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  1. Devs AWEsome Fire Station

    Pointless waste of space! SHAME ON YOU!
  2. RLS Homes The Colonial

    Love it! Great job!
  3. Publix Grocery Store

    Publix is by FAR one of the best grocery stores (love the comp. carry-to-car... NO TIPPING PLEASE!) This is a great BAT - thanks!
  4. The Cyclone

    Wow - I was waiting for something like this, and this looks GREAT! VERY, VERY good job! Seriously - make an amusement park! Like a 40x40 tile park (with lights)! I would if I could BAT - but I suck at it. THANK YOU!
  5. Black Hole Waste Management Corp

    Just plain SWEET! What a great idea! 10!
  6. BSC PEG Texture Pack Vol 01

    Why is PEG pulling his creations?? I'm missing something here, because his stuff is pretty much the best... WHAT IS GOING ON?
  7. Hotel and Conference Center

    This rocks! So beautifully "average"! Great attention to detail. 10!
  8. One Exchange Plaza

    Looks just like the real thing (used to work in that building)! GREAT JOB!
  9. Regional University

    I'd sure hate to find parking in that **little** lot if there was 20K other people. Maybe drop the capacity, or redesign it to actually HOLD 20k... Otherwise, it LOOKS awesome! :)
  10. HOV bus Lanes

    Very nice, indeed! You are a genius!