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  1. No night time lights

    Hi, once you installed the patch, and the lights work, do you now find that for any new buildings that you plop, there are no props on them? ie cars, trees, benches and so forth, on the ground at the base of the buidling. This is a problem I am having. It effects BAT'd and Maxis builsings.
  2. Sim City 3000

    I never grew cities normally. I spent a hell of a long time plopping an entire large city, skyscrapers, factories, houses, everything, mainly because I sucked and whenever I zoned stuff, the buildings abandoned near instantly. Two things I really miss, which should have been included in SC4, were the disaster siren - Set it off and watch the people go running! - and the riot disaster.
  3. French Autoroute Overhead Signs

    great job, I do quite like autoroute signage, and these are very well done!
  4. Double Decker Highways

    Tarkus, that's pretty damn good. The main reason I'd use a DDHW is because it looks damn awesome, particularly in urban areas, and needs half the space of standard HWs. I wouldn't care about capacity issues.
  5. Double Decker Highways

    Yeah, I mentioned this in the modding request therad. Well, we already have dual networking in the NAM with E-rail over road, so this can't be that hard to whip up can it? It would be really cool if we did have these. They would make excellent urban freeways. BTW: Link to a good video of a double decker freeway, the Embarcadero in SF, which was torn down.
  6. Hmm, double decker freeways like SF's old Embarcadero would be damn awesome, but really hard to make I assume. Oh, and if someone could make some nice freeway gantry signs like the big dig ones, but for LHS roads, that would also be awesome.
  7. NDEX ITS Castlemead Bristol

    HURRAH! Finally, a Bristolian building! I see this all the time, but it is getting ignored because it is right next to the Cabot Circus development. Hopefully they'll keep it, it's a shame that we've lost so many tall buildings in Bristol, such as nearby Tollgate tower.
  8. Petronas Twin Towers

    Great! Should look amazing plopped next to T101 and the Burj!
  9. asian shop

    Wow. That's awesome. Most of the asian buildings here are low rise, so to have something taller and impressive is great!
  10. MP Movies No More

    Excellent job. The delapidation brings a tear to the eye. *sniff*
  11. Welcome to Condor Bay

    School Picture As you (should) fully well know by now, I'm also trying to use as many different schools as possible. Here's an example. This is actually the first school I've built that had a schoolyard attached to it, as well. Problem is...I'm not quite happy with it . It seems too haphazardly laid out. Any ideas on how I could make it better? I'm open to a lot of things...thanks ! quote> I suggest fencing the entire open area (Peg's security fencing maybe), and linking the tennis and ball courts with paths.
  12. NDEX ITS Cobalt House Birmingham

    Nice Brummie work there. socco11, have you installed the SKU Upfate and Nightlight update from the official SC4 site?
  13. Racine Kenosha Wisconsin by blade2k5

  14. FH TsunanDami Japanese shops

    Asian buildings are always welcome. Good job!
  15. JPACK Yatsunobe Dori