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  1. ITS Shopset 4 Ottakers Bookstore

    Roof texture is subtle and nuanced...very nice rendering
  2. Money Plant

    I agree with Michael Strangeways...give us all a break Blackbeard. Your self-rightousness is tiresome. If you need to thump your chest about "cheats" in a game, maybe it's time you got a life. The rest of us will enjoy ourselves. See you around.
  3. Tec Turm Frankfurt am Main

    Wonderful rendering
  4. Statue of Joan of Arc

    nice job
  5. Deco Incorporated

    excellent rendering
  6. Botannical Gardens Food Court

    beautiful detail
  7. Park of Brotherly Love

    very nice work
  8. NDEX Windspear Arena by Eburress

    stunning...and inspired
  9. Just a Small Church

    fantastic rendering
  10. Wrigley Peristyle

    very nice work