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  1. I would like to request that someone take the spa and remodel it into an urgent care. It can look like anything really. The spa gives a health boost and there are no ambulances. They are practically on every corner where I live. Thanks
  2. Has anyone played with the new road editor?
  3. All these different road requests...... I feel bad. I'm sure it's no easy task to make these. Cities Skylines should've focused on a road editor tool.... didn't CIM2 have some kind of road thing with a ton of options?
  4. Could more be done with the center lanes other than making it either a left turn lane, or non use? Maybe something like this? I also noticed that bus stops cut a little section out of the vanilla roads so they don't block traffic when they are loading and unloading. Maybe the bus stop could be hacked to make merge lanes / turn lanes, etc.
  5. 6 lane road with center turn would be cool too. The cul-de-sacs look awesome!
  6. True. Aesthetics would make it look nicer.
  7. One way bike lanes would be cool, however, a walking path with bike lane(s) on the side would be nice too.
  8. Agreed. This is how they are are in real life. The small road with turn lane should work the same way. The other bug I've noticed is that the center turn lane also goes straight (at intersections) if you check it with TM:PE. The small 2 lane (2 lanes both directions) roads should allow traffic to cross across the center imo.
  9. I thought maybe I was the only one. I have resorted to making short "dead end" segments next to buildings at different intervals so they can turn around.
  10. If they make a road editor, it would be nice if it was click and select for each lane... and it shows the maximum lanes for each type of road. Also would be nice if you could allow traffic to cross across the center to get to something on the other side. That's the only frustrating thing about NExt roads I don't like.
  11. Are they worth adding to the game?
  12. This is exactly how I do it....except I go a full square. It would be nice to have a mod to take out the steps...and maybe so it's not a full square back... just enough so the vehicles get out of the road.
  13. I would really like a mod that would set zoning maybe a half space back from the road and fill it in with cement or something. It would make service vehicles and delivery trucks move off the street when they do their thing and not block traffic.
  14. That's what I was referring to. They added a new texture for when you have opposite asymmetrical roads connected.
  15. Will there be a NeXT 3 for the new DLC? NeXT 2 works fine with it from what I've seen, but they added some cool new..... um.. pathing and textures? Like if you switch directions of asymmetrical roads along a stretch of road, it adds like a merge line for traffic.