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  1. Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I've been to Simtropolis.. a lot has changed.. Nice to see they have a Cities Skylines section as well.. and good thing I found a mod request topic Because... what I wanted to ask is if anyone could make a Shinkansen E4 MAX for the game.. I have tried 3D modelling myself.. but it just isn't cut out for me.. I've tried, and I've failed.. many times.. I would like to have this one in the game for those high capacity train routes.. plus it looks awesome.. and it's a nice addition to the Shinkansen we already have in the Workshop I know we already have the TGV Duplex and that you can change the amount of passengers with IPT etc.. But personally, I'm not a big fan of the TGV trains because of the 2 powercars.. More a fan of EMU's (Electrical Multiple Units) that can seat passengers in all cars.. Like the ICE-3. I already searched for the dimensions of the train since I tried modelling it myself.. but failed Head/Tail car; 25,7m (84ft. 4in.) Middle cars; 25m (82ft.) Width; 3,38m (11ft. 1in.) Height; 4,485m (14ft. 8in.) <-- Not sure if this height includes the pantographs but I think not All E4's are 8 car trainsets with cars 4 and 6 having the pantograph on top. There are also 16 car trainsets with 2 8 car sets combined. I hope to see it in our games soon. Thanks if anyone is willing to do it.. Best regards,
  2. Yeonpyeong Island

    @zebrafreak and jakehh; Just what I wanted to say =P
  3. So what's next on the list? =P Ocean one?
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey everyone, I am searching for the Al Burj building by KS_jpn (ploppable, so not the CAM version) I have seriously searched 6 hours for it, with no result, only a broken rapidshare link is what I got. Maybe anyone still have the ploppable version or LM version that he/she can send to me?
  5. Nightlight, and some bugs.

    yep, V1.1.640, and the graphics glitch fixed now also, except most of the times when I zoom out the game Crashed to Desktop...Whyy?? =(
  6. Nightlight, and some bugs.

    Allright then, then that's probably what's wrong, I don't like to use CD's because you have to switch them all the time, and after a while, they get scratches on it, oh well just have to reinstall it then and just play with cd, thanks for the info. But how about the graphics glitch? Edit: Fixed the nightlights now, just gotta use the cd then. But I still get the annoying graphics glitch. I'm using a ATi graphics card, so it also has the Catalyst Control Centre, and I read somewhere about anti-aliasing to be shut down or something....?
  7. Alright, Hello everyone, you all probably think, Oh no, not another one who asks for nightlighting and didnt use the search bar first. Well here's my problem. I don't have nightlights in all my custom buildings. That's not the major problem yet. I did install the EP1 update and the SC4update4BAT. But still no nightlights. I also installed Gmax and the B.A.T. maybe if that worked... still nothing. Anything u guys can think of? And another problem. About the Hardware and software rendering. Software rendering is all alright, but too bad I can't use 512x512 textured plugins. Hardware rendering I can use them, but all light's appear really faint, and all cars and UDI cars are always green (the kind of green when a UDI car is behind a building so at least u can still see ur car). And roads in contruction are almost invisible. Hope someone can help me with these. Thank you!!! ^^ Oh yeah, I forgot my system specs. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (but I run Sc4 with winXP compatibity mode) Processor: Intel Quad Q6600 Core RAM: 4GB Video: Asus EAH-5750 1GB