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  1. Snow Texture A tutorial

  2. One way to fix the problem with EA

    I'm not suffering. I can walk into a store/log onto Amazon and buy one of thousands of other games to play. Individually, no, I don't make a difference. But, what happens when a hundred - a thousand - several thousand people all decided "No, we're not going to put up with this anymore"? It's going to hit EA hard in the pocket and tell them that they can't get away with this sort of nonsense. Unfortunately that works the opposite way as well. How many hundreds of thousands of people thought "Well, I don't like what they're doing, but my $60 isn't going to really make a difference is it?" and bought the game anyway? People can't seem to build up the willpower to stand up for their own rights as a consumer, and not purchase things that they know will end up screwing them over. And it seems to happening much more with video games than anything else. People continued to buy their stuff, and let them get away with bad business decisions. I remember a few years back when EA introduced the idea of 'Online Passes' for console games, and everybody got all angry about it. People bought the games anyway, and now that's practically a standard. The same thing is going to happen with stuff like 'deluxe' editions of games, exclusive pre-order content, on-disc DLC, unnecessary online components/DRM, microtransactions, etc.
  3. One way to fix the problem with EA

    I happen to enjoy SimCity as well. And Command & Conquer, Battlefield, Mass Effect, and a number of other EA-produced titles. However, I'm not buying them any of them so long as EA continues to enforce stupid policies. There's plenty of other games to play. No, it isn't your fault that the game doesn't work right. But we wouldn't have got to this stage to begin with if people had put their foot down and not encouraged this sort of nonsense by continuing to buy into the questionable decisions presented by these publishers.
  4. One way to fix the problem with EA

    *Sigh* No, the REAL way to fix the problem with EA is to actually take some responsibility in what you buy and not purchase things that further encourage negative business practice.
  5. Replacement School Bus

    Any chance you'll make the Thomas Freightliner model schoolbus?
  6. Paeng's Schoolbus Depot

    The lot looks amazing, but I prefer the old Thomas Freightliner model of school buses. Any chance for a version that will work with them?
  7. Madison Simcity High School

    I'm pretty sure nobody would have even noticed the flag, much less complained about it had you not went on for so long about it in the description. That aside, it's a great looking building, even though I've never seen a high school that large, coming from a pretty small area.
  8. Simmars Star wars

    That turret is way too huge for the platform it's on. Is this what you were trying to do? You should probably stick closer to the film design so it looks more believable. Also, if you're going to put it on a mars-like environment you should probably recolor it. The turrets were only white in the film for the purpose of camouflage. Also, the planet was "Hoth" the base was called Echo
  9. ECho Base By the star wars team

    ...I recall the Echo Base turrets being a lot less... wide.
  10. Modular Parking Lots

    I agree with the posts above in that you should take the screenshots on level terrain, but the lots do look pretty good. I've actually seen quite a few parking lots with empty space like this, so it's good for some diversity.
  11. Liberty City Map - GTA IV

    I would've probably erased those boats lining the harbor, but either way the map looks pretty decent.
  12. Piers

    Simple and effective. Nice work!
  13. Political and historical flags

    Easy, teedeecee. Whilst I don't agree with some of the ideologies presented by these flags, that doesn't make them bad in terms of the game. I don't have much use for them, but I'm sure anyone trying to build a historical city will appreciate it. Good job.
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hey everyone, are there any mods that increase the time that vehicles stay on screen before disappearing? I believe I've seen something like it in a video once.
  15. The_Mario_Man - First BAT

    Originally posted by: expectingrain5 Looks nice- do you design the roof junk yourself or is there a library to choose from on BAT? ps That is one bright building in real life! Cool though. quote> I made all of the roof junk by hand. It's really the easiest thing to do out of everything else. For me at least. Either way, I want to thank everyone who commented and suggested ways to make this better. The download has been updated, and I hope everyone enjoys it. Again, thank you. I'll definately try to work on more BATs now.