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  1. RLM Modular Motel System

    Even though we we don't have motels like these in my country (and which I'm recreating in SC4) I'm still going to use the park fillers which are brilliantly made in their subtle simplicity, which is way more realistic to me than most of the park lots on the STEX. Well done!
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Trying out the new NAM toys. The ability to connect diagonal MIS to OWR-rondabouts was a great adition With the grid on to show the terrain work
  3. RRetail Development

    The problem is that when exporting from bats (only in gmax? I'm not sure) textures get over saturated and colors blown out. See the histogram here So I just lowered the highlights. The blacks color in this picture in this picture are dead pixels, because it's blacker than black. I fixed that in the first image I posted but didn't bother to here. With a few tweeks the highlight clipping is gone Saturation fix for the blue/cyan color only So, it's more to it than just just making the textures darker. Most of this stuff (though not done the same) should be possible in GIMP. Maybe someone can point out to tutorials, I think there were some by gascooker at least back in the day?
  4. RRetail Development

    Quick and dirty edit, and I'm on my laptop with a mediocre screen, but I'd do something like this
  5. @T Wrecks I listened to Mandyilon back in the day. Been listening through the second album a bit, and there are some good tunes on there too. Gotta check out more of their discography. That Airbag song was nice. Will add to my playlist Believe it or not, good music is being made in 2018. Found this acoustic album by this band from the UK.
  6. Sometimes songs I haven't heard in a long time just pop up in my head randomly.
  7. SM2 True STR Sidings Vol1

    Thanks for making these. Will be really useful for me
  8. Not much music from the 80s can stand the test of time. But...