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  1. Blains Farm and Fleet

    Nice,grow only. yeah I want 9 of these in my city. thats real cool. so,people ask u for something and you go and do the opposite. what a swell guy you are. I think 'ol SG is a little too full of himself now. it would take you an extra 2 minutes tops to add a plop to every BAT you release. lazy.
  2. SC4 Tech Factory

    Are you doing this on purpose? People ask you to release plop as well as grow (a task much easier on your end then to make your 'fans' edit your work after the fact) but you continue to ignore this simple and easily fullfilled request. Too bad.
  3. 125 London Wall

    ok...that is just straight up COOL! Amazing work.
  4. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Love your IronBlock but of course......EDIT: Problem solved. Great job as usuall!
  5. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Those old style mom and pop shops are just awesome....I check the STEX often to see if you've started to upload any.....too impatient but I can't stress how badly I need these. I do ask a tiny favor if at all possible. PLEASE make them both plop and grow. The way I am doing my downtown I need plop. It would kill me to not be able to use these. Thank you very much for all you do here.
  6. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Date: 7/22/2005 5:02:22 PM Author: SimGoober Hey, no problem.. I don't mind requests, just don't expect me to make them is all. I make some, when the mood strikes, or when something just looks too neat not to. I have tinkered with a design for some more urban shops (street level, with apartments or offices above). In fact, I'll go get a preview render of the one I started last week in some spare time... may need to start making it again... Obviously, it's still a work in progress, but I was thinking of making the building in a few variations, with the storefronts as separate props, so lot of variations could be possible...quote> oh,yes yes yes! I am making a city not with towers but with more 3 and 4 level apartments with cafes,book shops and little mom n' pop stores along the lower level. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I am seeking. I want to have a ' old main strip' lined with old shops and buildings and then fill in with offices and govt buildings around it. I hope you follow through. I love the 90 floor towers people make but they don't work in my 125,000 pop (real life pop) type cities/big towns. I love making citied where the tallest building is 10-15 floors and so these will fit in just right.
  7. Arena

    Just delete my .desc file (not the lot or model) and then open up the plug in manager and make a new one with the stats you want or feel are realsitic for an arena.
  8. Arena

    I did use a texture as u describe but the 'rough spots' get washed out in the light. But the dirt and such is there. ;o). Thanks for all for the comments,I appreciate them much! :oD
  9. Arena



    A small 9,500 seat arena for hosting concerts,college sports and family shows. NO Dependencies. I always make my stuff as eye candy/props but for this I made it a LMw/ stats,which are likely wrong, so any are free to redo the .desc fileto more realistic numbers. If you want to upload a corrected versionjust let me know and give credit. It's not perfect,I know,but I just needed something in my city torepresent a medium-small arena. Hope some of you can use it as well.