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Important: These files are for the Original SimCity 3000 game.

Note: These do not work with the Unlimited / World Edition of SimCity 3000.

This one is a pack of files @catty-cb has maintained on her site and now has kindly passed over to us here at Simtropolis for hosting. I've zipped these into one download file. It contains the following:

  • atlantis_condo.zip
  • bullfrog2.zip
  • landmarkpack3-sc1.zip
  • landmarkpack3-sc2.zip
  • landmarkpack3-sc3.zip
  • pantheon-sc3.zip
  • PCGamer.zip
  • SC3_Plug-In_1.zip
  • shamrock.zip

These files are for the Original SimCity 3000 and do not work with SC3K Unlimited / World Edition. I'm including them on the STEX in case anyone would want them. The included zips are in their original format as passed on to us here at Simtropolis. I considered installing my plain game from disc and testing them, but then wondered: why? So, here they are just for the sake of completeness.

You will notice this file is not my creation and credit for keeping it alive goes to catty. This STEX entry will stay under my name tho since I'm in charge of the new SimCity 3000 Sub-Forum and I'll be the one to reply to comments or questions.

Important: These do not work with the Unlimited / World Edition of SimCity 3000.

Note: These files are for the Original SimCity 3000 game.

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Added 3 missing files to the zip.

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Thanks for making this distinction.   Different terms have been used to refer to the game editions, and I used the 'Original' graphic in my city upload intended for the 'Unlimited' edition (which I'll now edit).   So 'Original' and 'Unlimited' refer to 'SimCity 3000' and 'SimCity 3000 Unlimited/World' editions respectively?   So when we refer to SC3K that could be either?  Or should we abbreviate as SC3KU to distinguish 'Unlimited' from 'Original' SC3K?

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1 minute ago, RandyE said:

So 'Original' and 'Unlimited' refer to 'SimCity 3000' and 'SimCity 3000 Unlimited/World' editions respectively?

It does in Cori-speak. I'm making this up as I go along. *:lol:

Seems to me tho unless clarified anyone referring to SC3000 or SC3K prolly means the GoG version which is the Unlimited / World Edition. I just cannot image anyone would not be playing the later, better one.

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Right, I went and looked at the actual filename of the .exe and its SC3U.exe, so there we go, aren't those programmers smart?   As I am familiar with the Cori-dialect,  I must say, that resolves my 'confuzzlement'? 

SC3U: SimCity 3000 Unlimited --at least as per the GOG distribution for Windows.

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