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    Star Trek and Red Dwarf
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    and of course SimCity

    That's gotta be one of the coolest entries I've seen! Good job!
  2. A Coal, Sir, If You Please

    Too cool! Railroads are my thing, so this made my day. Great update!
  3. 3rd Day getting big

    At first I wasn't interested in SC2013. But I think you might have helped me reconsider... Nice city!
  4. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

      You don't need to delete the old NAM, it will remove it for you. Choose custom install and it will automatically select options that you already have installed and you can select new options that you want to use Thank you that help a lot!   This is one of the best mods! Thanks NAM team!
  5. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    I can't find the readme file. All I got was the installer, and I wanted to know if you delete the old NAM or not.
  6. Whats your favorite radio station?

    101.1/100.7 KRRK- Classic Rock 97.1 The Point- also Classic Rock COMP 92.3- mix of old and new rock 98.9 "The Highway"- also a mixed station, mostly modern pop/rock AOL Radio's "Adult Rock" station- mixes a lot of genre's and time periods from the 60's to now
  7. Mini Update (region in progress)

    Very nice!   Looks like a place I'd live!
  8. Mountain Rail Spiral (Take Two)

    You're right, that is cool! This reminds me of a National Geographic article from a few years ago about the Canadian Pacific railroad. They had some pictures of spiral tunnels and mountain passes. Awesome railroad!
  9. What kinds of music do you like?

    I don't have anything published before 1950, but my sister is a big fan of Billie Holiday. I do like, but don't own, a lot of 30's and 40's style blues. My grandma has some records from that period that she used to play a lot when I visited.
  10. What kinds of music do you like?

    I have a varied collection of music on record, tape, CD and MP3 formats. Favorite genre- Classic rock from the late 60's to the 80's. Some grunge and alternative from 90's. Nothing much past the Mid 90's though. I also like electric blues- Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Favorite artist- Either Led Zeppelin or Stevie Ray Vaughan, but they are both amazing. Favorite songs- "Ten Years Gone" and "The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin, "Foolin'" by Def Leppard, "Hey Joe" and "Little Wing" by Jimi Hendrix and anything by Stevie Ray Vaughan Like I said, it is varied. I have Elvis Presley, Van Halen, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, The Clash, Weird Al, etc. Pretty much any type except rap.
  11. What shoes are you wearing?

    This is what I'm wearing-
  12. Black hands, white hands

    What a sad place to live. But it sure makes for a good CJ!
  13. "Classic" movies

    About 70% of our movie library contains movies over 40 years old. Hitchcock, Bogart and Groucho are household names around here. Chaplin and the Marx Brother's make me laugh so hard! The movie I believe to be one of the greatest is To Kill a Mockingbird. The movie did great justice to the book and is one of my favorites. 2001: A Space Odyssey was also amazing and very thought provoking. Other Sci-fi's I like are Godzilla and The Day The Earth Stood Still. (Is the Wrath of Khan a "classic"?) The Good the Bad and The Ugly is my favorite western. Clint Eastwood is, as always, amazing, and Eli Wallach makes a very good "ugly". North by Northwest has some of the best drama and suspense in all of the Hitchcock collection, but The Man Who Knew Too Much is a close second for me. Other movies I love- Some Like it Hot, Charade, Monty Python and The search for The Holy Grail, Key Largo and The Far Country (just to name a few).
  14. What's the worst injury you have ever had?

    I've had plenty of bloody injuries, but I never broke a bone in my life! I'll probably break one tomorrow because I said that. 1. I was 4 and had the bright idea to make a catapult trap for my sister. All I needed was a board, an old pot and 4 big rocks. I tested it myself! I got hit right in the middle of my forehead and bled all over! I didn't get any stitches though for some reason. 2. I was 4 (still) when I decided to put my fingers in the door jam while my sister was on the other side, not realizing what I was doing. She tried shutting the door 3 times until she realized my fingers were in the jam! I was so shocked I didn't even scream! 3. I was 8 and I was still afraid to ride a two wheeled bike. My 9 year old stepbrother helped me stay that way until I was 10. I was riding his HUGE mountain bike and I fell off. I didn't get hurt, so I jumped right back on and took off down the road, hit a rock, flipped over the handle bars and landed on my fingers. For 2 weeks I had blue and purple skin where it was nearly torn off, but they didn't break! 4. I was in the 3rd grade when a kid I knew thought it would be fun to play football with rocks. Of course, I was the one to get hurt. He kicked a rock right into the back of my head. I couldn't hear out of my left ear for a couple of hours and I stained 1/3 of my shirt with blood. I needed someone on each limb to hold me down until all of my 2 stitches were in. 5. Last summer I went out (barefoot) to turn on the pool filter and stepped (barefoot) on a rattlesnake. Luckily it was tired and only had the energy to rattle and crawl off under the wood pile. I called my dad to come shoot it, and In the process of moving wood to look for it stepped on a nail that went about 2 inches into my foot. It bled surprisingly little, but the rattle snake got shot 3 times before it died!