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  1. Ideas to improve the STEX

    That name doesn't ring a bell. Ok well I set up a thread for my works here. Ill have to download them through this account and reupload with this account. My old account is still here but I cant seem to log into it under the user name I had. When the update was done was the user names updated to reflect name change. My old account was Pmiller19574 but the system could not locate that user name which was why I had to set up a new account. Ya this is going to be interesting to say the least. ;-)
  2. Ideas to improve the STEX

    Well after looking through my old files here I see a number of problems. The broken links would appear to be caused or at least seems to be that the said dependency no longer exist rendering the lot unusable or have to be rebuilt from the ground up. For example one of my lots used a rice patty prop. Which by a post on the file this said prop does not exist. Which the last comment was back in 2013. So it would seem if this is indeed the problem fixing said descriptions to repair broken links is going to be harder to do. Now I have not had a chance to look yet but do the BSC teams files still exist on the STEX or have they been lost or removed by the Team? I know many of my lots used some of their works. Also one of my lots used a windmill from gshmals (may not be spelled right). It would seem either that prop is no longer on the STEX or has been moved or renamed. Anyways I can see that correcting the STEX is going to be a much larger project than anticipated.
  3. Mary Millers Creations

    Looking through my farm lots it would seem that they are going to have to be rebuilt from the ground up. And uploaded. Looks like prop packs are missing as the links no longer work. Rendering my lots unusable now. Beginning to wish I had stuck to my own props. Looks like alot of my own work is also missing from the STEX. Wish I had gotton back here alot sooner. I will extend this thread to include requests as well. My specialty has allways been farms.
  4. Mary Millers Creations

    I am creating this thread for anyone still using my creations to request or bring to my attention something that needs fixing or not working properly. Whether it's my Mars content, my L.O.T.R content, or SC4 content. I will do my best to repair. At the moment I have begun work on my Mars content. ****NOTE**** If it is a night lighting problem I can not repair that as my original gmax files are lost. Please keep that in mind when you post your request.
  5. Ideas to improve the STEX

    @Cyclone Boom thank you for your post above I agree totally. @Cool_Z Editing someone elses work ect goes against the code of conduct. Trust me I learned this lesson in my early days when the BSC team was a strong team. It does not matter if these creators are around or not. @Edvarz I am not sure what you mean by todays standards. A simple comment in the comment section should suffice. I can see this discussion has gotton quite out of control. Fixing tags or adding tags I agree with. Tags would be sufficient to say ya or nay for growable or not ect. Anyways thats my two cents on this particular discussion as I have been trying to stay out of that part here. I will say this. I will be repairing my own creations looks like I returned just in time. I did notice today that at least one of my farms the description has been updated and not by me. I am assuming that this is the new standard which much of it I didnt really understand or didnt see the need for all the info. It would seem that creating bats and lots ect and then uploading said files is going to be tedious and daunting on any user wishing to share their work. Not to mention some of the above posts will or would likely cause anyone to not bother sharing if these standards are going to be so high. Sorry for the book just felt I needed to get my feelings on this subject on here.
  6. Ideas to improve the STEX

    Seems to be a bug in the reply function from mobil version. Anyways ill take a look at the above file. I'll need a guideline for updating description of my lots.
  7. Ideas to improve the STEX

    I am also only interested in SC4 and Sim Mars project so this is also where I will also be volunteering.
  8. Ideas to improve the STEX

    Corina I agree on the tutorials. Lol Flyhigh and cool_z I have some over 200 files myself on the STEX and I will be testing and repairing my lots. And renaming as alot of them went through to many name changes and I want to get them all under one name quite confusing to both new and old users alike. And then remove my old files here. However this will take some time. Also while I can get repairs done on the lots themselves I cant fix any issues with the model files themselves as my original files are missing. This is also why I am with corina with the tutorials as I will have to lean on them to relearn everything cause I cant seem to recall the data in my brain.. Ha ha. If it will help I can get started on my content here on the STEX. I had allready started with my Mars content.
  9. Ideas to improve the STEX

    I could go through my old content myself once I learn how to do everything again. Alot of my later work went through BSC testing. Right now I am starting with my Mars content since that is a smaller amount of content. I cant fix the model files themselves as all my old gmax files are gone. HD crash wiped it all out and I have been unable to locate the back up files. But I can try to repair my stuff. However as for other users who are no longer active I feel permission would be impossible to get and I am a strong believer in copyright. However a simple edit of the description would not be harmful as long as the content itself is left intact. That is my feeling. The rest of the ideas sound like they could be workable. As for the taging system I am new at this and ya some explanation would be needed.
  10. Ideas to improve the STEX

    I agree the same needs to be done for beginner batters. I was allmost afraid to ask questions when I saw some of the replys. It seems there is more impatience than there is patients. They were told to go look at the tutorials which is good and all but yes as stated above they are very confusing. And with out our pics to even show whats being talked about even more so. I dont know if there is a thread for batting for beginners or those returning from a long absence because of RL so there is a place to ask needed questions. As well as lotting ect. As stated above no offence intended. I'd like to see every user encouraged to create, play, and have fun doing right at the level they are. As stated above also. Anyways I see alot of good ideas here and as a prev moderator myself I am happy to see this going in a positive direction and I am here to help.
  11. Ideas to improve the STEX

    Yes that is the idea. Very good. I like it. My first BAT tutorial will have more illustrations. Since my Mars Bats use alot of lattice s and is the single most important part of my Mars BATs I will be writing my own tutorial for creating a lattice. Which will contain a single step with a picture for that step. Geared at hands on visual learner s. Because everyone learns differently.
  12. Ideas to improve the STEX

    I would be willing to help with option 2. Ie creating and or updating tutorials as I learn stuff again. And as real life permits. If we are going to keep this site alive and Simcity alive for what ever version we are all playing this needs to be done. All of my tutorials will be based off Simcity 4 Rush hour. I will be your first volunteer.
  13. Ideas to improve the STEX

    A side note. Somewhere in the comments above it was mentioned that tutorials geared at new users would be beneficial. I am a visual learner and there for my tutorials would be step by step by step with pictures. That was how I was taught in my early days by some very helpful people that I am not sure is still around. Grampa Al for one. But as I stated in my post above a suitable format would be needed to decide upon.
  14. Ideas to improve the STEX

    I also find the search function difficult to use. Somewhere on here I had my own tutorials but now they are either gone or have become impossible to find. Aside from the point it does not separate files from comments ect. The search engine needs an update of some kind. It seems to me that from what I am reading the main two issues being addressed are the broken links and the search engine. I think as a community that each of us could pick up some of the massive load of work to improve the site. Photo bucket still hold free uploads of images but is limited for those not paying a subscription fee. It was mentioned above that image shack which I never used will not help as it is subscription only. I think that untill a suitable solution for image hosting is found we will still have a massive issue with broken links to images for all tutorial and or other guidelines that require pictures. The search engine I could not help with as I dont know how to do that. I can think of one possible solution for tutorials. As Microsoft office still exists and or PDF reader perhaps these guidelines and tutorials could be converted to one or the other. Just some ideas. I do have an older version of Microsoft office on the old PC I was given by a friend. I could feasibly write tutorials as I relearn everything from the ground up. Ive been away to long now so I have lost much of what I knew. We could create a new topic for uploads to the STEX for tutirials or readme files ie guidelines for uploads etc. It would free up the forums and make it much easier to find said information. I hope some of this was helpful.
  15. Ideas to improve the STEX

    I would like to see the broken links fixed myself. I am happy that at least my files on the STEX have survived my long absence. And the many upgrades to the site. There has got to be an easier way to host pictures so they dont become lost or broken links. For those of us who are still playing and working on these games the tutorial s are very important. I wish I could help restore the knowledge base but I have to relearn everything from the ground up.