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  1. Ngpillow BAT thread

    Added more detail into the facade design. How do i reduce brightness of the render?
  2. Ngpillow BAT thread

    Definitely for this project- it has lots of greenery!
  3. Ngpillow BAT thread

    tried to do some render of the model, i notice it became pixellated, and cause my 3dsmax to hang.
  4. Ngpillow BAT thread

    Next massing
  5. Ngpillow BAT thread

    I mentioned in my previous post on a house project by CSYA. I decided to not pursue it at the moment- as the house is on slopped ground. My most recent architecture project, back in my school, is a house designed on a slope. I wanted to BAT it in but am unsure of how to configure the BAT model to sloped terrain in SC4, or i guess it's not possible.
  6. Ngpillow BAT thread

    So... now is my 6 weeks vacation break from 'architorture' back in my architecture school. Doing what i love, i can now spend time to go back to do whatever I've did last year, BATing! Having the ample time, i'd like to try to model with 3dsmax, unlike the cumbersome gmax that I've used for past projects. Back to modelling skyscrapers, I decided to challenge myself. Recently, i'm quite awed by this integrated development complex, called Duo Residences. It sounds like an another high-rise residential development, but it's an integrated development that's scheduled to complete this year. Over the past two weeks, i gather as much data as possible for accurate modelling, finding the floor plans for both the residential tower and the duo tower. I even went to URA's gallery (Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore's authority in charge for urban planning) to have a raw look of the duo residences model. It'll come in handy later as more details are being settled. I'm gonna assume that the site is a square with a side of 13 tiles (208m). On Google maps, it's around 217m. Whereas on URA's masterplan, the distance is shorter. A mean of the distances is 206m, round it up to 208m, to fit the SC4 Grid. The site itself consists of two skyscrapers, however it's shape is weird. It has a U-shaped profile, with Parkview Square (another skyscraper) just behind the development. So by going the traditional square/rectilinear demarcation of lots, the entire thing is a square, with 13 tiles as it's side. That means i will need to model 3 skyscrapers (time consuming). Also thinking ahead, i wouldn't know how to determine if this lot will be residential/ commercial. I'm new to 3dsmax, and i don't have much experience (in terms of hours) with it. However i know that basic operations in gmax can be found in 3dsmax. (since gmax is the little brother of 3dsmax). What I've done so far is only a massing for the Duo tower. As for other functions related to the BAT4max plugin (such as let there be light, clear output files), i'm not familiar with it. If there's a beginner's tutorial with 3dsmax, like BAT essentials, it will be of alot of help. Otherwise, comment on the proportioning of the tower's massing, that the building's height is proportionate to it's base.
  7. Ngpillow BAT thread

    It's been quite a while that i last came to this forum, and to the simtropolis website as well. Plagued with project after project in my school, i didn't have much time to research and to model new buildings. Recently over the school semester break, I've modeled a house in my country, on sketchup, and then i was thinking why not able to make it into a BAT for SC4. The problem is i didn't have sketchup pro which allows one to export a sketchup file into a 3ds file format that is readable by 3dsmax. Now i've received the license for sketchup pro and I'm able to export it successfully in 3ds max. The house is Bishopsgate house by CSYA firm. The model is very much, a massing model, and i would need some time after my projects, to beautify it with textures. And R.I.P to Mr Nonny Moose, whom i do not really know personally but helpful through the random replies of my posts when i first started off on Simtrop.
  8. Encyclopedic Entry no.3 - The Blueprints

    sialah u draw or u photoshop? nice sia!
  9. 1 Shenton Way

    The pics in the description are showing for me, at least on different devices. The first screenshot is nothing... because somehow having screenshots must have a linked file requirement so i putting that link made that missing screenshot. Like isn't the model a lot? Then what's considered to be lots? Thanks for the delightful response! Yea i'm sure you have watched my BAT thread that i kept on questioning on quite alot of things. Actually this isn't my first STEX release. i previously uploaded the gateway months back, and it still has quite an amount of work that needs to be done. And yea in future i'll try using 3dsmax. Hopefully it's much better in functionality. Anyways, thanks for your compliment!
  10. So i actually read wikipedia and it says that cos of some bug, it caused like two-dozen of the largest growable lots of buildings from appearing. So i actually checked lot editor, and i realised i don't find lots containing buildings such as walkup tower, or the primavera. However you still can create your own customised lots with these buildings as the building files for them still can be found in LE. Is there any fix for the missing buildings? Is there a fix suitable for players using steam to play SC4 cos i'm using it?
  11. Ngpillow BAT thread

  12. 1 Shenton Way

    Version 1.0.0


    So after half a year labouring to complete this BAT work of mine (this is my third BAT), facing grey textures from gmax, fed up with the omni lights, nearly lost my work due to a corrupted file, I'm finally glad that my BAT is up on STEX. In game Description: One Shenton Way is a real-estate development developed by City Developments Limited (CDL). The towers provide an oasis in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District consisting of 360 residential units, bridged together by three sky bridges. It distinguishes itself from other skyscrapers through its gold and blue glass facade design, and its intricate-looking crowns which top the towers. The brainchild of the architect, Carlos Ott, also designed other world-renowned structures, including the Burj Al Arab. The luxurious condominium features game rooms, function halls, outdoor gourmet, theatrette, library, open spaces, sky gardens, spas, and numerous lap and leisure pools that can be found on the club level, sky bridges, and even inside the sky villa. Its location provides excellent accessibility, being a stone throw away from MRT stations raffles place, downtown, and the upcoming shenton way, in addition to workplaces and places of interest which encourages its occupants to have a work-life balance. This file contains a landmark version and a R$$$ version. Extract all of its contents and put it into the plugins folder. I hope everything works out well for the BAT.
  13. Wolfskreut (CBD and some more images)

    This is beast! A job well done
  14. Ngpillow BAT thread

    Anyways, i should upload the landmark lot onto STEX