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  1. Any City building tips?

    My latest (probably known to everyone else years ago): My schools and medicals seem to get their new attendance numbers on or near the 15th of each month. If growing a new city with tight funding, I check all my funding sliders on the 15th. I've seen that even when I did have tons of jobs. What my advisors weren't telling me is that half of my R$ workers are without cars! They rely entirely on public transit, so every city needs at least buses (probably the cheapest mass transit short of some make-believe mod), and that system needs to have stops within walking distance of most residences and enough jobs (or neighbor connections to jobs) to employ at least half of your R$ workers (a quarter of your R$ population). Without that mass transit, only those with cars or within walking distance of R$ jobs will find work. Note that I mentioned neighbor connections. You're not required to provide jobs in the same city where your sims live. However, be aware that residents who can't find jobs locally will (if they have transport) head to the nearest (in vanilla) or quickest (in NAM) exit. When they appear on the other side (when you run that city), they only remember the city they just came from. They'll again seek the nearest / quickest job or exit. After a couple connections, they are liable to loop back to where they started (search on the dreaded "Eternal Commuter Problem"). Plan accordingly. Also: A city needs to have at least some jobs before neighbors will commute into it. If you build an industrial city and a residence city with an empty city in between, the residents will not find the industry. They need at least a tease in the intervening city to get them to cross the border to where they might smell the jobs in the city beyond. Even so, they can't see how many there are, so they'll opt for near and quick. Let's face it, sims is stupid (uninformed actually). They need to be herded and/or penned like cattle.
  2. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Indeed, there's more than one. I recently installed a pile of AC and JenX airport stuff, and then Datanode told me that the Space Port Fix Mod was completely overridden (made redundant) by another fix contained in one of the airport dependency files. EDIT: Found it... It's part of AC Functional Airports, and that version is described in the doc thereto.
  3. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    A) I wasn't complaining, I was offering a suggestion. There's a difference. Please don't get annoyed by suggestions. Even if they're impractical, they are teaching opportunities B) I'm not the original poster, so don't even own the lot, so I don't have the instructions (nor am I the one who needs them). C) I do read all of the instructions in the mods that I download, so your scolding is out of line. D) "Intuitive", in a tool-use context means "easy to understand without need of instruction or explanation", so instructions are irrelevant to whether something's usage is intuitive (though being intuitive affects the need for instructions and their level of detail). Mods aren't required to be intuitive, but it's nice when they are, hence my suggestion. Now that's interesting. I suppose that the avenue overpass is a pure network piece, so it can come with end-loops sticking out and dynamically attachable. I didn't know that lots were categorically different in a way that they couldn't come with similar extensions. That's good to learn.
  4. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Aha... Important safety tip. Either my station coverage (and universal usage of the "Smoke Detector" ordinance) is always excellent, or else I turned off disasters in some other setting, because I haven't had even one fire in my region since I created it in 2013. Of course, since it has been 4 years since its creation, I can't remember how I did it.
  5. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    I think that difficulty also affects disaster frequency. At easy, I don't think your buildings ever catch fire. You still need fire-station coverage to reach higher-stage growable buildings, but your planning shouldn't be interrupted by emergencies needing your attention.
  6. Using SC4D seaport efficiently

    Red and blue boxes are used to place amphibious lots such as your port. The red boxes must be on land, and the blue boxes must be in water. In addition, the total elevation range within the lot's footprint is limited by a parameter in the lot's definition. This last restriction is usually the killer, because many maps are rendered with rather steep coastlines that plunge into abyssal oceans. There are a number of ways to cope. If you can plan your region rendering ahead of time (something you may do after playing long enough to develop your own list of definite preferences), then you'll study up on how to control rendering so that your navigable water is at a friendlier depth for coastal development lots. However, being confronted with a region as-is, the most immediate solution is to invoke god-mode as mayor (a "cheat" that enables you to overcome a weakness in game design). You'll find a bunch of terrain sculpting tools with which to prep a straight stretch of coastline with low, flat land crisply meeting shallow water. Then port etc placement becomes child's play. Have fun!
  7. I must correct myself: Ubuntu creates a long-term support release only once each two years. The next one should be 18.04 (meaning April 2018?). My apologies for seeing a simple pattern (every .04) where there was a slightly more complex one (alternate .04's).
  8. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    I too like old threads (as you can see in old threads about old threads... if that makes sense). However, tongue firmly planted in cheek, I couldn't resist the Halloween tie-in and linking to a picture to illustrate it. Regarding the ferry with avenue: Perhaps the lot would be more intuitive if it had one of those avenue end-loops hanging out of it.
  9. Intrusive BankofAmerica

    Park causes street-straddling thing to appear... Could a sidewalk or street-light mod have been screwed up? The stop-sign or stop light?
  10. SC4 crash as soon as I load city.

    At the same level as your "plugns" folder, you should see a folder called "exception reports". See if there are files inside it dated to when you crashed. If so, then scan them for clues.
  11. Changing the IH-T census in Simcity_1.dat

    Why? There's already a fix for that. Also, if you opt for the CAM, then the installer will fix I-HT for you (in the DAT file).
  12. Then look to Radeon for an updated driver for your kernel. Note: You might benefit from updating. 17.04 (long term support) is out, and it will have a newer (more teachable) kernel than that relic you went back to.
  13. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    Zombie raiser! Master of the undead! We must be nearing Halloween...
  14. How often you log here?

    To quote from the movie "The Couch Trip", I'm still here! Technically, I only log in after each major upgrade, but my activity definitely follows a daily pattern (see above).
  15. Water mods an "side cut on the map"

    OK, so the OP got a water recolor mod that neglected to override the cross-section that becomes visible at an underwater edge of a "city". So what can we do about it? Do we know which mods do it right? Do we know which FSH provides the deep water cross-section? All I can offer is that if the OP has tried multiple water mods, then he should use DataNode to see if one is partially overriding another so that the surface is not in sync with the cross-section. I also have a question: Do any of these textures require a city restart to see the texture change? We could really confuse ourselves if we change a mod on an existing city and then see an old feature baked into the saved city file and think it's part of the new mod.