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  1. Great work as always Roadman. So many roads in the second shot though.
  2. Oh that is very impressive. Can only imagine how painstakingly tedious it was. Looks great though. Patience rewarded. Be easier if you can just copy and paste the rest to the other side... or if CO brought in bridge styles by default.
  3. Very interesting concept. Looks good @Ecumenopolic
  4. Working on adding plants to the central park of the city. Most of the city's tram services stop here.
  5. Great work there. Very smooth and the ramps gradients look great too
  6. Lovely idea but must be a way to speed things up. Can't copy and paste?
  7. That tunnel entrance looks a lot more realistic with them like that. Could be an incredible mod as more textures come along and it matures. Wonder what the hit to resources will be.
  8. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Decided to plop parts of the retail quarter. Bit towards where the cathedral stands in the square above, which I've decided will be a public garden/urban park. It was finished, up until the game decided to remove two of my corner buildings I so lovingly plopped and moved, despite having Zone Checker, No Abandonment and Find It enabled, latter of which allows me to plop anything without having to use the eyedropper tool. Would look better if I ran the game in full HD. Would also look better if I had a more realistic LUT... can't seem to find one that works for me though.
  9. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Central square (well triangle) and tram stops. Gonna have to find things to put in this area. Probably turn it into a garden or something? The buildings will eventually be filled in with plopped ones and moved around.
  10. Look good though unsure if I'll use them myself. Some more tram options would be nice but I'm wary of the mod getting to bulky because of it. Zoneable ped+trams would be nice alongside more one-way tram options.
  11. Oh that mod looks very promising for wall building. Such flexibility if it works as expected.
  12. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    @Darf damn man, that realism!
  13. Show us your Area view

    Area view of the downtown core. A lot to alter. Not happy with the angle of the rail lines at the bottom but altering them might be too much effort for me
  14. Serves the north part of the city centre and part of the university. Next process now I've finished redesigning the city centre (parts of the left on this image are pre-redevelopment, I've since changed them) would be to neaten the edges up with walls and foliage. That is alongside traffic controls for the ped streets cos cars are using them for some reason. ATM gonna just let the game simulate zoning. At a later date I'll be replacing those buildings with ones I plop in and then filling with ground clutter. Be nice if I could have just steep grassy banks rather than cliffs like that. I have one more interchange to redesign but I need to terraform the land for that and work out how I'm gonna do it. Not the best image for this but I plan to turn that, into something resembling the bottom three in principle: EDIT: Update on what it used to look like. Compared to what it looks like now. Some changes might be made, like altering one or two roads around with move it to create ramps, changing the outside ramps from elevated to embanked roads as I put the terrain back to redevelop that area, and moving some of the elevated roads together so they're like a long bridge and maybe, switching back to the roads without the sound barriers for aesthetic reasons. I have just noticed the elevated ramp that heads from the bottom to the left (LHD guys) is a bit unnecessary. It doesn't need to be elevated, it's not crossing anything. Thing I'm getting to grips with the new guideline tool though. What needs doing? The tunnels need unjumbling (they crossover because the other side is unconventional and messy)
  15. Brilliant work there, even if some of the limitations of Skylines are unfortunately showing.