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  1. HBS Palacio Legislativo

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a fictional classical building designed by me. This just a eyecandy landmark in game. Install: There are two versions available , pick one -Dark nite version or Maxis nite version. Drop all files into your documents/SimCity 4/Plugins Dependencies: LBT Mega Prop Pack vol 01
  2. BAT4Max v.5

    I had it since 2012, problem was when I upgraded to 2016 last year and I got all the issues with BAT4Max.
  3. BAT4Max v.5

    Got it working using 3dsmax 2013 version without any problems, like fresh and new! Seems like 2016 versions on forwards (probably 2017) will not work for BAT4Max anymore.
  4. BAT4Max v.5

    Launching the software as an administrator doesn't work, still getting same code 6 error. The only solution now it's to look for an older version of 3dsmax for allow me to work on my projects into SC4, hoping it will allow me to export.
  5. BAT4Max v.5

    Is there's any issue with 3dsmax 2016 and BAT4Max?, I can't seem to export, all I get is "Export failed! Code = 6", even exporting simple objects like a box with proper LODs I get the error, any solution to this? I really want to export "tons" of stuff to SC4 but i'm stuck in this error, it worked fine in 2013 version, but can't get back to it, only for 2016.
  6. Heblem's BAT Workshop

    Some of a side project I been updating or working (another old project from 2010, never released) American residential project Consist a sets of american residential homes, mostly based from west coast and texas homes. I did 180 different homes, with 20 different texture sets, giving a great number of 3600 different unique homes for recreate a neighborhood city. Here's an example of a single model home textured with 5 different textures. Notice the lack of detail of the homes, these were original made for video game engines, now I think of it, those can work well for Cities Skylines, but forgot the procedure for use it there, gotta check. Of course I can only export a certain number to SC4, not all 3600, but some good number of 400 or so homes. Now the 180 models using the same texture: (from single story homes bottom of the pic to mansions at top of the pic) Imagine using this with different textures, will get a huge variety of homes. Also this will come with a prop pack and texture pack for it (notice the all red cars, will be the same as the homes, using a single texture to change color): With the re-make of gas stations and some small commerces and shops (notice the gas stations and stores are improved): There are some stores incomplete and props to do, even still need to figure out how to do the textures, as models (for realism) or lot textures, once it's done I gotta do extensive loting for all kinds of residential growables. Now I have a big problem, maybe a novice problem.... I can't export using 3dsmax 2016 (BAT4Max) is there's any bug fix for this?
  7. Just stopping by and telling you all your projects looks fantastic, I love it. Sure you can go ahead with the remastering LBT stuff and mine ofc. Anything you need, just ask, can be fixes, BATS, or something related to Latam or other. Also, there are many ugly unused props from LBT which I'm not sure how to extract from the DAT packs for remove, and use only the useful, but I guess those will still be there, that's for a remastered prop pack version and texture, but haven't touched the modding of SC4 since 2010... so probably will have to take a look and have some time for it. The missing textures in many of my packs it's for a textura pack thats its located in one of the obsolete props packs, if I remember right it's the LBT prop pack 1, a file called Texturas.DAT or something like that. I recognize there's a big mess that I wanted to fix years ago, but unfortunately back then I got a virus attack to my old PC which caused to lose many original 3D files for Prop Packs for fixing, best I could do back then it's just doing a cleanitool file for sort the content, but seems the file was removed... the correct use of LBT stuff is just having the Mega Prop Pack, Mega texture pack and that texture.dat I mentioned. I have many old hidden BATs in my PC that never was released, mostly stuff from 2008-2011 which it just needs some adjustments (texturing), exporting and lotting, many of those were not possible to export from my old pc... but now I have a better pc, who knows... I might be able to export it all now. And since I don't really want to use anymore LBT prop packs I stopped producing new BATs until I get a new prop pack with HD props, as personal prop pack for my future uploads (since 2013), but unfortunately since I have many things to do in RL, I can't do much for it, but i'll see if I can get to work on it...
  8. Publicaras aquí en steam o en algún otro sitio de cities skylines tu edificio del WalMart o alguna otra conversión de SC4? Saludos

  9. HBS Lowes

  10. Thank you for taking your time in lotting something I should have done many years ago, it was on my plans doing this but I guess you took to job first and I gotta say many thanks for your time in doing the lotting of many of the buildings. I used many of these props in my city project "Fresnillo" like 6 years ago, if it helps how these props should be placed, please consider looking at this project I did long ago, I guess you'll love it. I'll keep a look into this project. Cheers
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    The missing textures are located at LBT Prop Pack 1 (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/17925-lbt-prop-pack-1/), its a single DAT file of "extra textures" (if I remember that name), which is not included at MegaPacks, made that mistake long ago (like 6 years ago), and haven't updated it at the mega packs. Sometime i'll try to sort and fix many issues with my old files in a single download pack, including deleted and unreleased stuff, but have little time to do so. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Those buildings looks great, however I think you should reduce the amount of poly's to around 1000 (less better)... texture works are beautiful, are you using any bump material or normal?
  13. I don't agree with you, however I understand requirements are different, each one are completely different games and modeling and texturing procedures are different (everyone has its own way for foing stuff). If you follow my tutorial, responding what is marked in bold, shouln't happen if you follow correctly and do a low poly editable, could happen about badly made textures if those are unwraped from huge buildings (which would require to work extensive on unwrap), but should work great with small buildings and homes. Actually I think the best way in "quality" is doing those building in high poly, then do the normal mapping conversion to low poly, the only problem with SC4 buildings are scale that should be corrected to real life measurements.. nothing complicated and nothing to worry about...
  14. Yes, my username also in steam. Also new building is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415749524 Notice I have changed the texture, the difference now... instead of changing rendering setup to default skyline, use mental ray for photorealistic details...
  15. TUTORIAL: HOW TO USE YOUR SIMCITY 4 BUILDINGS INTO CITIES SKYLINES Also works as make buildings to Cities Skylines from high poly models. What u need: -3dsmax (2009 version to earlier) -Your original MAX file stored (including all textures you've used) -Photoshop or other image editing program who can open .targa files (only needed for few adjudments) -Cities skylines Notes: You must have some basic knowledge in use of 3dsmax and photoshop. Step 1: Open your original MAX file -Open your original max file of your SC4 building project... -If materials and texture folder is missing, try looking where you allocated those otherwise you'll ned to re-texture... *If youre new to 3d modeling and you want to make buildings to Cities:Skylines, an option would make those as you wish (using all objects and details you want) then proceed to next step, however consider if you put many details into your building those might look different in Cities Skylines, keep it simple. (ignore Simcity 4 options) Step 2: Leave only geometry -Delete all SimCity 4 related cameras and setups (including LODs) -If you have grouped objects, select all grouped objects and ungroup all -If you have splines, select all splines and convert to editable poly (this action might take some minutes if you have many splines) -Delete all lights, helpers, cameras, splines, groups other objects that are no needed, leave only geometry... Step 3: Select one object, convert to editable poly, attach all... Warning, attaching all objects at once might cause 3dsmax stop working (specially in a building with many objects), do this step carefully selecting few objects at time, could take some time in attaching the entire building even at segments, be patient!... -Select any object in scene and convert to editable poly -Select the small black square next to "Attach" -Select a considerably amount of objecst to attach (recommended less than 1500 objects), view warning and tip statement about attaching all objects. -Match materials IDs to Material and select OK -Repeat same process until you get entire building by only one object... Tip, Use hide and unhide commands to select a group of objects and attach, better if you have those organized by name.... If your 3dsmax crashes, repeat again from step 1, lol Step 4: Rename your high poly building (single object) and move pivot -Rename your building as "yourBuildingName_HP" HP stands as High Poly. -Affect pivot (at hierarchy right panel), first center to object then move Z axis to 0 (ground panel) Step 5: Model the low poly building For low poly modeling there are two ways: One by editable poly from a single object and another option is using boxes to covert the entire building facade, try using fewer geometry as possible (use number "7" to view amount of polys at screen)... if you consider by modeling using different objects, in the end attach all objects as explained in step 3, otherwise I suggest to model the building as next explained (note: I wont be explaining how to use editable poly modeling, look at modeling tutorials using editable poly): -Start with a box, using edtiable poly (keep it as single object) -I mostly use connect from edges and extrude for making new shapes and faces. General note: Unity engine fbx format does not support the use of bridge tool (the result using bridge would be the invisible geometry, its a max fault glitch), avoid that tool in 3dsmax and proceed using target weld or collapse instead. Step 6: Rename your low poly building (single object) and move pivot (same as step 4 to low poly version) -Rename your building as "yourBuildingName_LP" LP stands as Low Poly. -Affect pivot (at hierarchy right panel), first center to object then move Z axis to 0 (ground panel) pic 3 (it should be similar and parented to high poly version) Step 7: Unwrap UVW low poly object. -Apply Unwrap UVW to low poly object from modifier list. 1- Open UV editor... 2- Select Polygon and select entire polygon objects in window. 3- Go to Mapping / Normal mapping, select Box mapping at left option and click OK 4- Select pack custom button at Arrange Elements. -Close window and Top-Level Step 8: Render to Texture. -Having selected the Low poly model, do "0" in yourt keyboard or go to rendering / render to texture... 1- Scroll down to projection mapping and select "pick", pick the high poly model in your list. 2- Make sure to have channel 1 in mapping coordinates 3- At output, click on "add" button, add CompleteMap, SpecularMap and NormalsMap. 4- Change each one in list to 2048x2048 or 1024x1024 pixels as desired, its recommened for tall building use 2048 and for small houses buildgins and stores use 1024. 5- Select file name and type (3 dots), save each map name into a new folder of your project for Cities: Skyline, save it as .targa files at 32 bits per pixels. Make sure to note all 3 maps directions to the same folder at (look at your list in render to texture window) save to C:/ Users / (your main) / AppData / Local / Colossal Order / Cities_Skylines / Addons / Import. Name at end _d for diffuse (complete map), _n for normals, _s for speculars, example HBS_400FifthAve_d 6- Before going to click render, go to rendering / Render steup (F10), at common go to Assign renderer and make sure Default skyline renderer is selected. 7- Having slected the low poly model, select "Cage" from the Projection modifier, click reset then, push amount up (like 6 times push up), letting the blue markings go around building for 0.5 meters. 8- Back to Render to texture window and click on render and continue even with the missing maps window... -close all windows. Step 9: Fix small details at PS Most of the cases, there are red areas generated, those are generated due the projection wasn't perfect enough from high poly model to low poly, the solution its to fix those red areas with plain colors similar to the building. -In photoshop, open all generated maps from 3dsmax. -In the complete map, use from toolbar Select / color range, and a red area you see, this will select similar red areas in entire picture. Fill selection with a generic color from the building, example the color of a wall. Save image. -In the specular map, use from toolbar Image / Adjudmets / Levels... adjust image color intensity, leaving only windows as white, this represent the reflectivity in Cities Skylines. Also remove red areas, using similar technique as in the complete map and remove other parts of the building such the roof with black. -In the normal map, copy and paste (control + J) the same image, change the copy to overlay mode, and clone 2 times again with control + j. Use control + e to join all layers and save map. -Note there still are some issues in image, but those wont be visible at all, its hidden geometry between spaces. Step 10: Apply materials to low poly model. -Open material editor (M) in max, and select one material. -If you have all materials full, Click in utilities / Reset material editor slots if you have all materials used by the old high poly model, otherwise skip this... -Open maps from cities skylines import folder and put as follows: *Diffuse color 100, complete map targa texture, as bitmap *Specular level 100, specular map targa texture, as bitmap *Bump map 30, Normal bump option, Normal: normals map targa texture. Apply material to low poly model. Save your MAX scene. Step 11: Final adjustments and export your low poly model to FBX -Make sure your building is up to scale (not SimCity 4 scale), do check real measurements for the building and scale it down to RL contrepart scale. At my case, the RL building is 193 meters high. I'll scale it down to the real measurement. Cities skylines uses real measurements 1-1 meters. *Consider also building lot, in cities skylines every 8 meters is a block, configure Home Grid in 3dsmax to this statement. At my case this building will be 6x6 cities skyline blocks. -At herarchy options, select Reset: "Transform" and "Scale" located scrowling in same windows above, this will reset any modifications you did with the scaling and transform tool to "0". -Same herarchy up scroll and look for "Affect pivot only" -Tipe "A" to adjusts rotation snaps -Rotate 90° downwars mouse, leaving Y axis up, as in the following image... -Exit Affect pivot -Having selected your low poly model, go to max main icon, and export / export selected... -Name your project model and select .FBX as export format. -In the export window, make sure units are at automatic or meters, up axis: z up (we manually fixed this, because not allways works as expected) and click OK to export it. Notice there would be warnings as Unsopported Xref scenes (used from SC4 model), just continue eveything is alright. Otherwise if you get an "error" thats not OK... would be a geometry glitch you did in the editable poly and you gotta fix that. Export to (drive):/ Users / (your main) / AppData / Local / Colossal Order / Cities_Skylines / Addons / Import. Notice: Make sure the same model file name is the same for textures. (except for ending _d, _n or _s) Step 12: Using Cities Skylines editor -Open cities skylines and open the editor. -Asset editor, new, select any theme.. -Select building -At my case this one will be a ploppable residential tower, due lot size limitations (4x4 max, this one is 6x6) -Look for the building you did listed and select it. -Make sure to change scale to 100 from 1, then click continue... -Do the lotting, make sure to add some roof junk props at roof -Take some snapshots of your building, if you want to appear on game and showcase it at the workshop or here at stex... -When done save Asset at options. -Quit to main menu and open your main city in game and plop your new creation and test it out... This one avalaible now at steam workshop... only 98 polys... -If you wish to share it at STEX, use .crp file to share located at (your drive):/ Users / (your main) / AppData / Local / Colossal Order / Cities_Skylines / Addons / Assets Hope you found this useful, anything to add or change, please leave it here