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C.O.R.I.M.A.P.S. - A Tutorial for SimCity 4

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Here's the results of my experiments with the water and land heights.  I didn't include the seawall placements as that seems to be another topic.


So 74 and 84 are the magic numbers.  In between is the slush or underwater sand-bank.  In Region view the slush doesn't show up, it is rendered as water, but in City view more slush gradient shows up.   When water is considered inland it will appear darker/deeper and water transport automata did not appear in inland waters.

Using automata generators I found that the non-network connected boats and ships will float on any surface below 84, the cruise ship especially easily.  The networked ferry will plop at 84 and ferries will run ok at 74. 

74 seems to be the minimum depth for water transport.  Beach gradients extend from 84 to 92, then the grassy embankment gradients extend from 92 to 98 where rock cliffs start to take form.  

For bridges my first discovery was that a ground rail bridge will cross nicely at 92 allowing ferries underneath and with a very minimal hump.  At 96 elevated and mono rails will cross at level height allowing ferries and with no hump.  Road, ground and elevated highways cross at level height at 100.   At 110 most bridges will cross with no hump and at ferry-allowed height.

I did not test using UDI because I never use it. Turning off UDI is one of the first things I do at the start of a city.  I find the UDI icons to be like flies buzzing around a plate of food.  

Below is the greyscale used in this experiment:


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20 hours ago, huzman said:

...although I know I'm giving up a lot of goodies. Must try those missions somewhere though.

I think each "goody" is available via other accomplishments, so you're not necessarily giving up anything, just one route to each. If you decide that you really need to unlock things for your city, then there's a cheat for that.

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10 hours ago, RandyE said:

So 74 and 84 are the magic numbers... ferries will run ok at 74. 

So if my ferry's water end is "slush" (shallower than 74), then it won't carry passengers? That makes 74 a magic number indeed, because deeper water causes more lot-depression when plopping, The ferry, port, garbage-dock etc seems to average the elevations, sometimes sinking a lot so deeply that I can't connect roads or rails to it.

Fortunately, my garbage docks and container ports don't seem to care about water depth (or bridge heights). I'll keep an eye on my ferry terminals. I may need to resculpt their sites and replop the terminals. If so, then at least one ancient thread about how to plop coastal facilities (and advising shallow water to ward against lot-sinking) might benefit from an update.

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15 minutes ago, jeffryfisher said:

So if my ferry's water end is "slush" (shallower than 74), then it won't carry passengers?

In my experiment I only tested the levels and visuals of function, but not the actual functionality of any of the placements (such as ferry passengers).   I also didn't test the Marina directly because I was using a pure vanilla plugin folder with only a money cheat so no rewards available.  As far as I could tell no water placement would plop lower than 84.  I didn't test to see if ferries would travel across slushy areas between 74 and 84, but they sailed nicely across the 74 water level.   I think if the ferries are actually seen then it means somebody jumped on board for a ride.    

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On 30/3/2017 at 6:20 PM, CorinaMarie said:

I believe it now falls in the Abandonware category. I'll attach it here with the caveat that if Ordio does not want it to be available it will be removed. The file is a Windoze .msi installer file. I've also included an archive of the help page. It's in the Mozilla Archive Format so you will need Firefox and that addon to view it. (It's not required to use SCRACC.)



I can't download SCRACC.ZIP with this error....



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  • Original Poster
  • 19 minutes ago, AsimPika3172 said:

    I can't download SCRACC.ZIP with this error....

    Phooey. We are going thru some growing pains as we've moved files and such. Dirk is working on this one right now since I reported it. Try back in an hour or so and let me know if you get it then. If all else fails I can re-upload it under the new file system. (But we'd rather fix the existing bug.)

    Edit: @AsimPika3172 Woot! Dirk did that fast. Try the linky now and it should work.

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    First off, @CorinaMarie, I would like to say I think this tutorial/method is great. Lately I've been sucked into mapmaking however I never really moved beyond MS paint as a kid in the 90's. I've always been more of a pen and pencil sketchbook artist sorta unwilling to embrace the digital revolution. With this tutorial I was easily able to jump in and get my feet wet. Thanks for making it so straight forward and easy to follow.

    Second, have any of you out there got any tricks up your sleeves for adding noise or randomness to a GIMP grayscale heightmap?

    I haven't been able to get any good cloud shots lately but what to use my own stock/base image to make my map more personal. With varying amounts of success I've had some fun using this method on close up shots I've taken of eroded rocks from my local beach, Christmas tree lights and their glow, and other random croppings from my photo library. They all come out a little too smooth though. I've been doing Gaussian Blur to initially clean up my heightmaps a little, you know... taking out the ugly spikes and pits. But I would like to add some more variation after the fact. Is there another filter type that I haven't stumbled upon yet that will lead to something like this? I'm trying to avoid manually painting or smudging in ridges and cracks in the environment.

    I have a feeling if I could wrap my head around layering an image things would be headed in the right direction. I wouldn't mind using a sourced image, such as someone else's clouds *;), as my 2nd layer. But that overwhelms me each time I try it out. If anyone can link me to some simple instruction on the subject that would be great but it's not exactly what I'm looking for right now.

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  • Original Poster
  • 7 hours ago, MJWitski said:

     I would like to say I think this tutorial/method is great.

    Thanks! I'm glad to see you like it. *:)


    7 hours ago, MJWitski said:

    Second, have any of you out there got any tricks up your sleeves for adding noise or randomness to a GIMP grayscale heightmap?

    Oodles of them. *;) Basically you want to explore the Filters options in GIMP. When I've played around with this I do them before the GBlur.


    So, here we are in GIMP in the Filters menu, mouse over Noise, then over to Hurl... The hover tip says: "Completely randomize a fraction of the pixels".

    01 Filter Menu.jpg

    ^ Note: The grayscale shown here already had the noise added. (I couldn't easily find my pre-finished one, but I'm just showing the menu choices.)


    Click that and here's the popup dialog box where I've adjusted the Randomization to 10%:

    02 Hurl 10%.jpg


    Then I added the Gaussian Blur:
    03 Gray.jpg


    Here we are with it rendered in the game and in one of the city tiles:

    04 Vanilla.jpg

    ^ Grid is on to better see the effect of the noise. No terrain mods loaded in this pic.


    Here's the same pic, but with my fav terrain, rock, water, and beach mod;

    05 Columbus.jpg

    ^ This makes it a bit easier to see the lumpiness.


    Zoomed in a bit showing vanilla:

    06 Vanilla.jpg


    And same with terrain stuff:

    07 Columbus.jpg


    A lot of this whole method is trial and error. Pick various filters and settings and give them a try.

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    Just getting back into playing SimCity 4 after long absence, and wanted to create my own regions, but was getting totally frustrated. Then what a miracle I came across you wonderful post. Love your hints on using the different features in GIMP, am also using the SMUDGE TOOL.

    So am now busily making several of my own regions.

    Many thanks for your wonderful article, much appreciated indeed.

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    • Similar Content

      • By Cyclone Boom
        A Neat Little Tool to use with the "Raise the UI Mod"
        Here is a tutorial explaining how to automatically raise SimCity 4's user interface (UI) when switching to windowed mode. This may specifically be useful for those who wish to alternate between running SC4 windowed and in full screen.
        Please Note
        To achieve this, it requires copying and saving simple command line scripts (.cmd), and adjusting relevant paths.
        The problem being, when running the game windowed and with a custom resolution, you may notice the taskbar inconveniently overlays the UI like so:

        To workaround this limitation, in Windows it's possible to use the "Auto-hide the taskbar" option from Taskbar Properties. This does what it says, and makes the taskbar hidden from view when not hovered over. However, this requires toggling back the setting once exiting the game. So while that works it's not the most ideal solution since to run the game windowed, it may be desired to have quick access to the taskbar at all times.
        A means of fixing this is by raising up the UI slightly. Then the taskbar can still be seen in full view while not obscuring the lower-positioned menu options in the game. A useful mod which does exactly this is the appropriately named Raise the UI Mod.

        Which upon installation in Plugins, will solve the problem like so:

        What if you'd then wish to play the game full screen, or often swap between both modes? Perhaps doing so would be useful if needing convenient access to other programs while playing. But later would like to change over based on your monitor configuration, or to benefit from the reduced memory usage in full screen. At least from testing, I found there was around 18% less system RAM used in a fully loaded large tile.
        This can be done manually by moving the mod in and out of Plugins when needed. But in terms of automating the process, that's where my little command line scripts may come in handy. Should that sound of interest, keep on reading on...

        Note: This is really intended for those comfortable working with batch files, and so this may not be the ideal solution for everyone.
        SimCity 4 Deluxe / RH installed and patched at least to the EP1 update. Digital versions other than Origin should come fully pre-patched. Although Notepad or a plain text editor will do the job, I recommend using Notepad++ to benefit from syntax highlighting. A Windows operating system (this has been tested on Win 7). Download the Raise the UI Mod created by @warrior. A local folder created outside of Plugins.  
        Setting Up
        First of all, the initial step is to decide where you'd like to store the mod when not needed. This will be a holding folder and can be anywhere outside from your Plugins folder. Then when running the game windowed, it'll be moved into your Plugins so then the UI is raised accordingly.
        So either create a new folder, or copy the path of an existing folder where Raise the UI Mod.dat can be stored.

        A simple way of copying the path is by right clicking the location bar in Windows Explorer:

        Then click the "Copy address as text" option as highlighted.
        At the top of both scripts (which we'll get to in a moment), there are 4 adjustable options:
        File=<File Name> Description: This is the file name name of the mod, so needn't be changed unless renaming the actual file. E.g.
        File=Raise the UI Mod.dat
          PluginPath=<Path> Description: The location inside your Plugins folder to contain the mod. This can be in the root or inside a subfolder structure of your choice. Unless modified it should be the one in Documents. Leave out quotes since those are added in the main body of the code. E.g.
        PluginPath=C:\Users\<Account>\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins
          HoldPath=<Path> Description: Here is the location of the holding folder where the mod will be stored. Use the "Copy address as text" method described earlier to make sure this is correctly specified. It can be set anywhere of your choice, providing the folder is fully accessible. E.g.
        HoldPath=C:\Users\<Account>\Documents\SimCity 4\Hold UI Mod
          TheGame="" "<Game Location>" <Shortcut Parameters> Description: It wouldn't be any use without starting the game itself, and that's what this option does. Here there are 2 variables which can be tailored specifically. The location of the game's executable file, and also the parameters (switches) used to set a custom resolution, toggle windowed or full screen, force SC4 to run on a single core, skip the intro, or any other such options.
          E.g. Disc based game:
        TheGame="" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CustomResolution:enabled -r1600x900x32 -w
          E.g. Digital game from GOG:
        TheGame="" "C:\GOG Games\SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CustomResolution:enabled -r1600x900x32 -w

          For a custom resolution, this must be specified to the desired screen width and height. The above examples represent my own monitor's size of 1600x900 pixels. The x32 at the end is the bit colour depth, which in normal circumstances can be safely left as is.
          Those using Steam or other launchers may need to experiment with workarounds to start the game directly for this to work.
          The empty quotes ("") at the beginning are required since they pass a null title in the command. However the rest of the command can simply be copied over from an existing desktop shortcut Target line, with the format being identical.  
        Note: Where applicable for it to be valid, the <Account> path must be changed to the name of your user account.
        Windowed Script
        Here is the script for running the game windowed.
        It does the following:
        First checks whether Raise the UI Mod.dat is located in your Plugins folder. If found, the game is started using any parameters specified.
          If not present, it moves Raise the UI Mod.dat from the holding folder to your Plugins, before starting the game. Should the file not be found in the holding folder, a message pops up in a command window making that known.  
        For Example   (Modify custom paths as needed)
        @Echo Off Set File=Raise the UI Mod.dat Set PluginPath=C:\Users\<Account>\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins Set HoldPath=C:\Users\<Account>\Documents\SimCity 4\Hold UI Mod Set TheGame="" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CustomResolution:enabled -r1600x900x32 -w If Not Exist "%PluginPath%\%File%" ( If Not Exist "%HoldPath%\%File%" ( Start "" cmd /C "Echo %File% not found in: &Echo( %HoldPath% &Echo( &Pause" Goto :End ) Else Move "%HoldPath%\%File%" "%PluginPath%" ) Else ( Goto :StartSC4 ) :StartSC4 Start %TheGame% :End Exit
        Important: For the game's parameters, it's essential the -w switch is used, or else the game won't be told to run windowed.
        Full Screen Script
        Here is the script for running the game in full screen.
        It does the following:
        Checks whether Raise the UI Mod.dat is located in your Plugins folder. If found, it moves the file back to your holding folder, then starts the game. If not found, it just starts the game, also using any parameters specified.  
        For Example   (Modify custom paths as needed)
        @Echo Off Set File=Raise the UI Mod.dat Set PluginPath=C:\Users\<Account>\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins Set HoldPath=C:\Users\<Account>\Documents\SimCity 4\Hold UI Mod Set TheGame="" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CustomResolution:enabled -r1600x900x32 -f If Exist "%PluginPath%\%File%" ( Move "%PluginPath%\%File%" "%HoldPath%\%File%" ) Else ( Goto :StartSC4 ) :StartSC4 Start %TheGame%
        Important: For the game's parameters, it's essential the -f switch is used here, or else the game won't be told to run in full screen.
        Saving the Scripts
        Both work by saving them as command line scripts with the .cmd file extension. This can be done using any plain text editor, including Windows Notepad.
        Personally as hinted above, I would recommend Notepad++ for the benefit of the code syntax highlighting. It also handily comes with many other features for manipulating text, featuring a powerful find & replace tool with regex ability (advanced search mode). But in terms of what's required here as a simple copy, paste and save to file, these are just little extras which you may find useful for other projects in future.

        The end goal is to have both scripts saved, ideally for convenience to the same folder.
        For instance:

        The actual task of saving is very simple. I'll describe the steps for both Notepad++ and Windows Notepad using the windowed mode code. However as this part may well be self-explanatory, feel free to skip the following instructions and continue onto setting up the desktop shortcuts.
        Using Notepad++
        Using Windows Notepad
        Creating Desktop Shortcuts
        To run either of the scripts, it's possible by navigating to their folder and double clicking on them. This will do the job just fine. However for accessibility and since it's probably what you're already familiar with, I recommend linking each via a shortcut placed on your desktop (or wherever is convenient).
        Then there will be two shortcuts – One referencing the windowed script, the other for full screen.
        Step 1 of 3
        First make a copy of your existing SC4 shortcut.
        Or if you don't have one already, go to your game's installation path and open the Apps subfolder. Then right click the executable file ( SimCity 4.exe ), and in the context menu choose: Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). Then make a duplicate copy so you've got two exactly the same.

        Rename accordingly to whatever you'd like them called.
        For example:

        For the next steps I'll explain the process with the windowed shortcut. Repeat the same for your full screen one...
        Step 2 of 3
        The next task involves editing the Target path in the shortcut.
        Right click and open the Properties. Then remove the current path pointing to the game's executable. This is no longer needed because the script does this part, along with passing the parameters to set a custom resolution and toggle between windowed or full screen modes.
        Then paste in the path to the script like so:

        Note: This can be easily obtained by navigating to the script, holding the Shift key, then right clicking and choosing the Copy as path option.
        If you copied in a path which didn't contain spaces, the quotation marks will automatically be removed from the Target line upon saving and opening the shortcut Properties. Those are only needed to preserve a path should there be any spaces included.
        Step 3 of 3
        Click Apply, then OK and close the shortcut.
        Repeat for the full screen shortcut or vice versa.

        At this point it's good to go, but there is an additional adjustment possible should you wish...
        A big thanks to @CorinaMarie for inspiration behind this idea, helping me with technical aspects, and also sharing many valuable suggestions along the way.

        There could be other uses with this or similar techniques.
        For example, to potentially expand and tailor scripts specifically to:
        Move another mod file in and out, such as the Diagonal Bridge Enabler. Control sets of custom content by moving multiple files in and out of your Plugins folder as needed. Have a multiple choice option in the command line for using certain shortcut parameters. Log the time when starting SC4 to keep track of how long you're in the mayor's office. Create incremental backups of your Regions before starting the game.
        So that brings this tutorial to a conclusion. Once you've saved both scripts and created the shortcuts, the game can then be fully enjoyed in either full screen or windowed mode with a simple double click. Hopefully this may come in useful and even inspire other possibilities. Be creative!
        Any feedback, comments or questions welcome.
      • By citybuilder234
        I'm building a metropolitan area in SimCity 4 which contains the cities of Townsville, Craterville, Power Line City, Hill Valley, etc.
        There are some city names I don't like in already built cities that have potential, but I don't like the names of the certain cities that I'm going to
        Is there a cheat code in SC4 to change the name of an already existing city that's built? Please let me know.
      • By mayorgreener
        Hello, I just saw this image and thought of sharing with the SC4 community.
        We can use this underpass system in our cities. I know many of you already use the NAM underpass though.
        Thank you

      • By MushyMushy
        I present to you Kogyo Waste Services, a neat little waste-handling company. If you need some trash gone, you know who to call....
        KWS is a fully-batted building/lot combo that fills a 3x3 I-D lot. It can help break up the monotony with its characteristic yellow roof and parking lot filled with yellow trucks. The building is a partially accurate rendition of this small industrial building in Osaka:

        Maxisnite and Darknite are both supported, and the bat features TruNite lights. Download the appropriate version depending on whether you use SimFox's Day and Nite Mod (or an equivalent) or not.
        -Installation: Simply unzip the the downloaded .zip file into your plugins folder. There aren't any extraneous files in the folder (like images) so you don't have to worry about deleting anything.
        -Building Plop: The building is listed as MM_JPN_ID_3x3_KogyoWaste in the Building Plop window. This requires Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL. Keep in mind that plopped industrial buildings will not generate freight truck automata.
        All stats automatically generated by PIMX.

        Many thanks to the various people who have helped me along the way, and I hope you enjoy this!
      • By tariely
        Tariel-Kazuki Street Stalls v1 & v2
        I recenty uploaded the lost original, which I have been using liberally for years. With some problems, though, that I thought would be nice to save new users from, like missing props ; also, the pieces were not lighted, which is my personal bugaboo. Last but not least, I would have liked the v2 pieces to have some indication of direction, therefore I added some SPOT arrows in my relot.
        So here is a new version of Kazuki’s lots, trying to solve those little problems. I just licked them up and lit them and gave them new menu icons. All Hail goes to Kazuki for making them in the first place.
        You don’t need the original but it’s here.
        Those are neutral lots, eyecandy only.
        Dependencies :
        NetworkAddonMod_Props.dat :
        In NAM 32 and up
        PorkieProps-Vol2.dat :
        RVTNightlights (included)
        SPOT_C-rc100.dat (for plopping directions)
        in Tamorr’s Resource 2.05 :
        wmp_power_props01.dat  in WMP Power Lots :
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