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  1. Marina

  2. Marina

    great job i really love it 5/5
  3. This might be still early but i would really love to have custom buildings like bats in simcity 4. I have been waiting and watching for this to happen. Could someone give me some info about it or how recently custom buildings will be available.
  4. Hartwell Tavern

    Amazing 5/5 If you made more like this i would certainly download.
  5. i am extremely satisfied with the results (maybe since i have been using the maxis default for two years) Thanks for your help.
  6. The US's most pathetic highways

    Interstate 595 in Florida Especially since they have started a huge construction project. Although the interchanges are quite impressive. http://binged.it/1cCvKEj
  7. Can i use the CPT Italia Terrain Mod (v1.0) in conjuncture with the SHK HD Rock Mods and SHK Brigantine 2.0 water mod. I wanted to use all of these together but i don't want the game to carsh on me.
  8. City Background Issue

    Oh sorry i just realized what i did wrong I copied these files: Background3D0.png Background3D1.png Background3D2.png Background3D3.png Background3D4.png from my simcity disc 1 to C:\Users\(my user name)\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins I am new to this whole modding thing for simcity 4 so pardon me if this was stupid
  9. City Background Issue

    That was the problem. After i put the files back into the folder i opened up an existing city and it wont take effect. Do i have to start a new region to so it can take effect.
  10. I just recently re installed simcity 4 on my new computer and i am am having issues with the city background. the default background grid wont appear when i start up a new city. All i get is a black background. when i save the game it starts glitching between a black and blue background. someone please help me bring back the original background.
  11. Simcity (5) & Cheats

    http://www.simcitydownload.org/simcitys-sandbox-mode-details/ this should help