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  1. Money Plant V2

    10/10 Yeah, I cheat But I do go for realism, (designing a city not budget) So i don't like giant 34892749823 story tall buildings that give you $99999999999 This is perfect :D Thank you -Note i like how many ppl don't know how to get this to work on SC4 (most of them propably came to the site for it (I know I did >.> Among the latter of things)
  2. El Krushkova Apartments

    NO LIGHTS? WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO LIGHTS? oh well its going to become part of my soviet city - no lights? PERFECT :D
  3. Island Harbourview

    10/10 i like how you keep your description so well organized :D
  4. Underwater Apartments

  5. Wind Farm

    http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=25081 is much better; it had effort in it. im a rate this 1/10 (im not heartless I could have gave it a 0)
  6. A380 in 2050

    But other then that 9/10 and like supechad says... it kinda looks like a boeing 747
  7. A380 in 2050

    no offense but the Airbus A380 may will not be demcomed in 2050 let alone scraped (aside for a few crashed...) Alone the B-52 - god im stuck for names has been around since the vietnam war, and is still used today but the airforce said they'd continue use until 2050
  8. LBT Yucatan Terrain Mod

  9. Highway ReStyling Mod Asphalt Texture Set Complete

    this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is a bish to find! THANK YOU !!!!
  10. Water Avatar

    its good I must say but it would be *amazing if someone was able to do a statue of a NA'Vi
  11. Barracks from BF42

    I used to play bf1942 -now im back to simcity4 ofc and crossfire But GREAT job! oh and peg is a beast
  12. AGS Parsons Memorial Speedway

    awesome -u can count one more download 8/10
  13. PEG PPOND Rock Mod

    just what i needed just yesterday i was trying to get somthing to line my ponds in a mountianous area Thank you! 10/10