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  1. The Cobb Grand Plaza

    Nice again cobb love it all!
  2. Canal Expansion Pack 2

    Nice job love oppies canal set it is great now to have boats
  3. Frogfaces Subway Pack

    great job will enjoy!!
  4. FmBeachesForIrregularCoasts

    Great job i always had probs with my small 3*2 beach trying to put it around corners thanks my San diego region will look great with this!
  5. JTarget

    Nice Job joerg love the water pack!
  6. Overpass Park v220

    Looks good i am looking forward to using it
  7. Downtown Railway Station

    Great good job for giving credit to marrast
  8. Fuente de Neptuno

    Great it will lok freat in san diego
  9. Average Elementary School

    Nice Job basketball courts and Baseball with a soccer field but lines on the field would be nice.
  10. Modern Metro Station Subway Bus Parking

    Nice work monorail station works great please make one for elavated rail!
  11. Shmails Symphony Space

    Nice thetre great going to use it alot!
  12. Ski Resort Package

  13. The Tower

    Nice man you and cobb should team up and create things love you other stuff creat a cnal kit please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The Shmails Gardens

    Great make a canal set!
  15. FRV Ski Resort

    nice ok if i use it and modify it i will credit you!