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  1. Thank you so much! About the social housing, I am going to build more on the outskirts of the city with more open areas and less dense, some soviet blocks too. I do realise that the social housing could have a bit of a rework with more open spaces. I might revisit the whole city centre (Old town and CBD) one day and just fix up some things that don't work. It's old and a bit outdated. We'll see I guess... Rodenburgh's population sits at around 106K-110K, and it's growing. I'm slightly past halfway with the prop limit (Something like 33K/64K), since the last time I checked. Hopefully, I can finish the city and whole region (including rural areas) within the limit! The city centre is the most prop-heavy, so that's out of the way.
  2. Hey! Back again with the CBD. Today, the area in blue will be shown in detail. This is the south side next to the CBD. It's not really part of the CBD, but it's close enough. First off here is some social housing and modern apartments. The main hospital is on the left. Here is Silverwood Medical Centre. The "ambulances" parked there are actually just commercial vans but pretend I didn't say that. Here's the west edge of the CBD. From left to right are the (uncreatively named) Central Roundabout, (Even more uncreatively named) Central Mall, the City Hall and a high school. It was mentioned before, but this mall is doing quite poorly. Planners are currently talking about what to turn the plot of land into, and if they should even demolish the building. Here's Rodenburgh's City Hall Some high school. It's an above-average state-run school. Some downtown apartment blocks. I'll probably end up replacing them with my own buildings. More cheap social housing: There is the CBD done. I'll be back sooner or later with more to show. Thanks for reading!
  3. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    I just posted an entry of my CBD on my city journal... I've already showed my city here before, but a lot has changed since.
  4. Hey, now we're back at Rodenburgh. Today I'll be showing a bit more detail into the CBD. First off, I just want to announce that I've created a couple of building models. These are apartment blocks I made because I felt there wasn't enough variety on the workshop. You get many of these buildings in many European countries so I thought it would be fitting to put them into my city as well. They'll be used farther out of the city, and I'll be making more of them as well as corner buildings to create custom complexes. They are RICO compatible and I will upload them onto the workshop once the collection is done. So I guess we're back again. Nothing much today, just more detail shots. The area in red will be shown today. The next entry will look at the area highlighted in blue. I know it's a weird shape, but I wanted to make sure there was some kind of balance with what was shown. These are the buildings built shortly after the war. (I know the architecture for them would have dated back before then, but I needed something.) This is Rodenburgh's main station (which you probably could already tell...) By the station is this bus terminal. it gets pretty crowded, but it pretty much does the job. I should probably showcase the public transport system, but that will come when the city is bigger and I've shown more of it. Moving up the street, there are many modern buildings. I've put plazas so the workers could come out and stretch their legs while walking. When the whole place was destroyed, many planners didn't bother to make the road system more efficient here. This area remains one of the more congested roads in the city (even if it's clear right now) Here are the two tallest buildings in the city. There is a lot of social housing nearby, but that will be shown next entry. Coming away from that area, are a mix of old and new buildings. A new one is also being constructed, as you can see. Yeah, it's kinda weird how the old buildings are right there in the construction. Maybe they're considered historic and can't be knocked down... there's some story there... And the final shot of the CBD for today by the old cemetery.
  5. "Project X"

    Damn... Well, great job with the airport! The prop limit is a bit of a nuisance, isn't it?
  6. Yeah, I know it isn't fully realistic, but I needed to come up with something Plus, Rodenburgh is set in a fictional unknown country, with a fictional unknown history. While I was hinting at some kind of WWII, who knows what was different in this parallel universe... thanks for the history lesson though. It's really fascinating.
  7. Hello, guys, It has been a while since the last update, but last week (and a bit of this week) has been a bit busy for me, so I didn't upload anything. Anyway, here is Rodenburgh's Central Business District... this update will mostly serve as an introduction to the district and give an overview. Here you can see the area highlighted is the CBD and its surroundings. Just a closer look into the area. The reason why the CBD is so close to the old town goes back to The War. A lot of this area used to be heavy-industry that manufactured tanks and weaponry for war. It was heavily bombed by the enemy and left the whole place ready for rebuilding. Here's the main station. Some of it was damaged during the aforementioned bombings, but it was easily able to rebuild. The station was also expanded for more passengers to replace freight terminals since there aren't any factories anymore. I've shown that little intersection before, but, as you can see, the buildings around here are a bit different than last time. The style of these buildings is darker than the rest of the city and a bit different because they were built after the war, over the destroyed areas. There is a real mix of styles in this part of town. Even though some land was used for development right after the war, a lot of the land wasn't bought off until later because many people didn't see value in it. The twin buildings on the right were constructed quite recently. You can also see that a new building is on the way... Here is more new development. Some new modern apartments and a modern hospital. On the left is the most recent addition to the skyline, and on the right is some unattractive social housing hastily built during the 60's. The main street of the area. Here's the other side of the last picture. On the left is a high-end shopping mall. it's actually not that successful, as there isn't very much demand for high-end expensive stuff. Developers are talking about either turning the building into office space or demolishing it completely to be rebuilt into something cooler. In the middle is the City Hall, and on the right is a secondary school. The last area I'll show for today is this. A lot of social housing built because of high demand and high housing prices. Not particularly attractive, but much needed. That's it. I'll show off the details more next entry. I don't have anything particularly cool to finish off this post, just this shot of the city again: Hope you enjoyed
  8. "Project X"

    Keep it up man! It's just so good..
  9. "Project X"

    Already looks spectacular, even with the crappy lighting...
  10. Like @Arnold J. Rimmer... Nothing specific, just want to tell you that I love your assets and can't wait for more in the future!
  11. This is really interesting. Maybe there can be an option for the sea level to rise forever. It would obviously eventually end the game, and you won't be able to build anymore, but that can make things fun (and depressing) so you would try to find ways to last as long as possible.
  12. Make sure you don't have just one main industrial area. Having multiple in different places will help disperse the traffic.
  13. Well, here we go again, back at Myreport. You might notice that the park that was there previously has been changed. You guys have convinced me to keep the cemetery. I've brought it back, but now it's even better. I've also changed a couple of buildings to represent even older buildings that have survived up till now. Thanks for the ideas, guys! If you want to see what it looked like before: I've added some trees, and a couple of monuments. It's now a nice quiet part of town actually worth hanging around in, compared to the last cemetery. Just an overview to help give context to where everything is. If you want to see some slightly closer overhead shots, you can click the spoilers. Here is something I'm proud of... The lake used to not have any walls, but it doesn't really fit so well here, so I added some proper walls. I used ploppable asphalt and some wall assets form the workshop as well as theme decals. Here is the main square of this part of town: I've even made people queuing up for food (they're just moved from the old park in the last entry) On the other side of the district from the cemetery is another church. This one doesn't have a cemetery though. There is also a gas station on the left, and a fire station in the middle-right. And past that stuff, right on the edge of the district is this. I don't know why overdid this store, but I did anyway... I've also put lots of detail in between the buildings too. If you want so see some of it, you can click on the spoilers. And that's it. The next district will be the CBD, just so you know.
  14. "Project X"

    Well, it's not bad news though. What I've learned from experience is that redoing things always makes them turn out better than before!