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About this City Journal

Since Buying the new simcity, I have made many new creations, and I had to document them ... Somehow

Entries in this City Journal

Helsinki 2

Grantia - Bassenburg


Grantia is in the Granite lake region, it has 2 groups of cities, one on the lower, flatter shore, which includes Rinsen,Which has the largest population in the region (~100,000,Tellst, Which is an industrial town I am thinking of working on more and possibly creating a British city and the Parisian city of Nova Grantia. The second city group is comprised of Bassenburg (Which I am starting with as I have worked on it most), Clarenburg, I will probably rebuild that quite a bit and Leischam, an industrial town in a valley.


Bassenburg was founded in 1032ad, it is in europe, on the edge of lake Grantia, somewhere around Liechtenstein. It is one of two small nations round the shores of lake Grantia. The Kingdom of Bassen is mostly German Speaking and The kingdom of Grantia on the other side of the lake is mostly Italian with some French. Bassenburg was founded by a warrior King who found a high and almost innaccessable outcrop above the lake that had enough flat land to build a castle, Olaf Bassen's original fortress was probably wood but national history has been embellished so much that it is hard to tell. The town grew around the base of the mound and another settlement sprung up by the water where the ferry is now. The city was rolled around from kingdom to kingdom until in 1504 it joined a wave of small states of which it, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg are the only remainders. It is notably smaller and less famous than those two examples. The castle was destroyed in a water pressure accident in 1882 and the royalty now live in a grand mansion in southern France and have not visited their kingdom for 12 years. The gate now at the top of the bluff is called the victory arch and was built in commemoration of the expansion in 1932 of Bassen to Leischam and a large area beyond Leischam where the planned village of Clarenburg has now been built.


(some may be out-dated as the university area has since been reworked)


Bassenburg University, Set up in 1926 by German and Swiss Scientists. Little known fact: high efficiency solar panels were invented here


There was once a fishing village here


The university sign with lake Grantia as a backdrop


The german style buildings are very pretty




I have no quims about advertising, free building, yes YES YES!!Preciousss is mine... Golumn :D











(Not sure if i've already done this one)


Sorry if there were any image repeats, Next I think I will upload Liescham.

Helsinki 2

-Minor Entry-

New Gotham

New Gotham was on a public region, bet as the other cities have all fallen silent it is really only my two cities left.

The second city is Bio-opolis, It is going to be a university city. I am still building my arcology, an am constantly having trouble finding the workers, so much that I shut down all my electronics buildings (I have huge surpluses of money so I can afford this) and my oil refinery ( it is cheaper to import crude oil and refine it on site into plastic for my processors.)

The Arcology is now at 20%, getting in a few percent every so often when it has enough workers.

Also, a few weeks ago there was a meteor strike which though didn't cause much damage, was spectacular to watch.


This is the only photo I currently have of Bio-opolis

Helsinki 2

New Gotham

Here are some night pictures of New Gotham, in some of them you can see the base of the new arcology that is being constructed, the arcology currently has full metal and alloy, and 0 crates of TV's , I hope to show it finished in the next entry.

There have also been many other changes, my trade HQ has been upgraded and so has my electronics HQ ( though pictures may not show this as some of them were taken before this. This means I now have 2 consumer electronics factories, one for TV's and one for computer's.

New Gotham is in a multiplayer region.




Helsinki 2

Ocean City

Ocean City

I based Ocean City on Atlantic City, I've never been their, I just like the name, I also thought I'd make my city a Casino town seeing as Atlantic City is.

Before Making OC, I had never made a Casino city, and I found it quite difficult, I could never get it to be profitable, or at least predictably profitable.

My Sci-Fi casino is the only advanced casino and it loses anything from 4k to 16k a day in profit, but my Gambling House's often balance this out.










Helsinki 2



A small office Building, the commerce is doing marginally better than the industry

( small industry )

Brickton is slowly limping back onto its feet, things are still bleak for the people and smaller business's but the city itself can find money to fix things. Flemning Ores ltd. and Brickton Smelt Co. are growing with every day and Standard Coal is taking more interest in the mines in Brickton. The Old UMI Building Hasn't enough space for them anymore so Brickton Smelt and Flemning Ores, who are both more local industries have been turfed out by Standard Coal, so they have set out to build their own HQ's , but ever expanding Standard Coal made the old UMI building a mining research building and invested in a tower to use as its headquarter's in Brickton.


This Building will soon be demolished to make way for new development.


Unrelated cityscape.


The 3 Buildings, Flemning Ore Building is still under construction here


A view of the new development , called The Vertical City by the locals


Here you can see which building is whose, the other buildings around have also been labeled for posterity.


A campaign group has started with the aim to turn the worker's hall into a museum. the City's Government is looking into it, this could become a major tourist attraction.

Helsinki 2

Brickton is a city located in Flemning lake County, founded as a , it has traditionally run off industry since its birth in 1873 as a coal mining settlement, now not only coal is mined there, but bauxite, the chief ore of aluminium. Brickton's planned area is a loop of avenue roughly 1.2x1.2km this was originally housing for the mines and factories that sprung up around them, in the center of this loop is an oddly placed industrial area,which is pretty much the city center.

to the north of this is the old Workers Hall, which was a social club ( see Wikipedia's article on Welfare Capitalism ) for the personal use of the Workers which was built with the founding of the city, the Company behind the project was United Mining Incorporated.

To the North of the very center, just within the loop is the City Hall, this building is newer than the original "planned worker settlement" and was built when Brickton was incorporated into a City, when private offices and factories sprang up in 1878. Most of the Houses and in fact most of the city were originally owned by UMI but by the turn of the 19th century they were being bought by other businesses and the worker's that lived there. In 1973 UMI started running into financial trouble and was eventually closed its doors in 1975, After this other companies took over the 4 mines in Brickton, Flemning ores Ltd. took over the 2 Bauxite mines and Standard Coal took over the coal mines. They both sold their goods to the newely founded Brickton Smelt Co. which was created by some former worker's of UMI to keep the old smelting plant open.

The Bankruptcy of UMI made shareholders in many Brickton companies nervous, so they sold up. then the economy went...

Brickton Cast Iron and Wrought Iron Company was the first to go in the Brickton Depression, then Roberts Construction materials, Then Flemning Rubbber Seal Ltd. The list goes on and on.

Many companies have recovered though, the commercial sector was not as hard hit as the industry, but the economy of Brickton is permanently damaged, the only companies that are doing very well are the 3 that filled UMI's gap. Unemployment is through the roof. Everyone is poor, but everyone has always been poor in Brickton.




The Hotel in the foreground was built in 1964, it is not recommended to stay here


The Worker's Hall.


The Mayors House, Built in the style of a later French Mansion, this is where the mayor lives, it was built in 1903 by Mayor Branwell Goe after someone pointed out that he rarely visited his city, it has a thick wood around it.


The Smelting Plant


The City


Factories have been hit hard, but many have managed not to be pushed off the cliff


More Factories


The old UMI building, now owned by Brickton Smelt Co.


Part of the loop


The old Coal Power Station.


A Gambling House on the outskirts of the city, crime is on the rise in Brickton


The City Hall


Another general view of the city


The loop from the air

Helsinki 2



Mineland has had a long and interesting history. Shewn thus:

Charles Barley ( Of Charles Barley hotel fame ( see last entry, or possibly the one before )) founded Minceland in 1803 as his own personal colony ( owned solely by him, and no Empire or other Nation. ) Barley ( The Person ) was born in 1750 to a wealthy merchant family, when his father Jacob died in 1771, he inherited the family business at just 21 and immediately started expanding operations, the Barley trading company, traded everything they could get their hands on; soap, wool, meat, raw materials, fine crafted pottery and tobacco, which was especially lucrative. Their trade routes eventually set into bringing food from America to Europe, Eventually Barley realized that if he could get a trade port at the tip of south America, he would be able to transport lots more goods too the west coast of America and even get access to Asia. Finding none though, he decided to build his own. Barley was here. There are no early pictures of the settlement and few artifacts, as they were mostly destroyed in the late 19th century when Barley experienced its first major expansion, having been slowly rising since its foundation in 1803, the population in 1876 was 13,194 but 4 years later had risen to ~30,000, the unprecedented growth was caused by this tiny city state suddenly getting noticed, ships often docked their by the end of the 1880's and Barley was a household name ( in trade at least ). but then disaster struck, in 1889 Britain invaded and claimed barley for its own, but the Barleins weren't deterred, and they worked hard, so as the first skyscrapers were blossoming in Chicago and New York, so they were in Barley, they were just less well known. Because of its colonial status, its fame diminished and it plunged back into obscurity, but still at least visited by ships.

In an effort to Bring Barley out of obscurity, the Mayor built a commemorative statue to symbolize Barley's trading status, the statue of Free Trade. ( Images on other entries )

After WWII, Britain shed most of its colonies, and Barley was no exception. It regained its beloved independence in 1946 on the condition, however, that it become a country and not just attach itself to Argentina, So the vain Governor, Herbert Mince, gave Minceland its unusual name, and an area of 3 islands was attached to it. more recently, the area to the west of the city, was bought in 1992 for the construction of an arcology, the buildings plans were finished in 1998 after many technological hurdles were overcome ( stresses, ventilation etc. ) . the Arcology's progress is slow however and it is still less than 1/4 finished.

North Barley was started as a pilot city in 1964 but didn't really kick off until 1970 when the population rose to 2000, however, it froze around there for a time before ascending some more, in November 2012, a cataclysmic but extremely localized earthquake raised the town too the ground, but global movement of industries has started a demand for Factories in Minceland , so NNB's Population has exploded in 6 months what NB couldn't do in half a century, it has reached a population of ~8000. NNB has skyrocketed so much that the government is considering a third area north of NNB, its name may be NNNB ( North New North Barley ).

Now I Have Cleared all this up, I will start another update, Maybe I will actually plan it.

Bye for now ~30 people.

Hang on.. no-one will be bothered read this

Helsinki 2


New North Barley

The Time is now August 2013, and NNB has Experienced Growth almost unprecedented in towns, It is a BOOMING Boom-Town, The Population has exploded from 3924 in May to ~8000 in August, Just 3 months later. This Growth is attributed to the demand for industry in the area, being a perfect trading area, New North Barley is set to have a Trade Port Within 1 or 2 years. The Population going through the roof as it were, can also be attributed to a long term plan to move services such as water pumping stations and power stations to NNB from Barley, Barley's old Coal Plant, Which provides power to the city, is set to be replaced by the New North Barley United Power Nuclear Power Station ( N.N.B.U.P.N.P.S for short ).

As This has all happened so quickly, there aren't many pictures, but here are some...


The Nuclear Plant producing lovely, clean power, Note the new suburbs in the upper of the picture, the wind plant is scheduled for demolition.


Before most of the major expansion happened.


The Industry is powering it all.


The Baseball field/court? Whatever they call it, it keeps Mincelanders happy.


I just wanted to show the little interiors of buildings they have made, no-one seems to have commented on this little touch to the game so far, but it is amazing.


People protesting, crime is a big problem here, it must be all the factories,being employed is proven to make people criminals, stupid broken game >:(

End of Update, more tomorrow, or the day after, more at a certain time in the future.

Helsinki 2


Minceland is a small nation on the tip of South America, Its Capital ( And only Real notable City ) is Barley

( see Previous Update ). Barley's Main features are the Statue of Free Trade ( Which looks uncannily like the statue of liberty ) , The Barley Radio Tower , Whose commanding views of the metropolis bring in thousands of tourists, and the Charles Barley Hotel Tower, Which at 336m is the tallest building in South America.

Charles Barley Hotel


The Hotel is in the center of the shot, It is viewed from above Minceland Palace, which was built in 1946 when Minceland Gained its independence. The Barley Radio Tower is visible in the far right, it is just 2m shorter than the Hotel.

The Arcology

To fill the thousands of new jobs being created in barley, a new source of workers has been needed. The government has decided to build an Arcology, a massive self contained city within a giant building, the Minceland arcology is currently under construction and is scheduled to be finished by the year 2017.


North Barley

North Barley Was a Suburb/Small city to the North of Barley, separated by a band of parkland un-authorized for urban growth that limited the size of Barley proper. North Barley WAS a suburb...

Greatly Shaken By a Massive but incredibly localized Earthquake that measured 9.2 on the Richter scale, one of the largest ever recorded, but not covered much due to its extreme localization and the fact that Minceland is almost totally ignored by the rest of the world( more on that in a later update ).


North Barley Before the Dreaded Quake.


NB's Famous Zheccher Bridge, totally destroyed in the Earth Quake


The only photo managed to be taken in the quake, it was recovered from a digital camera in the wreckage, its owner never found, no-one knows who took this image


Surprisingly, some buildings withstood the Earthquke, and 36 aftershocks ( or 38, depending on what sources you check, their aren't many survivors to tell.


The old ports and industries from Barley's youth have since moved elsewhere, and in the 1930's its focus quickly changed to suits and blue collar workers, prompting an Explosion in building heights.


The 1930's Explosion

Tourism also became an economic focus, and an Expo center was built in the Eastern City in 1962 next to the water works, this center has often done large performances and sports events in the past, though recently it has run into disuse. ( Photo of it is at the title )


End of update for now, I Have Run out of Time, I will Edit some More stuff in Tomorrow.

Minceland Exports Plastic from a Recycling Plant in Barley, It has no other major exports except from the odd freight truck, but as almost all the industry was in North Barley, this is almost gone, North Barley's Quake was 6 months ago on 4th of November 2012, But Much has Been Done to Rebuild it and Six Months has yielded a new small town

New North Barley

New North Barley was kick-started just 2 months after the old NB was completely destroyed by the 800 survivors ( Barley's Population previously was just over 3000. ) Quickly new people were buying homes in this town, once again a retreat from the bustling city. Most of the previous town had been destroyed and Barley had funded operations to dispose of the Rubble and Debris. NNB grew within 3 months to the large population of 3924 after just 4 months of constuction ( Mincish Builders are very quick, they even found time to build a grand city hall with a much needed department of education to boot ). This is still very small however compared with the 4 square kilometers of Barley's Metropolitan area's 146,648(December 2012 census)

So Here are some pictures of New North Barley





Thats all for now, And remember, Visit Beautiful Minceland

Helsinki 2


Barley is a large city on the coast of Minceland, A small country on the tip of South America, To the West of Barley is the fast growing suburb of west Barley.



















19. This one is experimentalSpark_2013-04-30_17-11-11_zpse0474ed7.png







Helsinki 2

After New Plymouth, I Decided to have a try at the multiplayer. I think I was quite successful.



An Empire State









The old oil well, knocked down later


This was the city when it was..shorter

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