terminal to bring up a security cam feed of outside.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Sir...that wasn't a surge, you need to look at this.

Tristan walked over to Trellian and stared at the image.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: ...oh no.





Chapter 6| Episode 35


Shortly afterward,

                         Inside the main lobby...


Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Tristan, I've seen you spit in the eyes of death before, but damn, I thought you really were a gonner.

Trellian and Panin followed Tristan into the building and through the lobby. The three of them were heading toward the sublevels of the tower so they could command the investigation into the missile attack.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: I got lucky. I was in the tower's lobby when I heard the two explosions. They were powerful enough to shake the whole building, and then that's when I heard the several smaller explosions and I knew I wouldn't have time to make it out. So...I used this.

Tristan then pulled his coat sleeve up, uncovering the device strapped to his wrist. Both Trellian and Panin stared at it, confused over the unknown device.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: What is it?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: A little present from the Myon. It's a Beaming Transponder. The Myon had Beaming technology, so they installed a reciever in the OMI building that had a certain range, which basically covers the whole city. Wherever I am in the city, if I activate this, the reciever locates my transponder, and I'm beamed to the OMI building safe and sound. It, takes a lot of power to operate though, It can only be used every several hours or so.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: So, then I have the Myon to thank for your life.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Yup. Curious though how I've had this reciever for ages now and our technicians still can't replicate it. It's amazing how complex Myon technology is.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: We really could use this beaming tech.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Yes, but for now, a good ol' Raven does the job of transporting just fine for now.


The trio walked through halls toward the rear of the tower and came upon a large lift. Stepping onto it and activating the console, the lift descended down, below the lobby and ground floor level. Red lights were spaced evenly along the elevator shaft, providing lighting for the occupants. After a minute, the lift stopped some several dozen feet below the ground floor, and the three stepped off and continued down a hallway.


tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: So, I'm sure you two know more about the attack than I do. Fill me in.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Well, the only thing we do know, is that the two missiles that hit the Chancellor's Tower were military grade weapons outfitted to be clusterbombs.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Ugh, when will the day come where my country isn't attacked by it's own weapons?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: We've been doing extensive amunitions checks ever since the end of the war, but somehow these aggressors remain well equiped.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: And Panin has a theory about who may be behind the attacks too.

Panin then turned to Trellian and gave him a stern look, which made her look back at her, defying her glare.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: You should tell him.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: What? What is it?

They all stopped and Tristan turned to stare Panin in the eyes. She sighed and folded her arms.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: I only thought that...it, could have been the...FLF.

Tristan stared into her eyes long and hard, remembering those three letters. What they meant and what their impact on Follomer history had been. What they're impact on him had been.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Follomer Liberation, huh...

Tristan backed up to the side and leaned against the wall, folding his own arms. His eyes drifted to the floor.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: There's a name I swear had been forgotten...


Bay Star Hotel, Downtown St. Krist City


The glass doors to the hotel slid open and a man walked on through out into the sun, the sound of sirens in the distance. He walked out alongside the reflecting pool and raised a lighter to his mouth, igniting a cigarette before stopping as his cellphone rang.

He slipped it out of his pocket, flipped it open and put it to his head.

manRua.jpgRua: You're late.

He continued to walk away from the hotel and headed to the crosswalk.

manRua.jpgRua: You should be proud of your toys, they took down the whole building.


The light turned red for the cars, and he started cross like any other usual man on his phone would.

manRua.jpgRua: And now every emergency service in the city is busy dealing with the debris and remains. The city police are spread very thin because of your stunt.

He continued walking down the sidewalk after crossing, the river being on the other side of the road.


manRua.jpgRua: Yes, it's taken care of. Yes, you have my word that the Chancellor was indeed inside the building when it collapsed.

Rua came up to the Venture Telecomm and Entertainment building, the crowd becoming more thick.


Above him on the large monitor, the city police chief was making a statement somewhere in downtown about the attack on the Chancellor's tower.

manRua.jpgRua: And it seems the attack is on every major television network in the country. You've caught their attention, now what?

He kept on walking, past several passerby's who paid no attention to an average joe on his phone.


He then passed the building and began to cross the light rail line. He headed towards the seawall, the end of his little journey.

manRua.jpgRua: You do realize the level of chaos that will create? Just wanted to make sure that was your intention before I let you collect the blood of hundreds on your hands.

He passed the planted trees and benches before finally stopping at the waterfront, staring out over the bay and its crystal blue water.


manRua.jpgRua: Yeah, I understand. You do what you want, I'll take care of my part.

Rua then hung up and slipped his phone back into his pocket. Leaning against the wall, he stared out across the bay at the towering building before him. The Office of Military Intelligence was a stunning sight. Many citizen thought of it as the nation's most amazing landmark. But very few actually knew of it's complicated defense network, set apart from the rest of the country's defense network. It was essentially a fortress, but it looked to the common eye more like a tourist trap.

manRua.jpgRua: Now...how am I going to break you open to get to your prize?




And such a prize it was. For whoever controlled the life of the leader, controlled the country he ruled.




Chapter 6| Episode 34


One Hour Later...

                   In the air above the city...


untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: What's the status of the Chancellor?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Still missing, ma'am. Emergency crews are still going through the rubble.

Panin sighed and rubbed her forehead.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: Do we at least have the Capital secured?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Yes Ma'am, Home Guard units are being positioned around the government quarter's perimeter.  We have a ground presence at Division strength as well as AA batteries being deployed along the river to the north, and the avenue south of the Government building.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: Do we even know how this even happened??

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Two missiles, military grade weapons outfitted to be clusterbombs. That's the only thing we can think of to explain the secondary explosions which damaged the inner supports. Before the collapse, people on the ground witnessed the missiles impact the top floors of the tower. Ma'am, the Chancellor was specifically targeted.


The dropship flew along the river toward the bay. It's destination was in the middle of it.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: When we land, I want a command center  set up in the basement floors. From what I've learned in my experience as an Admiral, is that an aggressor with this kind of hardware won't stop at just this. We need to expect the worst.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: What do you mean ma'am?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: I mean...the FLF may be back.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Are you serious? I was there personally with the Chancellor when we took out their last stronghold in Folserria. How could they make a comeback without us knowing?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: I'm not sure, but can you imagine simple anti-government radicals getting their hands on two high end military grade clusterbomb missiles?

Trellian looked off into space, thinking it over. There had only been one militant group in Follomer's history that had enough hardware to take on the military evenly, and he thought they were taken care of long ago.


The Seahawk came out over the bay and descended, getting ready to land at the Office of Military Intelligence's landing pad. What was on that Island was Follomer's most strategic location, housing a large amount of the Military command structure.

soldier2.pngSoldier: There's no problem ma'am, you're protected.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: It's not me I'm worried about private...

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Andella, with all due respect, you should start thinking about taking over leadership. We don't know if Tristan survived.

Panin looked straight into Trellian's eyes with defiance and slammed her fist on her knee.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: One thing I know about Tristan is that he never gets caught off guard, so damn it! He's still alive!


The dropship slowed and lowered to the ground. Burning it's thrusters, it steadied down onto the pad and set down. The door to the troop bay opened and they walked off. The soldier, carrying an Assault rifle got off first, scanning the area. Panin went up to him and put a hand on his shoulder, patting him.

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: At ease Private, we're in one of the most secure places in the country.

The soldier nodded and lowered his rifle and the three of them walked away from the craft to the tower looming overhead. Around them Panin could see numerous security details.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Alright ma'am, what's our first step?

untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: Securing the city is already done. What we need to to now, is find where the attackers are, and deal with them accordingly. What happened today won't stand.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: I hope Tristan made it out...

As they came close to the tower, their hearts were heavy with grief that their Chancellor just might be dead. For the first time in years, Trellian was unsure what to do without Tristan's unwavering leadership. Now it wasn't there anymore to take charge, and even Panin was feeling doubtful. But their hearts froze just then with a voice.

untitled-6.jpg???: Took you guys long enough to get here.

All three stopped as someone looked at them from the other side of the reflecting pool. Panin and Trellian's eyes were widened, and even the Private was speechless.


untitled-1.jpgVice Chancellor Panin: H-how?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: What? You look like you've seen a ghost Panin.




Chapter 6| Episode 33


Shortly afterwards...


newswoman.pngFoll News Anchor: We take you now to a scene of just pure horror. What has been reported is that two rockets appeared from the North and struck into the top of the Chancellor's Tower. Smaller explosions were heard right after the first two which subsequently caused the tower to collapse under the damage. We have multiple Foll News choppers on the scene.

Foll News Helicopter 1: I don't know how it looks on the screen there Lisa, but the scene over here is just devastating! The area where the tower once was is just a pile of burning rubble and smoke. From what I can see, emergency units from the Police and Fire departments have responded and are tring to control the fires. I can also see emergency units helping people on the ground, possibly survivors. We'll stay on scene for as long as we can.

newswoman.pngFoll News Anchor: Thank you Jon. For those of you just joining us, there has been an attack on the Chancellor's Tower. We take you now over to Bethanny over City Hall.


Foll News Helicopter 2: Yes, as you can see now, a crowd of people are gathering outside city hall wondering what in the world had happened. There have been several other reports of phone lines to several city police stations being jammed and wide-spread panic throughout the downtown area.

newswoman.pngFoll News Anchor: We just now recieved a statement from metro police to advise citizens to remain inside their homes and businesses until the situation is under control. If there is anyone outside on the streets, please locate yourself inside the nearest building or shelter...wait, we're just now getting breaking news from our news chopper over the remains of the Chancellor's Tower. Jon?


Foll News Helicopter 1: Yes! We just confirmed that the military has arrived on the scene. From where I am, two helicopters just landed right outside the Government building and army troops are getting off into the plaza.

newswoman.pngFoll News Anchor: We are also getting the same reports from our helicopter over City Hall. Bethanny?


Foll News Helicopter 2: The scene is the same on the river as two army gunships are arriving into downtown. I can also see more activity closer to the bay on the highway. Pilot, get us closer.


Foll News Helicopter 2: Now it's been confirmed the military has ground vehicles crossing the highway bridge into downtown along with more helicopters in the air. I haven't seen a military mobilization like this since the 29 Hour War Lisa.

newswoman.pngFoll News Anchor: Thank you Bethanny. We've just been updated that the Vice Chancellor is indeed safe, however the Chancellor is still missing. Ladies and gentlemen again please, stay in your homes and remain calm. Stay tuned to Channel 10 News as we'll continue our coverage of the situation and bring you more information as it comes in.



Chapter 6| Episode 32


The Following Morning...


The sun was beginning to rise over the city. The bright lights began to turn off, late night workers were once again excited to head home and collapse on their beds while day works had just a few more hours to sleep. The government quarter saw it's influx of pedestrian traffice in the morning hours. Federal workers, dignataries and down to a person hoping for an appeal to a DUI all walked the plazas.


Tristan had returned up to his office with Tessa, both to return to duties and spend time with his daughter, who had been in far too much trouble then he ever was in his younger years. Sitting down on a cushioned chair lined up against the side wall while her father manned his desk, she couldn't help but to feel on edge. As each minute ticked by, the light continued to get brighter outside, her mind ran dark thoughts.

"Keep all this in mind when you're saving your father's life in the morning."

Tristan glanced over every now and then, worrying about her silence before finally seeing her hard glare digging holes into the floor.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tess?

Tessa's left ear perked up and she tilted her head toward him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Oh! I'm, sorry. Have I been silent this whole time?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Indeed you have kiddo, are you still shaken from yesterday? I can get you whatever you need, just name it.

Tessa kept glancing out the window, seeing the sky on the horizon get more blue than black, and her heart raced.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: ...you think we could go outside? I mean, it's going to be another beautiful day, and I thought I could spend it with you outside in the sun.

Tristan didn't see this side of her much after the mall massacre, and began to smile.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Right! Why not, we don't get to spend that much time with each other anyway, I've been looking forward to this kind of thing. What do you think of bringing your mother along as well? We can make today a family day.

Tessa gave her father a semi-forced smile, what with these unknown dark feelings inside her, but she was still happy about the thought of being with her family. Her whole family.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Sounds great! Lets go, right now.

Tristan began to chuckle as he stood up gradually.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Right, hold your horses girl, there's no rush, the sun's barely up yet.

He then put a finger on his desk's touch screen, activating the comm.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Linda? Hold all calls for the day please, I'll be out with my family today.

Assistant: Yes sir Chancellor.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: If i recieve any red-line calls, forward it to my personal cell, otherwise I'd like not to be bothered.

Assistant: As you wish sir.

Tristan then walked out from behind the desk and chuckled.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: I swear, that woman treats me like some Lord.

Tessa smiled half heartedly and took her father's hand, squeezing it as she headed for the Elevators in a rush. Tristan took it as being excited.


As Tristan and Tessa made it to the ground lobby and exited through the doors, as if honed his eyes, he already spotted several of his civillian dressed personal guard around the plaza and sidewalk. He leaned down to Tessa and casually pointed one of them out, smirking.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Seems Linda alerted my personal guard for me. Such a nice woman.

Tessa let out a soft giggle, feeling more calm that they were now outside, amongst gradual flow of people coming to work. They walked down several of the steps before stopping.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Oh! I'm sorry I forgot something back inside.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Then I'll come with you! What did you forget?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Oh no Tess, it's fine, just something in the lobby, I'll be right out. And your mother is on her way from the Virgin Shores Embassy, so stay out here and wait for her, okay? I'll just be right back!

He was already half way to the doors when he finished, and Tessa didn't know what to do. She didn't want to leave him out of her sight, but she did know she had to wait for her mom.

Several minutes passed and the sun continued to rise. Tessa paced back and forth in the plaza, her arms folded. How long was it going to take him? And she wasn't seeing her mom either. She was then about to head back inside to look for him when she noticed everyone turning their heads up toward the sky with confused looks. Tessa then perked her ears. A noise was coming toward them from the north. A very off noise. She then began to walk down the street so she could get a better look to the north behind the tower. When she got a better view, her eyes squinted to two objects in the air, coming at her. A second later, she widened her eyes and her heart stopped.



They were missiles. Each one of the two smashed into the top of the tower and erupted into two fireballs, shattering glass and blowing away chunks of the tower. The shockwave blew most people back, others fell down onto the concrete. Everyone was then panicking. Women screamed, people ran away from the tower, others didn't know if they should go inside to get the people inside out.

Tessa was blown down onto the ground and stared up at the tower, chunks of it falling from the impact sites to the plaza below. She couldn't believe her eyes. Her dad's office was in flames! The building was creaking from the sudden damage. She could still hear smaller explosions. The two missiles carried secondaries which broke apart after impact, exploding inside the tower. She turned her head and saw crowds of people running out of the building, looking up at the damage.

Then suddenly, the tower itself began to collapse from the top. Everyone ran away at that point. Tessa herself picked herself up and sprinted down the road, avoiding falling debris and cars skidded to a halt infront of her.

Citizen: The building!!

Citizen: Look out!


The building began to buckle under the stress. As it came down, dust was kicked up. The air was filled with the crumbling of steel and glass and screams. Tessa ran to a building on the corner of the Government plaza and hid behind the corner, covering herself.

People running down the road were then engulfed by the debris and dust cloud that swooped out in all directions.


The sound then died out, and all was left was screams, emergency sirens. Tessa shook and coughed, covering her eyes with her arm as she came out from around the corner. She couldn't see anything. But the tower she let her dad run back into, wasn't there anymore.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: ..d-da...DADDY!




Soon After...

           New Lynais Industrial District



It was the dead of night and Tessa curled in a ball in the corner of the Warehouse office. The mystery man who called himself Rua was long gone, and Tessa was now again all alone in the abandoned building. Several minutes ticked by, slowly and Tessa was questioning whether help would come or not. Every so often she would hear a soft siren go by. Obviously the "Police" scouring the streets for her. The only thing she knew she had to do was to just stay put.

But as time went on, and all she could hear was the hum of a light a distant horn on the streets and silence, her confidence disappeared. Still clutching her arm which stopped bleeding but stung like hell, she tried to go over the facts.

Kith was dead, and for all she knew probably in a Police morgue. The Police which she had no trust in anymore chased her half-way across town trying to kill her, and now with a presumably broken arm, she's hiding in a warehouse all by herself in the cold with people still out looking for her, and with no help in sight.

Things were very dim, before her ear perked with the sound of rotor blades outside.


HeloSomething sparked in her heart. She knew that sound! That specific sound of the rotor blades. It was a Follomer Military Transport Helicopter. She then noticed the flood of light coming in from the window and ran to it, looking out and up. She saw the flashing red running lights and almost had a stroke she was overjoyed. Her tail wagged from side to side as she ran for the door and opened it, feeling that much safer now that the Military itself had arrived.

Tessa ran out into the concrete clearing behind the warehouse and began waving her good arm over and over, yelling at the helicopter above her.

pilot.jpgHelo Pilot: Target area reached, beginning search.

The pilot scanned the area with the spotlight while the soldier in the troop bay kneeled at the edge, looking out over the ground. He then focused on an area between a warehouse and some smaller structures at something moving.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: Hey! Move the light over there, to the left by the warehouse!

The pilot moved the chopper into hover and ran the light left over the warehouse. Suddenly Tessa was illuminated and the soldier pointed at her.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: There! In the clearing!

pilot.jpgHelo Pilot: Control, we've found her, touching down now for retrieval.


Tessa backed up against the wall, staying near the door just in case the people in the Helicopter were just more of those policemen that were after her. But sure enough, as the chopper landed, the soldier jumped off and took a few steps toward the scared girl.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: Tessa Archean?

Tessa stared at the very real armored clad foot soldier and nodded, believing him to be Military. The soldier then offered his hand to the girl and smiled.

Marine-2.jpgHomeGuard Private: My name is Private Aaron Fallson, I'm here to take you home.

Tessa looked at his hand, then at the soldiers face behind the visor before running and jumping into his arms, holding tight onto him. The private wasn't prepared for a hug, but he held her while scanning the area for anything, then escorted her back to the troop bay of the awaiting chopper.

The both of them safely climbed on board, and with confirmation of her presence, the Pilot took off from the ground, leaving the city for good.

One Hour Later,

               Somewhere Over Follomer Heading Northwest


The chopper glided through the night air, encountering little turbulence or weather. Tessa sat on one of the seats, gripping her thigh as the soldier treated her other arm. It stung as he touched her, but he was helping.

Private Fallson felt her arm for any bumbs or bulges indicating a broken or shattered bone, but everything seemed to be in the right place, so he treated the scrapes, bandaged the wounds and helped her into a sling.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: There, good to go. You're lucky nothing broke.

Tessa had watched the soldier the entire time since sitting down and little by little, let her confidence and assurance of being safe return.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Are you, a doctor?

She asked, almost innocently. The day's events changed her well being mentally, and she wasn't feeling as serious as she usually did. Fallson smiled and nodded, pointing to the red cross on his shoulder.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: Field Medic, your father wasn't sure if you'd had been hurt or not, so they had me be on hand in case of anything.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: My, dad... Why, isn't he here? why didn't he come get me??

Fallson put a hand on her shoulder and leaned a bit closer.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: Don't worry, your father will be waiting on the landing pad in the capital. We couldn't risk bringing him along. He was, very persitent though. I'm sure he's very worried.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I always told him not to worry about me...always told him i could take care of myself...

Fallson looked the girl in her eyes and studied her emotions. She wasn't in shock, but whatever happened to her he though, must have really shaken her mentally. He then put a finger to the siding of his helment, activating his comm.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: How long till we reach the capital? Our passenger wants to be reunited with her father asap.

pilot.jpgHelo Pilot: Arrival, ETA 1 hour and 15 minutes at top speed.

Fallson nodded to himself and looked back at Tessa.

Marine-2.jpgPrivate Fallson: Just a little longer, so don't worry. Until you're back with your dad, I'm here.

Tessa looked up at the young soldier and blushed at his selfless words. She smiled and then closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the wall, resting.

One Hour Later...

               St. Krist City, Follomer Capital


The helicopter entered St. Krist airspace at around 4:35 am in the morning. The city was lit aglow by the early morning workers in the towers doing their jobs. More-so yawning however but it kept the economy going.

Tessa looked out over the city and couldn't help but smile. She was home. She loved looking at the lights. It was the brightest display of human development in Follomer. There was no brighter area of light anywhere else in the country, and she felt proud of that for some reason.

Hopefully one day, she would become Chancellor of this nation and change things.


The helicopter descended to the government quarter and came in for a landing at the Government building's two landing pads. Tessa stood as the ground got closer and grabbed onto the mesh hanging from the cieling with her good arm, waiting so she could jump off and find her dad.

As the landing pad came up, and the chopper finally touched down, she couldn't help but to feel a sudden rush of excitement, relief, and love.


Tessa jumped off the helicopter and ran toward the only other figure she saw standing a way away from the helicopter. She ran as fast as she could, holding her slinged arm close to her chest and ran into the arms of the figure before her. He embraced her back as firmly as he could without hurting her arm he could see was injured, and began to cry.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Thank the goddess, you're okay...

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I love you dad! I love you...

The both of them gripped each other as Fallson stood beside the chopper, admiring the sight of parent and child being reunited. The Pilot joined him, aknowledging a job well done.

Tessa let tears fall onto Tristan's shirt as she got him back into her life. She was finally safe.

But one thing wouldn't let itself be forgotten from her memory.

"Keep all this in mind when you're saving your father's life in the morning."

Daylight started to very faintly appear over the city.




Several Hours Later

                               New Lynais Industrial District


Day turned to night as the hours went by, and the city calmed a little from the rampant car chase along the waterfront. Several citizens were shaken from the fact they were almost run over and watched on the news as the police claimed to have taken the suspect into custody, and that the noise near an apartment building suspected to be gunshots were nothing of the sort.

But the populace was being lied to.

Seargant Kith was shot in broad daylight by Metro police, and Tessa was still in hiding from them. The police didn't want anyone to know that they were after the Chancellors daughter. As corrupt as they come, there was a high price for her capture.


Tessa panted and looked around the corner of a building, looking out along the road. Finally it got dark and most, if not all the factory workers went home. The warf war deserted. She clutched her bleeding arm that she bandages with part of her shirt that she ripped off her stomach; and sprinted as fast she could across the open ground to a warehouse infront of her.

Hopefully she could get in and find a phone. She needed to get in touch with her father.

Tessa came up to the wall of the building and pressed against it, moving along it for the window she saw. She came up to the glow of the light from the window and to her surprise she found a door.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Thank goddess... I didnt want to use the window.

She went for the knob and to her further surprise, turned and the door swung open slowly. She cringed at the creak of the door and swore, hoping no one was inside to hear that. Peering inside though found the place to be compeltely bare of people. Tessa quickly got inside and shut the door, finding a bolt and locked it.

Tessa walked around, examining the open area inside the warehouse. It looked like it had recently been emptied of anything that had been stored here in the past, and quickly too. She could see papers strewn across the concrete floors, pieces of wood that looked like parts of crates as well as other objects she couldn't place. But the sight of an office caught her attention.

She made a break for it, getting to the door and pushing it open with ease. Inside was to her joy, a desk with a phone on it. She ran to it and picked it up, punching in the numbers for her father's private line that only she and the Chancellor's inner circle and Council knew.

St. Krist City, Governmant Tower


Tristan leaned back in his chair, wondering how his daughter was doing in New Lynais when his phone began to ring. Routine had him reach and pick it up without even looking and put it to his ear.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Yeah, Tristan Archean.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad!?

Tristan stared at the wall hard before leaning forward in his chair, catching Tessa's tone, heavy breathing and urgency.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tessa?? What? What's wrong?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Dad! Oh goddess i need you! They're after me!

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tessa, Tessa! What happened?? Who's after you?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: The police!

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: ...The police?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: They killed Kith! I-infront of me!

Tristan's eyes widened and almost dropped the phone, just barely believing what he was hearing.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: The police killed Kith? The police??

Tessacat.jpgTessa: They shot him when he tried to show them his badge! Then they chased me across the city! I don't know what to do! I...I...

Tessa began to lose it on the phone. Her nerves where shot and she was barely keeping herself from crying.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tessa, stay where you are! We're coming to get you, don't be scared, we're coming--

The phone then went to static and she could no longer hear the voice of her father that she longed for. She panicked and started hitting random buttons.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: D-dad!? DAD!

The sound of a foot tap came from behind her and she froze before spinning around and backed up from the sound. Out of the shadows of the corner came a tall cloaked figure who stared her down, studying her. He began to smirk.

manRua.jpgRua: The line's dead, Tessa. But don't worry, help is coming.

Tessa's frightened state jumped higher into pure horror. Who was this person and will he hurt her?

manRua.jpgRua: Very sorry though, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rua. I'm a...friend.

Tessa stared at him, not even blinking. Her fear forbid her from taking her eyes off him for a second. Realizing she wasn't going to talk, Rua took a few steps to the desk and leaned against the edge, folding his arms, still facing her.

manRua.jpgRua: That was a great show, by the way. Who knew a kid like you could drive like that while being chased by the police. Very incredible. I have to admit you perform well under extreme pressure. I'll give you that.

He then stood up straight and took another step closer toward Tessa, which made her move back before running into the wall. She felt trapped and kept staring at the man.

manRua.jpgRua: But you're oblivious. You have no idea the magnitude of the events unfolding around you. Your father, your family, friends. All are at risk, and no one can be trusted. Keep all this in mind when you're saving your father's life in the morning.

Tessa stared at him in confusion as he then turned and headed for the door. He opened it and before stepping through, looked over his shoulder at her and smiled.

manRua.jpgRua: Better hurry before sunrise. His life hangs in the balance.

And then he disappeared through the door and into the darkness. Tessa let out a long breath, staring out the door into the emptiness. What did he mean by the events around her, and her father's life in danger? And why did he sound like he knew what was going to happen?

Just outside, she heard a passing siren.


The cloaked man was right about one thing though. Tessa felt like she could trust no one anymore.



metropolice.jpgPolice 1: I said hands behind your heads, NOW!


The both of them did as the police said and cuffed their hands behind their heads. One officer was already taking slow steps toward them, cuffs dangling from his hand that wasnt on his sidearm.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Don't worry Tessa, I'll handle this.

Seargent Kith slowly moved his hand down.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: You're making a mistake, I'm a federal agent.

Kith then reached into his jacket to pull out his ID, but the cops suddenly pulled their sidearms out.

metropolice.jpgPolice 1: DON'T MOVE!

He continued and started to pull his card out when the blasts echoed through the air. The cops shot Kith in the chest multiple times. Tessa stared on in shock, watching the holes be torn in his jacket and chest.

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  No!

Tessa's instincts suddenly kicked in at the remembrance of her best friend being killed and her cannines snarled out of her mouth as she jumped over the car and dug her nails into the wrist of the first cop, making him cry out in pain before being punched in the throat. Tessa grabbed hold of his sidearm as he fell and shot at the other two now turning toward her. Both recoiled backward as they were hit.

Tessa was panicked now and didn't know what to do. She glanced between the bodies before she heared sirens, and saw a police cruiser speed around the corner two blocks away. Tessa bolted. She ran to the car she arrived in, got in and pushed her thumb on the ignition pad. It started and she slammed on the gas, speeding down the road away from the carnage.


She turned the wheel as two trucks came into her way and turned onto the light rail tracks, speeding along the waterfront. She had to get away, she could hear sirens all around her now.


Dodging pedestrians, she panted panicked breaths.

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  What just happened?? Oh goddess! Oh my goddess!

She suddenly glanced to her right toward the ocean after hearing the thumps of a helicopter.


untitled-6.jpgPolice Helo: Pull over now!

Tessa wasn't going to slow down. These weren't cops, they were murderers. She slammed on the gas and the car sped down the road, passed the two cruisers that were coming at her. The car made it past first as she kept racing along the waterfront.


Tessa then saw the police had blocked the roads up ahead. She looked around for a way through before pulling off the road. She was going to plow through the park. There were people everywhere.


People yelled and screamed as they jumped out of harms way as Tessa raced through, carving skid marks on the concrete and tearing up grass. She sped to the other side of the park, through benches and garbage cans before making it back onto the road. She headed back for the waterfront expressway where she at least had some perception of where she was. She knew she was coming up on the warfs soon. The warehouse district.

Two police cars then got in behind her, chasing her car. She could hear gunshots behind her, which made her ram her foot down on the gas.


The pursuit made it toward the end of the expressway and the warehouse district came into sight. And Tessa was going to head into the city.

She almost turned the corner before two more police cars skidded to a halt, blocking the road. Tessa cursed and turned the wheel toward the only place she could go. The seawall.


Tessa saw a plank leaning against the wall and decided. She gripped the wheel and headed straight for it, passing the police cars that had stopped infront of her. Once they knew where she was going, the other two skidded to a stop behind as Tessa sped the car onto the wall path and up the plank. The car burst over the wall into mid-air, when Tessa though she would land in the ocean, solid ground came up under her.


Tessa screamed out of instinct as the car flew through the air toward the warfs seawall. The car fell out of the sky onto the concrete, skidded, the back tires sliding and lost balance. The car flew onto it's side and crashed into a pile of crates stacked up along the fence.

Finally everything came to a halt. The car's engine ticked as it shut off and smoke rose from it. Tessa coughed and groaned as she tried to get out of the car. She couldnt open the door and so kicked the window out. Pulling herself out, she fell onto the concrete. She coughed up blood as she still heard sirens behind her, and more on the way. She picked herself up, holding her left arm as it hung limp and ran away from the car.


Tessa ran as fast as she could holding her arm away from the smoking car. It was minutes before she vanished between the warehouses.






Few Hours Later


On the A1 Freeway in St. Krist City...


Tessa was in a black sports car with a guard her father entrusted with her safety on this excursion. The guard drove of course since Tessa didn't carry a license. The driver however didn't know the way to New Lynais city, which made Tessa sigh, unimpressed with this "Government Guard". They came up on the interchange where they could either keep heading south, or get on the A2 going west.


Tessacat.jpgTessa: Get on the far right lane, we need to get on the A2.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: You sure ma'am?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Yes I'm sure.

He did so and then pulled off of the A1, now going west on the A2 freeway. The freeway headed toward the airport but continued on through along the coast which traveled all the way down to New Lynais city on the south coast.


Tessacat.jpgTessa: By the way, Kith, it's good that dad sent you with me. You helped me train those few days. I know I can trust you.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: You're a mean fighter ma'am, a good one. I respect that.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Thank you. And Kith, you can call me Tessa.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Yes ma'am...uh, Tessa.


They continued past the Airport and farther down the coast. They then came up on the Pacific Tunnel.


Tessacat.jpgTessa:  Get over into the middle lane.

They then drove through the tunnel, and when they emerged on the other side of the hill, Kristina City hit them in the face with it's tall towers centered on the coast. They continued on.


And then after that, they had a straight shot to Lynais City.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Tell me, if I have the clearance, what you plan on doing once we get there?

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  I'm going to find Vannessa, if she's still in the city. It's been a while, but dad was pretty sure I would find her there, so I guess she and her dad never left. Maybe it's because of this press conference thing that's going to be held at Wright Tower. Supposed to reveal something big. I'll start searching at Wright Tower. And then...I don't know, catch up? Try to explain as much as I can without endangering national security or uncovering what really happened...

Tessa stopped talking when she got to thinking about the Mayor. When thinking about it now, she didn't want to kill him, but she was so caught up in the rage of what he was doing, and being the Mayor of all people.


They began entering the suburbs of Lynais, the city faintly growing in the distance. Lynais was the largest city in South Follomer, with most of it's skyscrapers sitting on a half man-made island off the coast. The whole natural and unnatural design of the city gave it a large harbor, making it the cruise ship destination of the country.


Tessacat.jpgTessa:  Get off here, and then just keep to the right lane all the way across the bridge.


manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: I've never been here before. I think it looks bigger than the capital even!


The bridge had minimal traffic, making it an easy drive across the glimmering bay. The sunshine however was making things hot inside the all black car. Tessa flipped her hair and turned the A.C. on and rolled her window down, looking out over the ocean. She could smell it. It was soothing.

After crossing, the new city rose high above them as they came to an exit. Tessa had Kith take it, and they were now in the city, heading toward the Archean family condo.


The car cruised on down the city streets. Kith tried hard not to stare at everything other than the road due to him feeling like a tourist. The big city though captured him. Just as it captured Tessa those weeks ago.

After a few more blocks, Kith pulled to a stop on the side of the road next to an apartment building near the waterfront. He turned the engine off and glanced at a piece of paper before looking out the window at the tower.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: This, should be the place, i'm sure.

The two of them got out of the car and stood on the sidewalk, looking at the building. The address matched the one Tristan wrote down, so Kith turned and smiled.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Let's go see this condo.

Before they could take their steps toward the entrance, sirens began blaring around them, and suddenly two police cruisers skidded to a halt on each side of their parked car, and three Metro Cops got out around them.


Tessa and Kith stood in shock as the three cops surrounded the two. One got out a Holo-frame showing a photo and the cop glanced between it and Tessa. This cop was wearing Riot gear.

metropolice.jpgPolice 1: Is your name Tessa Archean?

Tessa widened her eyes as she stared down the cop staring back at her. She glanced at the other two, hands on their holstered sidearms.

Tessacat.jpgTessa:  Y-yes?

metropolice.jpgPolice 1: The both of you, stay right where you are and put your hands behind your head!





Few days later...




The day winded down into the afternoon hours. People were still at their jobs, working the day away, enjoying the sun. In some of the taller towers on the St. Krist waterfront, people stared out their windows watching Boeing 737's come in for a landing and take off from Uniden International. Others stared back at the city from their seats inside those planes. It was yet another normal day in St. Krist City.


Except that the Chancellor's daughter was returning from her short but eventful carreer as a Special Forces trainee. She now, after the sudden trip home because of Code Black Jack, was on her way back to her Father. Tristan wanted to see her after hearing of the events in Franklin, which brought back troubling memories of Follomer's own strifes.

He wanted to make sure she was in his grasp, safe.


Tessa's chopper landed without a hitch at the Government Quarter's two helicopter platforms that dignataries and government officials use in stead of normal transport. The platforms give them a straight shot to the Chancellery Tower and the Government building across the street.


The chopper's rotors shut off as Tessa and two guards boarded off. they began to walk across the platform.


As they got to the end where the stairs would take them to street level, Tessa passed two guards. Their duty was to keep civillians off the platform so they wouldn't interfere with helicopters coming and going. Basically a No Tresspass job.


She then had to cross the plaza. Jam packed with people relaxing near the atrium or passing through, they all greeted Tessa like a best friend or idol as she passed.

Person 1: Afternoon miss Tessa!

Person 2: How are you today miss Tessa?

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  Hi. Hello, good afternoon.

She kept on walking with the guards not too far behind her, flanking each side. They reached the tower entrance and walked on into the lobby and headed to the elevators. Tessa pressed the up arrow and it glowed green. Seconds later the doors to one opened and they stepped inside.

She pressed the top floor button and was whisked away to the top, where her father was waiting.


The elevator slowed, and then opened it's doors to the lobby of the top floor, the Chancellor's Atrium. It was a three story tall room with balconies and railings outlining the other floors that overlooked everything. Tessa walked along the lobby toward the room at the far end, it's walls thick glass.

Tessa opened the glass door and walked into the room. She stopped and looked at her dad staring out of the window. The sight reminded her of the Mayor she killed in New Lynais city.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  Dad.

Tristan spun around and grinned. He ran over and gave her a large hug, squeezing her.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Tess, I'm glad you're back. I would have expected you to stay longer with Trell but just several days were heart breaking. And of course with what's been happening recently.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  You mean that attack in Franklin?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Yes, it just reminded me of the Willow Place massacre...

Tessa's memory of Jensa reemerged and she folded her arms, looking down.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  Don't worry, dad... I'm alright, I can take care of myself. There's that plus the small army you call my security detail.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: You can never be too careful. And, what's with that hat?

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  My training uniform, thought I'd keep it for a bit.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Right. But Tessa I wanted to talk to you about something though.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  Like what?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Your new friend I heard about. Vannessa.

Tessa's heart sudden jumped into her throat and felt her ears try to flatten inside her hat.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  You...I don't know a Vannessa.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Baby-girl it's alright, we know about you and Vannessa and vanishing inside a night club. What happened isn't the point. What I want to ask of you is.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  Okay?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Vannessa's dad is a good friend of mine, and a very important benefactor to the Follomer business economy. And since you dissapeared into a night club of all places with her, I'm assuming first impressions were good. So, I'm asking...maybe, perhaps going back to her.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa: You want me to date her??

Tristan became confused and stared down at Tessa with one eyebrow raised. Tessa suddenly realized what she said and tried to cover herself.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa: I meant hang out! I meant that!

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Y-yes. I thought maybe you could return to New Lynais and become closer friends with Vannessa, strengthen the ties between us and her family. We've already got a condo in the new city bought for the Archean family which you can use while there.

Tessa smiled and nodded, feeling awkward now after what her dad was asking of her and cause of what she just said infront of him.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa: I'll do my best dad, don't worry. We're already friends! Sorta.

Tessa then turned around and began walking away, her cheeks ablaze. Tristan stood confused, not knowing what to do.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: O-kay, uh, have fun! I guess.




>Code Black Jack<


Several Days Later


The training camp erupted in alarms and echoed over the hills. Unscheduled for the day, the camp turned into a beehive. Trainees and base personnel rushed into readiness, not know why the alarms were sounding.


Inside the cabin on the north hill, Tessa barged out of the door and out onto the deck. She stared through the trees toward the main camp near the beach, wondering what was going on. One of the base personnel then came running up the hill out of the trees toward her. His sidearm was attached to this thigh.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Tessa! Get your gear, we're leaving!

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  What!? Why? What's with the alarms?


manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Something just happened overseas. Command is recalling all special forces to the mainland for standby, c'mon we have to get to camp!

Tessa stared on confused all to hell, but nodded and being prepared from the few days she had been there, was already carrying her pack and sidearm. The both of them turned toward the trees and sprinted into the woods, heading downhill toward the beach.


At the beach near camp, military helos arrived. A Hawk quickly descended down to the beach and landed, kicking up sand from it's rotors. At the same moment, two Sparrow gunships flew over the beach as Tessa and Seargent Kith ran into camp, making their way to the beach.

Island Wide Comm: Attention all personnel, Code Black Jack, repeat Code Black Jack. All personnel prepare for immediate extraction to the mainland. This is not a drill. Repeat--


Tessa and Kith ran toward the Hawk on the beach. Passing through the cloud of sand and dust, they quickly and easily jumped aboard and took a seat in the troop compartment, accompanying fellow soldiers holding rifles and sub-machine guns. They looked just as confused as Tessa.

Tessa turned to Kith just as the rotors began to speed up, kicking up more sand before lifting off into the air.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  Seargent!? What's Code Black Jack mean!?

Tessa had to yell over the thumping of the blades as they slowly spun to the left and then began to glide along the beach.


manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Code Black Jack is used when the government officials of an allied country are killed!

Tessa stared wide eyed as the helo gained speed and came up on the end of the island, heading toward the mainland. Some of the other soldiers around them overheard and stared at Kith as well, one shaking his head while another stared at the metal floor.


pilot.jpgHawk Pilot: Cheltali Tower, Helo Super 4-2 inbound. ETA 18 minutes.

The helos were already lifting off with the rest of the base personnel. They were all heading back home.


Training was cut short as they were being whisked away to the mainland.

Just as everyone thought the world around them became peaceful again, danger and new threats emerged to take the place of the last.




> Old Memories



Years back, before the tensions between Follomer and the U.S, wrecked havoc on the country, when the last military conflict in the peoples minds were the battles of Lomni Island, a young Private First Class came to this very training camp to be a part of the Follomerian Special Forces.


The training this night began with a beach insertion into hostile territory.


Two teams inserted onto the beach, pulling their dingies onto shore ot keep them from drifting away with the tide. Under the cover of darkness, they advanced inland into the forest.


One team took the left flank and the second, the right. They halted when the watch-tower came into view, and the Seargent of the first team turned to his new blood.

officer.jpgOfficer: Trellian, go up there and nuetralize the guard.

Trellian panted as he stopped near a large tree and looked up at the watch tower. His adrenaline was pumping and couldn't seem to catch his breath. His grip on his rifle was brutal.

Trellian.gifTrellian: G-go "up" there, sir?

officer.jpgOfficer: Trellian get your butt up there on the double and take him out!

Trellian flinched at his officer's raised voice and gulped. He looked at the tower and began to go, but his legs would move. The Seargent then groaned and turned to another soldier who was calmly crouching next to a tree.

officer.jpgOfficer: Jackleson, do it!

The soldier nodded and slung his rifle over his shoulder, and was quietly off. The Seargent turned back round and gave Trellian and hard glare.

The soldier made it to the watchtower unoticed, climbed the staircase and came right up behind the guard. He took his knife and wrapped his arm around the man's neck and dragged him down to the ground. Because this was training however, he did not harm the guard, only pretended to as the guard reacted accordingly, suddenly acting slain.

The soldier then hooked a rope to the railing and through it over the side. Hooking himself onto the rope, he jumped over the edge and steadily came back down to the ground, unhooking and joining back up with his squad.

The teams then headed toward the mountain side, beginning the second phase of the operation. They made it to the cliff and hugged it, above them an enemy camp.

officer.jpgOfficer: Trellian, you better do as I say this time, now up the hill, take point.

Trellian tried to calm himself and looked for a way up. He spotted a smoother area of the cliff and began to move for it when tracer blanks began to erupt from the top of the cliff. Trellian gasped and fell backwards, clinging to the cliff and the others in his team began to return fire.


Trellian hunched into himself, the gunfire echoing loudly in his ears. The Seargent then ran to him and grabbed his shoulder, shaking him.

officer.jpgOfficer: Trellian! You will move up that hill and complete your mission! Get UP! DO IT!

Trellian looked at the angry Seargent with fear, mistaking the training with real life and became terrified for his life. His body couldn't move, and he was stricken with fear.

Trellian was scared.






Beaches, Babes and Bombs


This little island that had no name, has an important purpose. Used as training camp for the Follomerian Special Forces, the island is out of the way and is greatly suitable training grounds for beach landings, woodland operations and assault scenarios.

On the northeastern corner rests the main camp where the troops training rest, eat and live during the duration of their exercises. Today the personnel there were going to recieve two unexpected guests.

The dropship cleared the mainland and glided out over the ocean, on course for the island. Inside sat Commander Trellian and his passenger, who at this moment was nervous to what Trellian had in mind for her.

After he was told they were ten minutes out, Trellian stood up, turned and took a package from the seat next to him. He turned back around to Tessa and tossed it at her. She caught it and opened it curiously, finding neatly folded fatigues


Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Hurry up and change, I wont have you taking one step once we land in your civies.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Do I have to?

Trellian didn't answer, and instead gave her a look saying "really?" before he turned, opened the hatch to the cockpit. Stepping inside, it slid closed behind him. Tessa looked down before sighing. She took out the content and set them on the dropships seating next to her. Inside was everything needed to complete the outfit. Tan socks, tan combat boots, green fatigue pants and a plain tan tee shirt, finishing off with an army cap.

She took one more look at it before beginning to strip.

Just a few minutes later, inside the cockpit Trellian looked through the windshield at the island that grew closer in view.

pilot.jpgSeahawk Pilot: Almost there sir.

A knocking came then at the hatch behind him. Trellian turned on his heels and opened it, looking through. In that instant came the changed image of Tessa, her hands on her hips.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa: This hat's making my ears itch...

Trellian looked her over before nodding and smirking.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: You look good as a grunt.

Tessa cocked an eyebrow before choffing and turning around, walking back deeper in the troop bay. Trellian followed and closed the hatch. Tessa turned back around and pulled on the shirt, adjusting it.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  And does this shirt have to be so tight? It's constricting me.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: You look fine Tessa, and besides it's better to have everything in one piece instead of loose and falling all over the place.

Intercomm: We've reached shore Commander, making our final approach.


The dropship's thrusters adjusted for angle and force as it tilted, turning right and heading over the island's beaches going inland. There was nothing in sight, yet.

The main camp then came into view before the dropship as it slowed, lowering closer to the ground. It passed over trees, a stream, watch towers and cabins. What couldn't be easily seen were the many sentries under the foliage.

As they got closer, the dropship's nose tilted up, halting it's forward movement and hovered as less power was given to the thrusters, slowly having the dropship descend to the surface. Finally, it touches down.

The force of air coming from the thrusters kicked up the sandy landing pad as the craft came to a rest, and then they cut off, the low hum of the dieing engines filling the troop bay before ceasing altogether.

Inside, Trellian stood before the closed troop bay hatch with Tessa standing next to him. He stared for a moment, before looking down at her.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: One word of advice. Don't let the men get to you.

Tessa glanced up, slightly confused before the hatch began to slowly drop down, opening up the troop bay to the bright sunshine outside. Tessa was then revealed to a camp-full of several dozen soldiers drilling, exercising, sparring or coming to check on the newly arrived dropship.

Trellian waited for Tessa to walk out first, which she did. She immediately stepped out onto the sandy beach and squinted at the bright sunshine. Her hair blew from under her cap from the slight wind and took a few steps forward, taking in the sights. Trellian followed behind, putting a hand on her shoulder before passing her to meet a man dressed in the same fatigues as her, except on his should was the glaring gold of three arrows, obviously an officer.


manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Sir!

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Afternoon Seargent. You got the bunk ready like i asked?

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Yessir, the bunk in cabin two is ready.

The Seargent then glanced at Tessa, looking her over.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Is "that" the new guy? Seems a bit young to be training here.

Trellian caught the young man's eyes wandering and got angered.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Eyes up Seargent!

Kith jumped and turned his eyes straight on Trellians, not even blinking.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Yessir! My apologies sir!

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Seargent Kith, you better learn some respect for the Chancellor's daughter here, because she's your new trainee which I'm putting in your personal care. Am I understood?

Kith flinched at the "Chancellor's Daughter" part and swallowed, nodding once.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: Yessir! Do you, want me to put her on the normal training regiment?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: She's not here to be a full fledged Marine Seargent. Just take her through basic training, give her the ropes, help her learn discipline. Shouldn't be too hard?

Kith shook his head and saluted at Trellian left him. Trellian turned back to Tessa and smiled before moving on to the camp, leaving Tessa and Kith together. Kith looked down at the soldier-looking girl and sighed.

manavatar.jpgSeargent Kith: I suppose I should show you your bunk first huh. Please, follow me.

Tessa watched at the Seargent turned and walked into the camp as well. She sighed hard and began to powerwalk, catching up with the young man. She frowned and mumbled to herself.

Tessasoldier.jpgTessa:  This is gonna be fun...




Threedays Later...


The major storm system that plagued most of the coastal regions had passed, and been replaced with some real Spring sunshine. The weather forecast for the week itself showed at the most partly cloudy with highs in the 80's, great swimming weather for the folks coming out of their homes for the first time on the beaches.

And there was no reason why anyone should stay away from the outdoors, the sandy beaches and hot sun. Terrorism was gone! Peace had been restored to the battered and bruised and raped nation and it was thanks to the Chancellor and his subordinates. Ever since the raids on the terrorist leaders and supporters, Chancellor Tristan's approval rating skyrocketed from 76% to nearly 92% of the nation.

But don't mistake things for what they seem to be. Chancellor Tristan was by no means in a happy mood.


The sun glistening off the glass roof of the Orb Convention center was just one side effect to the beautiful day the radio channels and TV stations boasted.

But even this positive atmoshpere didn't change the fact that Tristan's daughter had killed a City Mayor.


Tristan sat at his desk, leaning back in his chair, head tilted up toward the cieling. He sighed, his back facing away from the large window behind him, the bustling city all around outside the glass. He pondered what to do next. Including the problem with his feline daughter, Tristan had to deal with a new military contract with Franklin County, the conclusion of the eleventh AFDES Summit, finalizing the last issues with the uniting of the states and to top it all off, several new bills the High Council downstairs were throwing at his lap to go over.

Terrorism may have been erradicated; and who knew how long that will last, but there was still no rest for the aging Chancellor.

At that moment, the door to Tristan's office opened, sliding across the floor into the wall and Commander Trellian began to step in, hands cupped together behind him. The door slid back closed behind him. He stopped several feet short of Tristan's desk as Tristan looked down and smiled at the man.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Commander. Trell, nice of you to drop by.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: I've come to report on the problem.

Tristan sighed and nodded, crossing his arms across his glass desk.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Intelligence has pretty much cleaned up the whole mess. Metro police are convinced one of Likisy's men shot the Mayor out of self defense. When actually the Mayor did try to pull a gun on Tessa, we didn't want the authorities to know Tessa was actually there.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: And the body?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: It's been recovered by our men. All of your daughter's actions in New Lynais have been, for the most part wiped from ever existing. It was like she was never there.

Tristan put his hands on the desk and stood up.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Good.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: However...

Tristan looked up and stared at him. 'However"s in this case are dangerous.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: We have reason to believe Tessa socialized with someone in the city. A young female.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Who?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: From reports by Agent Likisy and Intelligence has told me her name is Vannessa Wright, daughter to Jonathan Wright, CEO of Wright Industries. Likisy stated Tessa was taken into an underground night club until morning.

Tristan became confused. Young girl? Daughter of Wright Industries' CEO, and a night club?? What in the world was Tessa up to in that city?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: This could be troublesome. Wright Industries is one of Follomer's top benefactors to our economy. We don't need the girl fraternizing with Tessa, especially now because of her...nevermind.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Sir?

Tristan sighed and took a few steps around his desk and then leaned against it, folding his arms.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Her mother, Lerra informed me that on occassion, Leerian girls tend to become attracted to their own gender once puberty sets in...

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: ...Permission to speak freely sir, but you mean you think Tessa is, a Lesbian?

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: There's been signs during her childhool. Always happier around girls, never trusted boys except myself and you, even had her first kiss with her friend Jensa when they met. It was some, weird experiment thing, I don't know anymore, preteen girl stuff. I could never understand my baby sister either.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Ah...well, right. But, ahem, about the problem with Tessa. I may have a solution that would help her control her outbreaks.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Yes? Go on Trell.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Basic Training.


Meanwhile, several floors down in the recreation pool


The pool located on the Recreation and Fitness floor of the tower. It was where government dignitaries who had permanent jobs there or tower employees could go and work out, exercise or relax in the saunas and pool. Because of the side of the tower the pool faced, it got a great ray of sun during the late hours of the morning. But now that it was a little after 3:00 in the afternoon, the sun was on the west side, and the pool was bathed in shade.

However that did not stop Tessa from using the pool for herself.

Tessa walked out of the access doors, carrying a towel and walked over to a chair. She placed the towel down and began to undress her top and then shorts. Her bikini had been on underneath and she slowly stepped into the shallow end of the pool. Her tail slowly dipped into the water as she got waist deep, and then sat down on a step, leaning her back against the edge of the pool. She sat there, letting the water soak her as she thought. She was screwed.

She killed a Mayor, albeit because A) he was going to shoot her and B) he was a traitor to the people. She was within her rights to kill her, well, her moral rights. But she wasn't in the right position to take his life. And now she couldn't bear to meet her father in the eye.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: What the hell am I going to do now...

Her ear then twitched and she turned around.

catgirl.jpgLerra: You have good ears, my daughter.

Tessa stared on before smiling, letting her ears relax.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Mine are just descendants from the true kind, mother.

Lerra grinned and ran a finger across her furry ear, petting herself.

catgirl.jpgLerra: Yours are just as good Tessa, remember that you are no lesser then me.

Lerra walked up to the edge of the pool and, deciding to join her daughter, disrobed her usual dress and began to step in, but Tessa blushed and widened her eyes.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Mother! Where's your bathing suit!?

Lerra got to Tessa's level and sat down next to her, smiling innocently.

catgirl.jpgLerra: I never liked those things, too constricting. Besides, my fur is my suit.

Lerra glanced down at her uncovered body, her chest clearly shown and giggled.

catgirl.jpgLerra: More or less.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Oh mother, someone could see you!

catgirl.jpgLerra: Let them, I don't mind. But Tessa listen. What I've been hearing about you is disturbing me to no ends.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Mother I, I'm sorry okay? I've already apologized to Agent Likisy, Commander Trellian and my father hundreds of times over. If you're trying to make me feel like a terrible person trust me, It's already been done and-

Lerra took Tessa's furless shoulder and held on, looking right into her eyes.

catgirl.jpgLerra: Tessa please stop, I know you're sorry and I don't want to hurt you anymore than you already are. I've come to help you, my only child.

Tessa stared on, tears beginning to gather in her eyes.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I, don't know what's happening anymore. I've killed several people...what's wrong with me?

catgirl.jpgLerra: Life is running it's course my kitten. You don't ever know what it has in store for us. But we must make the most of it... You know you'll always have your mother here to comfort you.

Tessa looked at the fully furred mother of hers before smiling, and then pushing past the fact she was nude and burried her head into her soft, wet chest and embraced her. Lerra hugged the girl back.

catgirl.jpgLerra: You always have a mother to come home to, my darling child.

As they held each other, the doors to the pool opened and a fully clothed in Military fatigues walked out. Tessa and Lerra turned to see that it was Trellian, who in turn noticed Lerra's position and quickly stopped, trying to keep his eyes above the womanly portion.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Tess, would you like to come with me?

Tessa stared at the Commander, her trusted friend before turning to Lerra who smiled and nodded, patting her shoulder.

catgirl.jpgLerra: Go on honey. I always love you.

And after a moment, Tessa swallowed her fear and walked out of the pool, grabbing her clothes and towel and walked toward the Commander, glancing up at him who returned a friendly smile back. Tessa then passed as she went to the womens locker room. Trellian then turned to Lerra and gave her a nervous smile.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Nice seeing you again, Lerra.

catgirl.jpgLerra: Likewise Trellian. How are you today?

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: I'm, alright. Uhh..I'm, sorry to ask but, would you like me to grab you an extra bikini or, towel?

Lerra grinned, showing her pointed, enlarged cannines and folded her arms back behind her head, expressing her chest more openly.

catgirl.jpgLerra: Ohh, I think I'll pass. I just love making you flustered.

And that's how it all began.


By later that day, Trellian had Tessa board an awaiting SeaHawk on the pad outside the tower with him.


And they left the city toward a whole new adventure that Trellian was sure would be beneficial to Tessa's future.


And adventure of sunny beaches. Tranquil scenery, calm oceans.


And basic military training with the Follomerian Special Forces.





The storm had gotten worse. Light barely filtered through to the Earth. The city lights began to turn on as if night had come unexpectedly, and rain continued to pour.


The sky erupted in an abrupt flash, lightning striking the highest point of the Onderson Tower. Clearly the storm had gotten worse, and morphed into a thunder storm as the sky boomed above the city's inhabitants heads. Everyone wanted to stay inside, oblivious to the events that were about to take place at the Pillar Towers.

Where the mayor was.


The two transports flew close to the ground, soaring through the gateway arch as the thump-thump of the rotor blades faded into the rain.Citizens still out or near a window noticed the low flying choppers and watched in awe as to what they were doing.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Landing Zone in ten!

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Tessa, you promised you would stay in the chopper. I expect you to keep it!

Tessa glared out through the open compartment out into the city and did nothing but nod. She remained silenced but her thoughts raced with plans.


The first chopper pulled it's nose up in the air, and came to a halt as it touched down on the street right infront of the Pillar towers. Immediately the transport's compliment of black armored strike troopers jumped out and rushed across the street. Likisy jumped down and gave Tessa, who remained still one last look before taking out his sidearm and ran after the group.

Once Likisy and the team had entered the building, Tessa jumped up and moved to the cockpit hatch. She slid it open and leaned over the pilot's seat.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Take off.

The pilot glanced back at the young neko girl and had to do a double take.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Excuse me?

Tessa snarled slightly and pointed through the windshield.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I said, take off!

The pilot just stared at her. His orders were to stay put and wait for the strike teams to return with the Mayor in custody. He wasn't sure what to do about Tessa's orders since they too were above him.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: I'm, sorry ma'am but my orders are to wait here for-

Tessa grabbed the man's shoulder and surprisingly to him, her grip was hard.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I am the Chancellor's daughter, what I say goes, am I understood!?

The pilot began to sweat and looked around before nodding. After that, Tessa let go of him and patted the spot she clenched. The pilot gulped, now slightly terrified of the girl and slowly began to take off into the air.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Take me to the roof of the East Tower.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Yes ma'am...

The chopper's blades thumped louder and they lifted off into the air, circling the buildings as they climbed higher and higher. As they climbed, Tessa wen't back into the troop compartment and got a rope ready. She latched it onto a hook hanging from the compartment's roof. She then grabbed a harness and slipped it on, hooking herself to the rope.

When she finished, the chopped made it to the roof and hovered over the glass paneling. Tessa threw the rope over the edge and the end of it hit the glass. She looked down and could see the top floor through the glass roofing.


The pilot then shouted through the open cockpit hatch.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Ma'am!? What are you doing??

Tessa took a glance at the man before turning. She reached for a pistol from the comparment armory and ran toward the outside. She jumped over the edge and fell to the roof along the rope, it slowing her down somewhat. She took aim and fired at the glass, breaking it as she fell through and onto the top floor. Her straightened herself and landed on her feet perfectly, landing in a squat.

Tessa unhooked herself and ran for the nearest door. She then tapped her ear which still held her earpiece radio and listened in. It was still keyed to Likisy's channel, which he still used, and right on cue, he spoke.

Likisy: The Mayor is in his study, all units close in on the target.

Tessa turned and found a tower directory. The mayor's study was four floors below her, and she knew he was still there, because on the way up that floor's lights were on.

Tessa turned to her right and barged through the staircase entranced and jumped down each flight untill she reached the floor he was on, and then broke through the door. It opened up to a large hallway with a reception desk on the other side, who's secretary immediately jumped up and stared at Tessa. When the woman realized the gun in Tessa's hand, she screamed and ran away down the hall. Tessa didn't bother with her. She made her way to the Mayor's study.


Tessa walked briskly down a branching hallway to a pair of large double doors. On a plaque next to them it said, "Mayor's Study". Tessa's eyes narrowed and she held up her sidearm, pulling the top of it back which ejected a shell onto the floor, pulling another into the chamber, ready to fire.

She came up on the doors and leaned closer. She could hear talking on the other side.

She faced the doors and, with a hard kick, made them burst open. The man inside turned sharply toward the doors and saw Tessa. He then tried to reach for a drawer in his desk. Tessa raised her gun at the man.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: DON'T, even try.

The man froze, and then sighed before setting the phone on the desk. He turned toward the girl slowly and, now realizing it was just a little neko girl, smirked and chuckled.

businessman.jpgMayor: This isn't the place for a little girl. And what are you holding? Do you know children shouldn't play with guns?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: SHUT UP!

The man stared her down, and lost his smirk. He stood rock solid, just as still as Tessa was. Except her arm was extended with the gun pointed straight at him.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: You're a traitor to our people. You've been aiding terrorists in their murderous plots!

The man looked at her before closing his eyes. He placed his hands on his hips and shook his head.

businessman.jpgMayor: And what gave you that idea? You do know that the police will be here soon to-

Tessa didn't let him finish. She fired a round off at the floor right between his feet, which made him jump backwards, and lose his cool.

businessman.jpgMayor: What the *&%^!

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I think now is a little too late to continue lying, Mayor.

They continued their stareing match, and Tessa remained resolute in her stance. Her body didn't move an inch. The Mayor began to sweat.

businessman.jpgMayor: N-now c'mon, we can work something out here. What is it that you want??

Tessa stared him down and took a step forward, making him back up toward the large window.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I want traitors like you to pay. Those terrorists? Those monsters? You helped them... The Willow Place Mall attack? ....I WAS THERE!

Tessa's hand trembled slightly as she yelled that, which made the Mayor get even more on edge. She took another step forward, malice in her eyes. He took another back, getting closer to the window.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: They killed men! Women! Children! I watched, as one of em murdered my best friend. They murdered her, YOU MURDERED HER!



Tessa took several steps forward, her finger just barely clutching the trigger. The Mayor moved back again before he touched the glass. He turned and looked through the glass and out over the large space outside over the city streets. It was a long drop.

businessman.jpgMayor: Please! I, didn't know they would do something that drastic! I only thought-

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Drastic!? You thought that was just drastic!?

Tessa growled through her clenched teeth and pointed the pistol's barrel straight at the man's head.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Because of you...my best friend...she's gone.

Tessa slowly lowered her gun toward her hip. The man stared at her, and then glanced at his desk, the drawer containing his gun slightly open. He almost began to reach it when Tessathen returned her stare at him, and brought the gun back up.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: For Jensa.


The Mayor's head recoiled as the shell dug into his scull and exited out the back, which broke through the glass window. His body flew backwards, breaking the rest of the window and then dropped over the edge.

His body fell down the side of the tower toward the ground. Tessa walked over to the broken window and stared out over the edge toward the streets below. The rain came in through the open window and hit Tessa's body as she stared, gun still in hand.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: It's over... Jensa.


Another flash came as Lightning struck again.

Meanwhile...elsewhere in the city.


Mayor: Hold on, I think I heard screaming outside my door.

manRua.jpgRua: Don't worry, I'm sure all is fine.

Mayor: It better be! I didn't join your little revolution just to get shot!

Rua then heard a commotion in the background. He heard a girl's voice yell "DON'T" before he sighed and hung up. A few seconds later, he dialed another number and put the cell phone to his ear.

manRua.jpgRua: The Mayor's been found out. He'll die shortly.

???: Good. Then after they find the body, as well as the other's you led them to, the Chancellor will believe he stopped us.

manRua.jpgRua: And you'll be able to prepare in secrecy.

???: The plan is going just as it should be.

The line then wen't dead and Rua close the phone. He leaned back in his seat on the empty rail car and looked out the window. He could see the looming Pillar towers in the distance as a bolt of lightning struck near it.



In the marina district, several people began to close up shop in a warehouse.


The helicopter began to start as they exited the warehouse, and got on.


They flew away from the city, out over the ocean.





The rain continued to fall. Clouds floated overhead. No wind, and dark. The Assassin had perfect conditions to take out his two targets. A Special Ops agent and the Chancellor's daughter. It was perfect, until fate intervened.


The L-25 flew overhead, and a second later the sound from it's engines roared through the clouds like thunder. The assassin flunched, and his rifle deviated just inches before he pulled the trigger. The bullet missed.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Damn! Sniper!

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Where!?

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Tessa get down!


After the gunshot, Likisy took Tessa by the arm and led her to the brick wall separating the trees by the light poles and hunched down with her. Just seconds after, they could hear the thumping of helicopters, and then a transport flew over their position, it's running lights flashing.

The helicopter flew out over the water near the seawall and the pilot came in over Likisy's headset.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Agent Likisy, Echo 5-3, we have your position and have orders to pick you up, but there's no landing space where you are.

Likisy tapped his ear piece and looked up at the helicopter making another pass over the water.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: 5-1, there's an office building next to my position. Meet us on the roof, over.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Copy, 5-1 inbound. Better double time it, got eyes on a sniper on a rooftop. We'll take him out, get moving, 5-1 out.

Likisy nodded to himself and took Tessa's arm and looked down at her.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: We're gonna be picked up on the roof of that office building. Follow me, run and don't stop, got it?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Yeah, okay!

Likisy looked up at the skyline as the helicopter leveled out next to a building, he then waited a second, thinking the sniper was no preoccupied with the transport and made his move.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Go!


Likisy and Tessa ran across the plaza, sprinted over the road, dodging cars and made it to the sidewalk and pushed through the doors. Over their headsets, they could here the chatter of the transport overhead.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Tango down, all clear.

Likisy tapped his ear again as they ran through the lobby and made it to the elevators.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Thanks for the assist 5-1, we'll be roof-side in less than 2 minutes.

pilot.jpgHelicopter Pilot: Copy, 5-1 inbound on LZ, out.


Likisy and Tessa got off the elevator, ran up a flight of stairs and then broke through the access door. The transport was already landing as they ran across the rooftop. Likisy got on first, turned and helped Tessa onto the platform before Likisy tapped his ear again.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  We're onboard! Hit it!

The pilot in the cockpit pushed on the throttle and the blades whirred faster, lifting the craft from the roof and then up over the street.


Tessa sat on one of the chair and leaned against the hull. Sitting across from Likisy who sat near the open side of the transport, Tessa widened her eyes and leaned toward Likisy.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: WE LEFT VANNESSA!

Tessa started to worry and panic as she searched Likisy for an answer to her statement. He realized the same thing and looked out over the city.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  I'm sure she's fine! She's in no immediate danger!

Tessa tried to calm down. She did hear that they took out the sniper that just tried to kill them, so Vannessa was most likely left just shocked as to why they had left so quickly, and then at the same time seeing a military helicopter land and takeoff from a rooftop near her. She would most likely want to have some answers, and being the daughter of a corporate tycoon made the thought troubling.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: You're right. Alright but, tell me what you were going to say back there! Who's the lead!


The transport veered from right to left, dodging skyscrapers as they flew east along the New Lynais city island. Likisy remembered and sighed to himself.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  We were informed that the Mayor of New Lynais has ties to the militants.

Tessa's eyes widened. Likisy tried to speak softly but Tessa's acute hearing negated that, and she heard perfectly who the lead was. Likisy already started to see Tessa's eyes turn red.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  And is also suspected of supplying the Uniden Massacre attack.

Tessa began to shake. She already hated the idea of Follomerians aiding the events that murdered fellow countrymen. But this made Tessa feel like she was becoming a beast.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: ...WHAT!?

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  We're making our move on the Mayor's tower right now! We've also been told there are other affiliates to the militants. They're all being taken as we speak!

Likisy tried to yell over the whir of the blades as they continued to the east sector of the city. Tessa clenched her fists and Likisy could already see small fangs popping out from her lips.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Just point him out and I'll take care of it!

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy:  No! You're going to stay in the chopper while the teams take the mayor. If he's a major player it could be dangerous.


As Tessa thought this over, no matter how much she hated the idea of waiting, another transport came up behind them and took up formation. Another strike team on the way to the Mayor's tower.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Alright! Alright I'll...wait.

She growled 'wait' to Likisy, and he nodded at her answer.

The choppers approached the east sector and the soldiers that were already in the transport before the two boarded readied their weapons. They were to assault the tower, secure the area and take the Mayor into custody.

They may very well be approaching the end of terrorism in Follomer.


They approached the Glimmering Pillars.

They approached the Political Traitor.





Right Afterward...


Cheltali Airforce Base, the main staging point for Follomer's west coast Air Defense Force. Housing 30 to 40 L-25 Phoenixs' at any given time, the base can scramble 2 flights of 4 fighters in less than 8 minutes.


At the command building, thing's went from on edge to crazy pretty quick.

LtColonelcrushedcar.jpg?t=1267219086Lt. Colonel Crushedcar: Call readiness alert and prep a flight of transports. We've got our go ahead.

untitled-6.jpgPrivate: Yes sir! Attention base personnel, code yellow, all Gryphon crews to your transports. Phoenix pilots to your birds. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill--


Around the base, an alert siren started going off and personnel ran from place to place. Pilots disembarked their Humvees and went to their planes. They would soon be getting destination targets once prepped.


The first plane left the tarmac and onto the taxi-way.

pilot.jpgPhoenix Pilot: Thrusters at 100 percent, electronics engaged and ready, all flight systems able.


untitled-6.jpgTower:  Lowjack one, you're cleared for takeoff.

Lowjack one nodded to himself and revved up the thrusters before disengaging the brakes. The afterburners propelled the jet down the runway and then lifted off the ground, tearing through the air.


LtColonelcrushedcar.jpg?t=1267219086Lt. Colonel Crushedcar: Lowjack one, your mission is to cooperate with our agents on the ground at Lynais city. Stay at high altitude and provide oversight to our inbound strike teams.

The pilot then titled his controls to the right and his jet glided to the side, turning toward the south coast.

pilot.jpgPhoenix Pilot: Acknowledged.

LtColonelcrushedcar.jpg?t=1267219086Lt. Colonel Crushedcar:  Be aware, there's a storm in the area, in order to provide oversight, you need to remain under the cloudcover and use thermal imaging.

pilot.jpgPhoenix Pilot: Copy all Colonel, I'm inbound.




10 Minutes Later...


The rain continued to pour, but there wasn't any wind. The sky itself seemed to fall straight down to Earth.

A fitting weather pattern to today's events.


Tessa and Vannessa made their way outside into the rain and walked toward the edge of the pier. Vannessa put her hands on the safety wall and hung her head. Tessa was fuming beside her. Another attack, a thousand dead, murdered. It was the mall times ten. And this time she wasn't there to tear those attackers throats apart.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Vannessa...are you okay?

Tessa had noticed the girl's sudden change of mood and emotion. She hadn't said a word since she dropped her glass ten minutes ago.

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: Yeah...I'm alright.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Tessa! You there? Answer me girl.

Tessa's ear flickered at the new and rudely loud voice that appeared in her earpiece. Above ground meant comms worked again.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: You know this won't continue much longer. Whoever they are, they will be found.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Tessa who the hell are you talking to?

Tessa wanted to growl at him.

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: I guess. Bad thing is though that it's personal...

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: On your nine Tessa...

Tessa's ear flicked again and she involuntarily tilted her eyes to her nine o'clock, or to her left. She then widened her eyes, just a bit when she saw Likisy walking casually up on them.


Tessa frowned and turned her head toward Likisy who continued to walk straight for her. Vannessa didn't notice as she continued to look down at the water.

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: But whatever... It's so sad that happened.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Yeah it is sad.

Likisy came within ear shot of Tessa and continued to approach. Tessa then turned full toward the man and put a hand on Vannessa's shoulder.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Oh Vannessa, I want you to meet someone.

Vannessa stood up and turned to where Tessa was looking. She saw Likisy then and leaned to Tessa questionatively.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Hi daddy, found me huh.

Likisy shook his head and stopped infront of Tessa, giving her a deep look.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: You shouldn't have run off like that Jen, you know the rules.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I'm sorry dad, just wanted to have some fun.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Jen, may i have a word with you? I have a message from your mother.

Tessa looked up at him before nodding and smiled at Vannessa before walking away from her with Likisy. They went over to one of the trees and stood under it, standing close. Vannessa remained by the safety wall, staring at the water as the rain hit it.

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: Lez got word from up top, we have concrete leads. Strike teams are en route and will arrive within the hour to make our move.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Holy hell finally. Who we looking for?

Untitled-15.jpgLikisy: You're...not going to like this...


Unknown to Likisy and Tessa, they were being watched from up high through a high caliber scope.


The sniper leaned against the railing on the edge of the roof and aimed down the scope, accounting for the slightest wind resistence and distance.

The sniper put a finger to his ear and held it there.

untitled-6.jpgSniper: Targets in sight...


Cheltali Airforce Base

Command Communication Center


Around the same moment, news came in through executive channels. Lieutenant Colonel Crushedcar was on duty at the base, overseeing the mobilization of a special forces platoon.

untitled-6.jpgPrivate: Sir, urgent message from the Capital.

The Colonel took the message from the private's hand and read it to himself. He then looked up and turned to the Private.

LtColonelcrushedcar.jpg?t=1267219086Lt. Colonel Crushedcar: Call readiness alert and prep a flight of transports. We've got our go ahead.



Present Day...


The small rain storm quickly turned angry. Thunder clouds came in over the coast from the Pacific. Lightning struck the rod on the Brainbridge Leasings tower, lighting up the sky for split seconds.


Business buzzed in the government building. Many still didn't know what exactly to do about the attack on Uniden International. It was the single worst devastating loss of life since the Invasion of the Capital city. There were, however two main groups of opinions. One of them strongly believed a military retaliation was priority. Others wanted to stay away from war as much as possible, no matter how angry they were at the Americans.


The south-west wing of the complex housed the government's War and Tactics Center, or WTC. Also known as the War Room, Chancellor Tristan went ahead of everyone else and threw the doors open. He took several steps in, letting the doors close on their own, but he stopped when he heard the automated clunk of them locking on their own, which wasn't supposed to happen.

Just after the doors locked, a voice was heard in front of Tristan.

untitled-6.jpg???: Chancellor Archean.

Tristan froze but stood tall and peered into the dark corner of the room where the voice was coming from. Suddenly a flash lit the corner up from a bolt of lightning, and the face of a dark figure shone brightly, but just for a second to Tristan.

manRua.jpg???: My name is Rua, and everything is not as it seems.

Tristan stared the darkened figure down again and took a step forward.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Who are you, Rua. And how did you get in here?

manRua.jpgRua: Not nearly as important right now. I only ask of you right now, to open your eyes. Your government has been fooled, and millions will suffer if you continue to be fooled.

The figure took a few steps forward, letting Tristan see his whole figure. Tall and lean, clad in dark gray and black clothing.

manRua.jpgRua: You're smarter than this Chancellor.

Rua then slipped a datapad out of his pocket and dropped it onto the desk beside him without breaking eye contact with Tristan.

manRua.jpgRua: You'll find a list of names and Geographical coordinates, I suggest you use them.

Tristan barely heard the rattling of the doors behind him, but when they finally flew open with a loud bang, Tristan turned around to see Commander Trellian with two guardsmen appear. Then the room lit up again with another lightning strike, then thunder, and when Tristan turned back around, the room was empty, save for one open window.

Tristan walked to the window and peered out over the government plaza. Not a soul in sight for a mile in all directions.

Trellian.gifCommander Trellian: Sir? What's wrong?

Tristan stood up straight slowly and crossed his arms, staring outside at the storm.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: I think we may have a lead...


New Lynais City,

Earlier That Day...


Part of the storm clouds reached southern Follomer as well, and the rain was just about to fall.


Everyone knew it was going to downpour any moment, a large contrast to yesterday's clear skies and sunshine.


And then the rain began to fall.


However Lynais' underground life raged on. Club music rocked the underground walls of the dance club. Young men and women, teenagers alike danced, gyrated and busted a move well into the morning. The room was darkened with strobe lights everywhere. The floor was even lighting up in random spots with shades of red, green, blue, gold. It had been a half hour after Tessa lost radio contact with her partner, but she wasn't exactly feeling vulnerable.

Tessa threw her fists up in the air and moved her hips in a circle, letting her hair flow in every direction. Vannessa was joining her, her fists up in the air as well.

Apparently Tessa went as far as getting lost in  her lust for dance, just to keep her cover intact with Vannessa. She was realizing she was becoming a very good undercover agent.

They danced and moved on the floor together, however Tessa noticed Vannessa had gotten closer and closer to her, to the point where their bodies were almost touching. Tessa had to evade the contact several times by twirling a few inches away. But it ended when Vannessa let out a hard sigh and grinned.

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: Hey! Wanna get a drink and head upstairs for a little bit?

Tessa slowed her movements and smiled, nodding.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Sure! Lead the way!

They had to raise their voices over the music. And they started to leave for the bar. Vannessa and Tessa ordered Dr. Peppers with a slight non-alcoholic additive, for an extra 'hmph' before heading toward the surface access which led upstairs into the building above.

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: You're an amazing dancer! Never would have guessed.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Well, I have my moments. You were good too.

They walked up the staircase into the quieter, but still noisy department building. The access led into a sort of large lobby area, which gave access to several other areas filled with food courts and shops.

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: I feel like I just need to dance, to let off all this steam i get from hanging around my dad.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Steam?

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: Yeah, it gets stressful being the daughter and heir of Wright Industries. Well not accounting for my siblings, but still. And going to a dance club like that lets me get to know hot girls.

Tessa almost choked on her drink and looked at her, which was smiling back at her.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: C-come again?

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: The 'hot girls' part? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know that you 'didnt know'. I'm a lesbian.

Tessa couldn't help but feel her cheeks begin to blush and she looked away.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: So, that explains the, 'dirty dancing'.

Vannessa giggled and smiled wide at her.

girlavatar.jpg Vannessa: Sorry, I wasn't sure of any other way to see if you were a lesbian or not. Guess I was wrong.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Oh no! No don't be upset about it, it was fine, just didn't know.

Vannessa looked back at Tessa and smiled. Tessa, after a second, smiled back at her. She could feel her cheeks blush again as every crowded around a large plasma screen on the wall, many people with their fists clenched and hands covering their mouths.

untitled-6.jpgNews Caster: If you are just joining us, there has been a deadly attack at Uniden International Airport. close to 3,000 people are dead and evidence found at the scene points to the United States.

As video of the massacre came over the widescreen, Tessa heard a glass drop to the floor, and shatter.



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