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  1. BLaM FC Tiled Plazas 4

    good - another plaza
  2. BLaM FC Garden and Plaza Props 1

    better than last set; the small ones still lack shadows
  3. BLaM FC Celtic Marbled Paths

    look simpel
  4. BLaM FC Floral Filler lots

    more flowers
  5. SFBT Christmas Market

    Great work. Merry Xmas SFBT
  6. BlaM The Golden Boot

    only prob is theres 5 $$ jobs but 155 $ jobs??? wth???? nice bat btw, but ur stats r wrong
  7. BlaM Sr Brick Masonry Store

    Hi, not to complain...i still like it but it only has 4 jobs - bit low?
  8. La Tour Eiffel

    wow brilliant
  9. Marrast's Embankment Set

  10. BlaM Sr Brick Masonry Store

    it's nice...but it doent look like a masonry store...maybe a showroom but the bricks would be on paletts in a warhouse behind
  11. The little New York Pack 1

    lookd great. but only get a bunch of letters wen i d/l
  12. Tower Life Building

    Amazing job 10+