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  1. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    That would be on top of an even more basic "fix it" pack. Separate from what's popular, we should push a free bundle of the dozen or so patches and fixes plus written-for-newbie instructions (or maybe an installer?) needed simply to make the game playable. We built a good list of absolute essentials... was it earlier in this thread? We patched the CD version to v640, included Maxis buildings as BATs, included a DAT-packer (and its DLLs if needed) and then the I-HT fix, the Opera House etc fixes and SC4Fix.dll. I'd include the Z traffic controller since perfect pathing alleviates much new-player frustration, but that's about where I'd draw the line between essentials we'd push and options we'd recommend. After that, a top-100 would be nice to have, and maybe the collection could help raise money to keep Simtropolis afloat.
  2. More Brown Boxes

    Take a quick look through the tree to see if there's useless nesting. If so, then trim the tree. Also look for redundant naming. You don't need three levels of folders that all spell out "Industrial Revolution Mod"; you need just one "IRM" and maybe a layer of other folders under it. Simplifying the nesting now while it's fresh will help you find things later when your memory has faded. And then there's DAT-packing... but you want a working plugins set before you get into that.
  3. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    I had a conflict in the past. In my setup, I actually put my later PEG folder even after RUM and the zzzNAM folder. It contains the seaports, custom rail fleet and SPAM. The conflicts might have been the port controller and textures; it was long enough ago (2013) that I can't remember what problems (or preferred overrides) led me to that arrangement. I just know that it continues to work for me (and look right in Rivit's DataNode) up through NAM 36. Come to think of it, the original PEG installation may have had many more mods load after the NAM, and my split may have been to move several into a new folder designed to load before it. All I recall is that at one point in the past, it seemed that several different mods all thought they deserved to load last (and the z's were piling up in front of their names), so I had to pick through them piecemeal to sort out the overrides until the whole fractious lot worked the way I wanted. YMMV.
  4. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    Neither. You'll want two PEG folders, one prefixed to load before NAM, and one prefixed to load after (but probably before zzzNAM, YMMV). Put SPAM within its own SPAM folder under the late-loading PEG folder. Be careful that you do NOT install any traffic controller with SPAM (it's a separate download, so it's easy to avoid). The super packs can go into the early PEG folder along with most other PEG mods (ponds, canals, ports...). Once SPAM is in place, you may want to browse the STEX for SPAM addons and farms created for it. If you have exemplar collisions (things not taking the values you expected or wanted), then you may resolve who's overriding whom by running Rivit's DataNode.
  5. You're confusing two uses of dat-packing. Packing your plugins folder (under "my documents" or the equivalent) is to hasten load time. The I-HT fix does not even belong in your plugins folder, so its packing is for a completely different purpose: To avoid duplicating an exemplar in a vanilla file, it must be packed into that file, which is located in the SC4 folder under your program files folder (exact loc varies by OS and install source). Follow the instructions to find SimCity_1.dat, back it up, and then pack the fix into it. This replaces the exemplar rather than duplicating it, and that makes a difference in how the census runs (and how the game plays based on the census numbers). There are old threads that explain the details if you want them. PS: If you ever install CAM 2.1, its install script will (try to) do the I-HT packing for you. You will need the dat packer program and the public (free) libraries (DLL's) on which it was built.
  6. More Brown Boxes

    Every box has the same pair of black tanks under it, so it looks like one prop is missing. Look really carefully at your dependencies to see that you got the right versions. F'rinstance, some prop packs were superseded by mega packs having very similar names.
  7. It means that you placed the residence rather than zoning and waiting for it to grow. Plopped residences are buggy, so don't plop residences even though some old mods gave such power.
  8. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    There's a mod for that too! (when dropped into your pluggins folder, it lowers your sea level to empty all of your oceans, lakes etc.)
  9. AppCrash error/black screen

    Be sure you have installed the (now ancient) Maxis patches for the CD version. You should be up to v640. If you haven't done so already, you should tell SC4 about your graphics card. If your card and monitor use an odd resolution and aspect ratio, then add the -CustomResolution:enabled switch to your SC4 shortcut, and follow that with the resolution itself, something like -r1600x900x32 (I use a wide 1920x1080x32 myself with no problems). See other threads for essential mods (other fixes that cure some nasty problems).
  10. Messing with farms

    Poor sims can't afford cars, so you will want to build a bus system. I recommend RTMT's cheap street bus stops. Your region is mostly skyscrapers... or are you crossing the meanings of "region" and "city" (which I prefer to call a "sector")? Consider installing the SPAM mod. Water pollution is much less in SPAM farms.
  11. SC4D Fix dll problem

    SC4 or some other app may have a memory leak requiring occasional closure. On my own machine, I've seen badly written JavaScript and/or Flash cause Firefox to bloat. My PC slows to a crawl, and memory hogs like SC4 and Minecraft can crash. Sometimes rebooting is the best way to reclaim lost memory and get out of swap-space hell.
  12. Population Cap at 100%

    Did you boost the cap or the demand? What things do you have? Also: Have you bulldozed anything or deleted any mods?
  13. I think it's CPUCount, not affinity, that must be set to 1. Affinity (if even recognized) would tell the OS which core to use, not how many. SC4's problem is with how many.
  14. Are hospitals necessary to raise HQ?

    Even better would be if they grew as CS$$ / CS$$$ rather than waiting for the central government (me) to build and fund them. Is it possible for a growable CS building to provide a medical effect and radius with no funding and no slider? That would be a cool mod.
  15. ^-- Patches and fixes are vital, so I want to highlight this. I thought CM had demonstrated that R$$ sims would accept R$ jobs in a pinch. Am I confuzzled again? A word on mass transit: Depending on your mods (and tuning of NAM using the TSCT), something like half of your R$ will be without cars. That means that they depend on walking and mass transit to get to their jobs. R$ beyond walking distance of jobs will need buses etc or else they'll show zots and then abandon. I recommend the RoadTop Mass Transit mod (RTMT). The bus stops on grey streets are so cheap to maintain that even rural farming areas can afford to bus R$ to work. Not necessarily. Aren't there some absolute requirements (e.g. parks or fire protection) needed for R$$ and R$$$ to develop? If not, then careful avoidance of R$$ and R$$$ cap relief could at least limit gentrification. Noise plus air pollution is another way to keep some R$. Not necessarily a slum, some high-density res zones near freeways and avenues can house the masses (and dump their commute load onto your highest capacity networks). One more thing (for the OP): You didn't plop them did you? Plopped residential is bugged so that it will always abandon. If home grown and abandoned, the good news is that R$$$ housing gets redeveloped into higher-capacity R$$ or R$. It won't look shiny, but it will be full of the workers your city may need. Just make sure that the R$ have mass transit solutions to carry the half who can't afford cars.