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  1. Bout time the simcity fans strike back!!

    Originally posted by: deathtopumpkins Well, there have been countless petitions and letters to EA. I've signed 'em. I've sent 'em. Did it help? No. EA doesn't care about loyal fans anymore, because they know that they make all (or at least most) of their money off of people who see the game in the store and think "Ooh... that looks cool," but then bring it home and not have it work on their computer. EA doesn't care if we actually play it as long as we buy it! I bet most people here bought SCS when it came out to see how bad it was, even if they haven't played it since. And anybody remember "You killed SimCity!"? It's not really Will Wright's fault though. EA bought the rights to the whole sim franchise from him before even SC4. Look at the credits. The only time his name is listed is as "Special Thanks to Will Wright for making the original SimCity." Maxis still exists as an independent company though. Will Wright created Spore under it's name, EA's just the publisher.quote> That's right. EA makes games based on its bottom line. NEWS FLASH ALL game companies make games for PROFIT. Your post is so hyperbolic and whiny that it's hilarious how ignorant you really are of how the game industry works. As for everyone else trying to give "suggestions" to CitiesXL or any other game developer... stop. You think after playing a couple years of Simcity that you have some idea of how to create game features and implement them. You don't know jack. Your suggestions are most likely useless and unimplementable.
  2. Demo of Sim City Societies released since...

    Originally posted by: Patricius Maximus It should have not had the Simcity name on it. That is the problem. If it was called "Sim Societies", then no one here would have a problem with it. A free demo? I wouldn't get it if they paid me to do so.quote> And people (like you) continue trashing the game without ever having played it. All you did was listen to some opinions that were mostly not even based on playing the game, hence making you an ignoramus.
  3. Demo of Sim City Societies released since...

    The game is unduly trashed on these forums just because it is not Simcity 5. If any of these ignorant people trashing the game had done their homework and saw Tilted Mill on it, they would (and SHOULD) have known that the game was going to have a different focus than city-building. It was obviously a game about balancing certain needs, just like Children of the Nile (what, you don't know about it? then go buy it off Steam). SCS is now down to $20 and at that price point is well worth the entertainment value. Anyone who trashes a game after paying full price deserves what they get, as the multitude of reviews published after the game was released explained how it was NOT like Simcity.
  4. Low Income Apartments

    The stage is set a bit too high for the size of the building and how many tenants it has. That's the only reason I will not use this lot :( The lot is nice though, this gets an A-OK from me.
  5. DK1 Grain Elevator

    Nice job. I like how this building blends in naturally with the farm fields. A lot of BATs just seem very jarring against the landscape.
  6. New Bordeaux Embassy

    Very nice creation.
  7. Must have mods?

    Originally posted by: pcgamer321 I just looked at NAM, and there are so many different traffic plugins for it. Which one will give me the best realism, standard, A, or B? Also, Pegasus has so many modsquote> For more realism, you will want to use whichever gives you high capacities and slightly longer travel distances, and you will want to have Improved Pathfinding. If you have a very good computer you can use Perfect Pathfinding. I personally don't like to use anything other than higher capacities and improved pathfinding. This game was very clearly balanced around the default distances that sims can travel, and by increasing a sim's travel distance, while realistic, renders highways and trains pretty useless.
  8. Question???

    I'm guessing that you're building to meet the wrong type of demand. If there's a demand for high income R, and you zone in an area that has very low land values, you simply won't get high income residents moving in.
  9. Game shutting off

    Even if you haven't downloaded anything in a while, it's still possible that you have a corrupted plugin file that has started to develop in your cities where it has not before. This exact thing happened to me. If you have space on your hard disc, then this is indeed the most likely culprit. This is what I did to narrow down which plugin was causing my crashes... Split create a new folder somewhere (such as on your desktop), just NOT in the plugins folder) and put HALF of your plugins files into that folder. Load your city that is having crashing problems and turn the speed up. Do something else for about 10-20 minutes, or until the game crashes. If the game does not crash, then you have already removed the faulty plugin. Go to your "new folder" and drag half of the plugins back into your plugins folder. Make sure they are organized in a way that you know exactly what you just moved back, perhaps by making a new folder in the plugins folder. Start the game again and see if it crashes. If it crashes this time, then one of the plugins you moved back is causing the error. If there are a lot of plugins that you moved, take half of them out of that plugins folder and put them back in your test folder, while taking everything in your test folder and putting that back into your plugins folder. It's an annoying system of elimination but it's really the only approach you can take if you want to keep all of your plugins.
  10. God Terraforming in Mayor Mode

    amaddox do you carry around a bunch of disinfecting wipes and wipe off every doorknob you come across? Thanks for this, Warrior, makes a big part of the game that much quicker to access.
  11. The Bomb

    Make it look like a real bomb and I'll 10/10 :) Good fun.
  12. NDEX ITS Portsmouth Tower Block Set 3

    Very nice, tonkso. I like this because it really fits in with the SC4 low-wealth residential buildings, and will seamless grow with those. Well done.
  13. What Wrong With The Grid-System?

    Originally posted by: Glenni I just try to mix it, a diagonal maze some places, and grids in other areas. I base my cities off cities in Norway, and by looking at the maps of these cities, they all tend to have a mixture of non-grid and grid in their cores. Hence why i try to recreate that. quote> I didn't realize there were this many diagonal buildings on the STEX....
  14. PEG CDK3 SP Pier One

    God I love every single thing released for CDK3. Incredible work, yet another way to add more (functional!) detail to industrial ports. Awesome.
  15. Looking For Plopable Buildings

    I always assumed that to make ploppable buildings work correctly, you need a high amount of demand for those types of jobs/residents. I may be mistaken with how plopping works.