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  1. No people in my city, HELP!!!!

    Bingo... I see lines but no plant near them. @AceScrin220: Bring up the data view for power.
  2. Yikes, what a limitation! So my RTMT bus stops that I so carefully placed right on the roads adjacent to my passenger rail stations are actually useless for funneling commuters onto rails??? If so, then I have to revisit most of 289 cities in my region to fix so many broken stations!
  3. Prepping my First Region

    Wow, I wonder what slick sales pitch is used to describe those balcony views into the unpaved warren of the low-rent district!
  4. Icon NAM show up but can't build

    Looking at your pic, I don't see any money for your mayor to spend.
  5. Prepping my First Region

    Idea: Can dirt roads be told to put stop signs where they T into roads and avenues (but not where they merge at an angle)? Can we tell the various roads and avenues to NOT place stop-lights where ramps (dirt roads) hit them? If both of those could be done, then ramps could end in stop signs where cross-traffic doesn't stop.
  6. Industrial Manufacturing Lots Dependencies

    These look like non-IRM lots, am I right? Does anyone in IRM know if variations of these lots are already included in IRM or one of its expansions?
  7. Prepping my First Region

    Did you rotate the view to see if there's something on the pole but hidden from your angle?
  8. My Personal Questions.

    The Ennedi mod has three files (three levels of restriction), but you should put only one of them into your plugins. I recommend ENN_SlopeMod_Mount620.dat because it is least restrictive. If you put all three, then the last alphabetically (smooth) would supersede the others and leave you frustrated. Even better is downloading iLives Reader 1.54 and learning how to open the slope mod. There are many settings for each network; these mods barely scratch the surface. In particular, you can ease placement by increasing the number of smoothing steps and enlarging their reach.
  9. Fix_2 solves the lot access problem, so it's a big improvement. Automata seem to move in three lanes, plus some enter and leave the road for nearby lots. The traffic heat map still shows one hot diagonal instead of spreading the load to the wide cells, so this triple-wide is the equivalent of a double-wide on diagonals. That's unfortunate but not debilitating. Something I noticed when viewing the automata: The morning commute heat was going one way, but the automata were almost all going the other way, as if displaying the evening commute all year. Just eye-candy, but puzzling.
  10. Prepping my First Region

    That's a result of strict slope parameters. When you get iLives Reader 1.54, one of the first things you'll want to do is to open up a slope-mod file so you can customize the network-building parameters to suit your own tastes for aesthetics versus ease-of-use. There are so many parameters in each network that it's unlikely an off-the-rack slope-mod will satisfy. Not only can you permit steeper slopes, but you can set how flexible each network is (how much slope is allowed to change within each cell). Steep and flexible roads are easy to place but can look lumpy as they limply conform to every fault in the terrain. Stiff roads make graceful lines... if you can get them to work at all. And then there are the smoothing steps... Early slope modders like Ennedi seem to have ignored them, but I find them extremely helpful for both ease-of-use and aesthetics. BTW, What net are the ramps built on? Do they use the same dirt-road net as RHW, or are they streets or roads?
  11. Awesome! I'll give it a try on one of my surviving TLA-7 diagonals next time I can play. BTW, I apologize for calling the TLA-7 "completely broken". I should have said "of very limited usefulness" while acknowledging that it's a beautiful ribbon pavement. Adding function to form will make my day! It'll also be fun to see what wandering automata do with all of those exit paths
  12. Building Styles

    Where do new buildings from mods usually fall? If I download some lots for their economic and odd-size characteristics, should I enable all styles at once to be sure they can grow?
  13. No jobs

    I guess I interpreted your "disappeared" too literally. If your zones merely got no-road zots, then try RTMT again with this technique: Only place the stops at 4-way intersections and on the stems of T-intersections. By placing stops at corners, the lots they touch will still have a road on one side.
  14. No jobs

    He didn't say that he got a no-road zot. He said that his houses disappeared. Placing a stop or station deleted some lots! That's serious corruption, which means he has other problems at a system level.
  15. Prepping my First Region

    FACT: Traffic at all network levels is combined and counted against a cell's capacity. What part of that is incorrect? You say you're not trying to start a flame war, but you say "to think as you do is wrong". You may not realize it, but your phrasing is repeatedly and increasingly insulting!