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  1. Recreational Usages

    Most Americans are so uniformed and just take whatever information their government presents them as full truth. Hemp/weed was not only largely used by required to be grown by the Us government untill the end of ww2. Around the time pharmaceutical companies lobbied against it, around the same time movies like "Refer Madness" came out to paint hemp as a horrible drug that makes people go crazy, steal, murder, and rape. Then the war on drugs came to where they realized it's more profitable to charge people with ridiculous charges for having even a seed (in some state). Only recently because of information exposure, real life experience, and medical science breakthrough do people see its not only not bad but has many health benefits and far, far, far, fewer side effects than pharmaceutical companies. After all cui buno "whose benefit" to criminalize marijana even with its staggering research of its benfit? Am I saying there are no negatives at all, like anything to much of something can have negative effects of course. Not to sound mean but if you want to educate your child on the subject you first should become educated.
  2. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    It looks like a nice little town/suburb, however; at 25,000+ people I can't personally see how all the main roads are only two lanes. I live in an area of 7,000 and the main road (two lanes) gets very crowded until it expands to two lanes each direction on Arizona's side. Though, it is fair to say that traffic coming from AZ side and tourist do add to the traffic but you get my point. Not bashing, it looks very nice just that little thing bugged me from a real world perspective
  3. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | Important update and news!

    Your power plant makes mine look horribly under scale (lol), I like the real feel you got to your city. My only complaint is the lack of traffic on your highways. I imagine the realism plays a big part in that, but always makes me a little sad seeing ghost highways. Keep it up
  4. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Saw something like this before and me always wanting more, decided to make it higher capacity.
  5. Schulmania

    Blinded by science so old school
  6. Los Angeles [I Need Help!] 2/9/14

    Sorry to double post but can I get some help?
  7. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Good downtown but that beach looks so dangerous a fall to the ocean. I like the last one there is some green in there so people like me can breathe better. Any feedback on mine? I'm trying to decide if I should turn it into a full scale project
  8. Stone Creek

    I like the school a lot! Where did you get it?
  9. Andreica || Update 6 || Aura Again

    Bravo! I like that downtown a lot!
  10. Nice region you got there, and first time I've seen that castle used in a long time.
  11. Dang... that is a lot of destruction. Will be very expensive to level the land back.
  12. Experimental skyscraper districts

    Oh that's the painted desert terrain mod. My all time favorite. I use it almost exclusively and it does not make the elevation super high. See my CJ for how it looks next to water.