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RRetail Entertainment Relots - Version 2.0 1.0.0

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I've decided to embark upon a journey to redo a select few of my previous relots. Some of the lots for the entertainment venues in this pack have changed only slightly while others have changed drastically. This pack consists of models from @SimGoober, @Heblem, @Ceafus 88, @dk1, @Fribe and many others.


Lot Sizes:


Other Dependencies:

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thank you  nice lot work

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    • By RRetail
      I've decided to embark upon a journey to redo a select few of my previous relots. The lots in this pack have all been redone to be different then the relots I originally uploaded. This pack consists of models from @SimGoober , @MarcosMX, @nos.17 and others.
      A few of these lots will require lotplop.
      Lot Sizes:
      BMX Amy's Grocery 3x3 lot BMX Peton's Supermarket 6x7 lot DGR Save-On Foods 6x7 lot DGR Sobey's 6x6 lot DK1 Kroger 3x4 lot JRG Food 4 Less 6x8 lot NWMInc Lowe's Foods 6x7 lot Oppie Aldi 3x4 lot SG Champion Version 1 6x3 lot Version 2 5x6 lot SG Food Lion 5x6 lot SG Kroger 7x9 lot SG Lidl Market 4x5 lot SG Piggly Wiggly Classic 3x4 lot Strip Center 6x7 lot SG Publix 6x9 lot SG Safeway 5x5 lot SG Sainsbury's 5x5 lot SG Shoppers 6x7 lot SG Tesco 6x9 lot SG Tops 7x8 lot SG Wegmans 6x8 lot SRD H-E-B 7x9 lot Dependencies:
      Other Dependencies:
      Newman Inc Lowes Foods BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 BSC MEGA Props JES Vol 3 LBT MEGA Prop Pack Vol 1 RR Prop Pack Vol 2 Mushy's Trailers 90 Kroger 90 Safeway 90 Blank White 90 Blank Red SHK Parking Pack SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures BSC - VIP Girafe Trees/Shrubs Beech Trees Berries Chestnut Trees Elm Trees Feather Grass Hedges Linden Trees Maple Trees Narcissus Poplar Trees Rowan Trees
    • By VALASatoshi
      Hello everyone, I have changed my display name as I work on stuff to release on to the exchanges.  Satoshi is a online nickname I use after the Japanese name for Ash Ketchum, by the way,  and not after the founder of blockchain and Bitcoin, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto.
      Anyways, I'm working on a few different things right now.  Have been experimenting with GoFSH and have I guess what would be better to call a  'rough draft' of a retexture of Paeng's Bicycle Paths using the highwealth texture from Catalyst's Asphalt Sidewalk Extension Mod.  I got the idea to start using this texture actually from @rsc204 and his addon to the Catalyst one. However, instead of Bicycle Paths I'm re-purposing them as more of an Urban Sidewalk to be used on custom lots and to be made into custom filler pieces.  The lots in the picture are the lots included with the Paeng Download and had been relotted by me a bit before I started the retexture, so sort of ignore the props because that is all going to change.  
      I'm also gonna link two pictures of the SuperSHK Parking relots that I'm doing.  This would be cool to eventually release with @kingofsimcity's permission as I used his repository and, I'm assuming, will adapt to whatever texture set up you would have in regards to that pack.
      Lastly, work continues on the retaining walls I'm making using the prop from @Bipin's Concrete Retaining Walls.  But I was thinking as maybe my first BAT project, remaking if possible Bipin's prop and adding Diagonals and grafitti.  Probably a bit out of scope as I have no modeling experience but you gotta start somewhere? Again, that's a big maybe, and if I don't decide to do it will still be continuing with the Ortho pieces
      In addition, I will be doing relots of BATs and if people like them I’ll try and release that too. The general focus of all these projects is creating urban settings with unified textures. Looking forward to moving forward with things for a first release of something!

    • By RRetail
      I've decided to embark upon a journey to redo a select few of my previous relots. The lots in this pack have all been redone to be different then the relots I originally uploaded. This pack consists of models from @SimGoober ,@Heblem, @MarcosMX, and others.
      Prop files are also included in this download to allow for a couple lots to work properly. A special thanks to @kingofsimcity and for his assistance with that.
      Lot Sizes:
      BMX Advance Auto Parts 3x4 lot BMX Burlington Coat Factory 6x7 lot BMX Dick's Sporting Goods 7x8 lot BMX Family Dollar 2x4 lot BMX Gander Mountain 4x5 lot BMX Micheal's 6x7 lot BMX Petco 3x4 lot BMX Strip Mall 4x4 lot GSCKR IKEA 8x9 lot HBS Academy Sports 5x4 lot HBS Ashley Furniture 5x4 lot HBS Home Depot 9x10 lot HBS Kmart 9x10 lot HBS/nos17 Lowe's 9x8 lot HBS Office Depot 6x4 lot HBS Sam's Club Lot #1 (Building) 8x6 lot Lot #2 (Parking) 9x5 lot HBS Target Supercenter 12x12 lot HBS Walmart 13x13 lot JRG Target 6x10 lot SG Ace Hardware 3x3 lot SG ACMoore 3x3 lot SG Barnes and Noble 4x5 lot SG Bass Pro Shops 8x9 lot SG Bed, Bath & Beyond 4x5 lot SG Big Lots 3x3 lot SG Blockbuster 2x3 lot SG Borders 4x5 lot SG CompUSA 3x4 lot SG Circuit City 3x4 lot SG DSW Shoes 4x4 lot SG Dick's Sporting Goods 4x3 lot SG Famous Footwear 3x3 lot SG Fashion Bug 2x2 lot (with overhang) SG Goody's 2x2 lot (with overhang) SG Kinko's 2x3 lot SG Kohl's 8x6 lot SG Linens 'N Things 4x5 lot SG Mini Strip Mall 5x4 lot (all four variations) SG Office Depot 3x3 lot SG Old Navy 3x3 lot SG Party City 2x2 lot (with overhang) SG Pet Supermarket 2x3 lot (all four variations) SG Petco 3x4 lot SG Pier 1 Imports 3x3 lot SG RLS Strip Mall 7x4 lot SG Scheels All Sports 4x4 lot (both variations) SG Sports Authority 3x3 lot SG Staples 3x3 lot SG Stein Mart 4x3 lot SG Strip Plaza 7x5 lot SG TJMaxx 4x3 lot SG Thomasville Furnishings 4x3 lot SG Toys R Us 4x5 lot SG Tractor Supply 5x5 lot SG Value City 4x3 lot SG Verizon Wireless 2x2 lot (with overhang) SRD Dollar Tree 2x2 lot  
      Other Dependencies:
      Murimk Prop Pack Vol03 - Industrials v1.0 SG Small Strip Malls BSC IKEA Superstore BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 1 BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol 1 BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol 2 BSC MEGA Props JES Vol 1 BSC MEGA Props JES Vol 3 BSC MEGA Props JES Vol 5 BSC MEGA Props JES Vol 8 BSC MEGA Props MJB Vol 1 LBT MEGA Prop Pack Vol 1 nos17 essentials BLAM Blank RR Prop Pack Vol 2 Mushy's Trailers 90 Walmart 90 Blank White 90 Blank Red SHK Parking Pack SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures BSC - VIP Girafe Trees/Shrubs Ash Trees Beech Trees Berries Birch Trees Chestnut Trees Common Spruce Trees Elm Trees Feather Grass Hedges Linden Trees Maple Trees Poplar Trees Rowan Trees Walnut Trees Sparaxis Flowers

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