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  1. Silvarret

    Hello everyone, In my searches for inspiration on youtube, I've encountered this channel of a guy named Silvarret. He's dutch, and as far as I could see, also a god builder, seriously. He plays Cities Skylines and theme park games like Planet Coaster and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Parkitect's theme park called Cydonian Hills from the official trailler was made by him! The game developers contacted Silvarret and asked him to build a park to be presented when in the game when launched. All episodes are on his channel. I'd like to share it because I believe he deserves more credits for being awesome.
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Thanks, mate!
  3. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    How do you make that ramps so smooth?
  4. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    I'm having a hard time managing my workforce above 50% in that city. My playstyle concist of bulldozing until I get the building I like, settling it as historical. Over the years, my population get older and my workforce drops severaly, as well as my RCI commercial demmand. The solution is bulldozing entire neighborhoods of residence and zoning some more at the corner of the city, but it makes the proces painfully slow.
  5. Problems with SimCity 3000 on Windows 10

    I havent played it yet. Let's hope, then =/
  6. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    That's sad... I've been seriously thinking about downgrade my OP just for playing it. SC3K still best Maxis game imo For now I'll just hope for a GoG's version of it Doesn't amazon have a SC3K digital edition?
  7. SimCity 3000 OFFICIAL THREAD

    I'm trying to install that game but Windows 10 is totally blocking it =/ On topic: I'd like to share this guy's work. His tips are very "interesting" to say the least.
  8. Access Denied - "Please login with administrator privileges and try again". I believe it'll sound familiar for someone. The same has happened on SimCity 4, fortunately we got digital edition from steam. Windows 10 seens to be totally ignoring SimCity 3000 and preventing it from running. The CD seems to be ok, it's simply the launch which won't start at all. So, is there any remote chance for me to play the game of my childhood again? =)
  9. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    ops, Bank of China, sorry for inattention. I'm currently searching for Landmarks and some 3x2 3x3 and 3x4 towers on stex since there's not many interesting standard office buildings compatible with these sizes. The 4x4 skyscrapers are really fine to me.
  10. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    The pyramid shaped roof building you speak of seens to be an euro style skyscraper from rush hour, bank of america is a maxis landmark since SimCity 3000 and I have no clue what is the tinhao3 building you mentioned before. There were no custom buildings during the time of that screenshot my friend.
  11. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    No custom buildings also, I always concentrate my skyscrapers into a small condensed Downtown. It's more realistic and aesthetically pleasing.
  12. SimNation 7

  13. SimNation 6

  14. SimNation 5

  15. SimNation 4