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  1. Texture problems

    Please run the game with logging turned on. Paste the log file into a reply.
  2. I suggest that this thread be moved to a forum specific to getting help making / modding lots. That's where helpers are most likely to catch it (and similar issues might already give common solutions).
  3. Returning Back to SC4

    You should also find our essential mods thread(s) to get patches and the NAM (installing at least its traffic controller).
  4. Reward buildings and digits of PI

    Partition names are not used in paths. What appears in the path is the mount point, which can be almost anything. I'd keep it short. You can edit /etc/fstab to automatically mount it as you want every time linux starts. In windows you can assign the drive letter of your choice before using it. Also, there are a lot of things (like all of your mozilla data for firefox and thunderbird) that you might want to share between OS's on a dual boot computer, so you might want a larger size. I don't like Windoze to access the Internet, so I try to download files using only Ubuntu, and later I can use them in Windoze (because they land in the shared partition). My shared data partition is the largest in the system.
  5. Agricultural demand has suddenly disappeared

    Will one simply override the other, or is there a side-effect like with the I-HT fix where the census double-counts some things? I do currently have both; SPAM loading after CAM. As far as I can tell, SPAM just takes away the extra Ag stages for some exotic CAM lot types that I can live without.
  6. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    Take a look at the runway 8/26 at Sierra Vista Municipal Airport in Arizona (which appears in this list!). Not bad for a municipal airport eh?
  7. Reward buildings and digits of PI

    I recommend NTFS. Custom user dir is a command-line switch (-UserDir:<path>) The custom user dir becomes effective only after the CFG file is read in from the default path, so you'll need to keep a stub of the default user folder on each game partition and occasionally copy the most recent CFG file to them from the shared user dir. (The CFG file remembers your in-game settings such as which region you were in and where you were scrolled in the region view).
  8. Reward buildings and digits of PI

    Did you ever try using the custom user-folder option to make them share the same user-space on a data partition that both systems can mount? Then they'd not only share plugins but regions also.
  9. Narrow Red Bus Stop not working inclined roads

    When a road is that short and steep, you will have difficulty. The bus stop should work on milder slopes, especially when there is more room for the road around it to adjust. You should find a better location for your stop. It would have been better for you to build the roads, streets and bus stops before zoning and growing buildings. In terrain like that, you might need to bulldoze and dezone in order to change some land heights so the roads will connect.
  10. Essential files for path-finding functions only?

    Does that include the 4GB patch, and is that patch meaningful in WinE? If you can use more RAM rather than less, do so.
  11. Neighbor connection and changing road type

    Yow, this is the first I've heard of this. I probably have a hundred or more TLA-5 connections and a dozen or more TLA-7 connections sprinkled around my region already (all employing the NC pieces). I also h ave at least one border having a RD-6 on one side and TLA-7 on the other. I'd like to know more so I can decide what to do with these things if/when I see them again. Are the tech details of the NC pieces discussed somewhere else? And do real highways have the same NC piece issue?
  12. Power plants and road access

    That's the problem -- The program refers to a code unit that isn't there (by that name). The jar file might have been built incorrectly. A jar file is a zip file, so you might be able to glean some more clues by snooping around inside it.
  13. Dependencies fault

    You say "dependency", but a missing plugin pack could be a mod's main file, not a mere dependency. With that in mind, follow Mark's advice.
  14. Odd artifact when in region view

    They'll happen as soon as you've grown some buildings and then you change the zoom level (perhaps while the clock running; I can't recall exactly). The game's developer thread will be updating some data at the same time the display thread is trying to redraw the scene, and because the two threads do not synchronize data access properly for true multi-core multi-threading, a concurrent access exception will be raised, and you will crash to desktop, losing all unsaved work (and as much time as your system needs to reload the game and city). So, go ahead and paint some towns with roads, zones etc using multiple cores, but change that setting before the session in which you plan to start the clock running on development in any of them.
  15. Advice on Plugins Folder

    Get the Data Node tool and use it first to show you what files have had any of their elements overridden. If you want those overridden elements to rule, then either remove the file overriding them or take steps described elsewhere to change load order. Removal will occur when you discover that you've put all of a mod's optional dat files into your plugins folder when you were supposed to have selected just one -- save the others outside your plugins folder for when you might want a change. Controlling load order is an art unto itself, so find threads on how to do it. After you've sifted and sorted, see which files now have all of their elements overridden. Such files can be moved out of your plugins folder. I think datanode might also alert you to non-mod files (images, readme texts etc). If not, then the dat-packer (another useful tool) will. Move all non-mod files outside your plugins folder (I manage a parallel docs folder where I can read those things but the game doesn't).