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  1. Unisphere

    There are nightlights; it looks a bit bright since I have DarkNite, but the model itself isn't rendered for it. And, no, it is not in HD
  2. Unisphere

    Version 1


    The Unisphere. It weighs almost a million pounds, built for the 1964 Worlds Fair... This model is scaled down a little, as the real globe is 36 meters in diameter, and the diameter of this one is 26 meters. The orbits represent the orbits of the first man in space, the first American in space, and the first communications satellite in space. Plop cost: 11500 Budget cost: 175 Bulldoze cost: 3174 Landmark effect: 40 over 20 cells Power: 10 Water: None --- dependencies: None Recommended for use with the NAM To download the .gmax model of the globe for use in your own models, go here. To visit my thread: here.
  3. Fabricio New Batter

    The building is off center because the model is off center in the gmax file. I just group everything together and move the X and Y to 0, 0, then reexport the model. Don't move the Z down to zero because that would make part of it underground. As for the building, it looks oversized; I suggest you scale it down a bit. Otherwise, I think it looks pretty decent, just work on the windows, and maybe fix some of the texture maps on the door overhang and the roof junk. Also, try not to make consecutive posts; you can put more than one picture into one post you know. If you need to change part of a post, edit it.
  4. This looks like a very ambitious project... I can pitch in with whatever I can, probably with texturing some of the ground or making small props
  5. Want to start designing my own stuff

    Did you try downloading gmax from here >> http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax , it's free there. That's where I got my copy. After you finish installing gmax, install the BAT. I forget if you need to register, but if you it'll probably be free too.
  6. vailo's BAT Thread

    I've found out how to use iLive's reader! Also, is there a way to get rid of that pesky nighttime shadow on the model? I have 3ds Max 2011, but I haven't a clue on how to bring .gmax files into Max. Here's a look at the lighting: Any suggestions?
  7. HK Kowloon Terrace - Extra Growable Lots

    there should be a wealth level below R$ just for this. it looks fantastically slummish!
  8. vailo's BAT Thread

    I finally finished the base for this building! I hope you like it. Does anyone know if it's possible to make reflections in gmax? Also, I don't know how I should apply the night lights; they go right through the globe, and it wouldn't be realistic to shine on top since there are no floating lights, err.... yeah. I'll make this come out as a 3x3 normal plaza lot, and a 2x2 avenue roundabout.
  9. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    @Wakita_OK_Boy: Finale?! I still have the free 2008 version Notice the clump of unorganized Simcity stuff in the corner there.
  10. FIXED willsim's long train mod FIXED

    this mod must kill people who do UDI missions ;)
  11. Wow. That was exactly what I had! Thanks!
  12. For me, the RHW Mod won't work with cars. It works perfectly fine with trucks, though I haven't tried it with busses or mass transit yet. In my city, I have an avenue with residential at one end and industrial on the other. I sucessfully connected both ends with elevated avenue, but then once I put RHW-4 going under, all car traffic stops and the residential are left without jobs. The same thing happens if I drag MIS across the avenue. Basically cars aren't willing to travel over any RHW, even if it's just going under or crossing. Sorry if this was asked before.
  13. Pedmall Parking

    i really like those fences!
  14. An Idea for a Tool

    Here are leveler lots by Pegasus... they come in 4x4 and 4x1 and cost essentially nothing to plop. http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=4527
  15. King of the hill

    You fall into the volcano. My hill.