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About this City Journal

A view of four small municipalities across Canada, from the Rocky Mountains to the shores of the Great Lakes. Watch them adapt and grow to the world around them.

Entries in this City Journal


A Fond Farewell.... II?



A fond farewell..


Well ladies and gentlemen.. apparantly, I just can't get away. ;) I just wanted to let everyone know that the images have all been restored (I think..)! Unfortunately, I will still be ending this CJ as it is. I did enjoy working multiple cities at a time, however I've begun to hit developmental walls and wasn't willing to continue a cycle of destruction and rebirth as we have seen already in Capilano Valley.

I'm hoping to start a new CJ up at some point to run in tandem with Hamlets Across Canada, SAC's sister CJ. It may reuse a few of the updates we've seen in here already. I'll let you guys ponder as to what city this may be. :)

So, until then, folks.. so long.. and thank you for your support. :)


A Fond Farewell..


A fond farewell..


As some of you may have noticed, my the images in my previous updates haven't been showing up for about 3 weeks now. I had them hosted on a personal website which I have since let expire into the internet graveyard. As such, all the images are lost in internet oblivion (except for the originals on my hard drive, of course ;) ).

Because of this and a few other factors, I've decided it's time to retire SAC. I may work on reuploading the CJ images to Photobucket and get everything back online in the coming months, but this will be the last update for Sights Across Canada.

I'd like to say that I truly appreciate the support you all have given me in the 2 years I've been running it. Thanks all of you, it wouldn't have made it this far without your support.

I hope to continue updating Hamlets Across Canada and may be looking at creating another journal in the future. So don't worry.. I should still be around. :)

And now for the last time.. that's all I've got, folks! Thanks for tagging along, across Canada. :)



Today, we'll take another look at the Kingsway area.. this time to the east of the mall!


See? I told you there was no greenspace. An old development, the Kingsway Towers sit directly across the mall from 127 St. (the road with the underpass). Much like the towers we showed you before (and you can see at the bottom left), these are highly populated by students and other low income families, enjoying the low costs of living close to a mall and public transportation.


Noise pollution is obviously a minor problem with Highway 1 running through the city near the apartments. For those living on the lower floors, the noise barriers provide some relief.




And just because I haven't done one in quite a while.. a mosaic. There are plans on redeveloping the midrises at the bottom and the sad looking residential just north of them. A third of the homes currently sit empty and the city isn't interested in this area becoming a hotspot of crime and drugs.

Looking north, you can see the LRT line running through the avenue, and Ramsey Station, named after the hospital, just at the edge of the image. Much behind comparably sized cities in the rapid transit department, city council is rushing to catch up and increase ridership. The city is expected to launch marketing campaigns in the coming weeks to get people on the trains.

And thats all for today, folks! Again, hopefully I'll have the urge to get something done in some of our other cities soon.. In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying our look to the future!



Hello again, folks! Lets take a gander just outside of downtown now, where we find a few more goodies.


Kingsway Mall can be seen to the north, with the appropriately named Kingsway Towers complex to the south. Not the most pleasant area of town, but the mall can still attract a healthy group of tenants. There is a planned renovation and expansion of the mall sometime next year. To the left, you can see one of the old interchanges, one that has existed since Red River was but a small farming community. It is planned to be removed later this year, in favor of a space saving diamond interchange.


A closer shot of the towers. As this area is relatively close to River Community College, quite a few students live here, enjoying the short commute both to school and to the grocery store in the mall.


The other side of Kingsway. The awkward corner you can see is in the planning stages for removal. There are also plans for creating a more urban shopping district around the mall.. most of these shops and restaurants have been around for upwards of 50 years, when this area was a big box store haven. The plan would allow for all current residents to retain a place in the area, with a large contingent of underground parking.


Just below the last picture is the St. Ramsey Hospital. Just recently added, the center to the right allows the hospital to perform intricate heart surgery, the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. Oh and the greenspace doesn't exist. There is no greenspace. *Waves hand Jedi-like.*


Aand moving back towards downtown, we have some of the most expensive towers in the city. Overlooking Wascana Park and with stunning views of downtown, the condos on the top floors have been known to fetch upwards of $1 Million (adjusted for 2008 $ of course).

And that's all for today folks! Hopefully soon, we'll be able to catch up on the other cities we follow. Until then.. so long!



Welcome back! I had a bit of inspiration today and such here we are.. two updates in two days! Must be a modern day record for me. ;) Anyways, lets see whats going in the future of Red River..


There's a new bridge over the river! Well not yet.. under construction. After 120 years of life, the province has decided it's time to retire the old bridge, completed in the mid 1990's. Progress appears to be going well, with the structure coming along very nicely on the western bank.


Looking down the eastern bank, we can see the construction of the pylons. There is still a fair bit of work to be done before they can support the bridge deck on this side.


Here on the western side, we can see how Highway 1 will be rerouted to move onto the new bridge. As a part of this upgrade, the highway will be expanded to three lanes leading into the city of Red River, to accomodate the increased traffic coming from Winnipeg and further east.


And just a shot of the center pylon in the river.


And finally, an overview shot. The bridge is expected to be complete by 2110.

And that's all folks.. Hope you enjoyed the update!



Welcome back! Apologies for the long delay between updates.. I've gotten awfully busy with real life lately and haven't had much time to tinker around in SimCity. Hopefully things are easing up a bit here though! Now....Time to take another journey through time into the future of Red River.. lets take a peek at what things look like juuust north of the downtown core.


Hopefully this shot will help place you.. if you were to go just a little bit further down (south), you'd see that half demolished/crumbling building. Know where we are now? Good! :D This area of town is starting to bustle with new developments as you can see by the cranes. Although still smaller than Regina and Saskatoon (Saskatchewans other large cities), it arguably has much more life.


A little to the east now, you can see City Hall and the soon to be redeveloped Queen Elizabeth Square. Statues that once adorned the park were removed last summer and put into storage so as to protect them from possible damage during the development.


And moving north now, you can see many empty lots littering this area. Although many are planned to be developed within the next decade there is still much empty space to be filled. 


Further north still, we begin moving into industrial warehouses as we get closer to the downtown rail yards which are further to the east.


And the metal scrapyard off the railway. Many citizens would like the scrapyard moved to the outskirts so this land may be redeveloped, but city council is dragging its feet on the matter.

Hope you enjoyed the update! Here's hoping there isn't another 3 month wait before the next one.. :D


Red River: Fort Souris


Update time! Just a quick look at where history sits, today. 2.gif

As mentioned in the history, the old Fort Souris was approximately 5 km east of the townsite, placed on the bank of the Red River. While the original site has since been dismantled and is now a preserved site by the province, a small recreation of the fort has been built just upstream from the first home. Built with the original style and with similar materials, the fort seeks to show visitors what life was like for the early fur traders and what hardships had to be overcome, living relatively alone in the New World.
Still on the banks, it has been threatened by flooding more than a few times in its short history, being reconstructed in the mid 1980's. Somehow, much like the old fort, it has perservered through good times and bad.
Further north in the County of Red River, is the old buffalo jump used by the Cree nations. The Cree would drive the bison over the cliff, with another group stationed down below to finish off the battered animals. There are many locations such as this throughout North America.. one of the most well known being Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in south-central Alberta.. named after a poor soul who was at the wrong place at the wrong time at the bottom of the cliff. 15.gif

Don't mean to end it off on a sour note.. but that's all, folks!


Spruce Grove: Downtown


Update time! Apologies for the delay, I was forced to format my computer over the weekend.. things were becoming nearly unusable. Worry not though, everything was able to be backed up just fine! Anyways, lets see what Spruce has for us today..

The heart of downtown! The city recently purchased a few buildings where the avenue sits now, to make way for the expanded avenue. Many residents were frustrated by the decision but agreed it was necessary to alleviate many of the traffic woes.

And as mentioned in the last caption, the traffic woes.. since the expansion of Calahoo Rd., rush hours have been manageable as commuters return from Edmonton. The outlying communites around Edmonton are popular places to live, giving the small town feel with the big city only minutes away.

And last, but hopefully not least, I realized I've never shown an overview of the city yet. So.. here's an overview of the city. 3.gif

And that's all, folks! Hopefully, you enjoyed this rather short update.. we should have a larger one in store for the weekend. Until then..



Update time! Sorry for spending so much time in the Valley.. You might say inspiration has struck. Hopefully inspiration is turning out for the best. face-icon-small-tongue.gif

Some of you may have noticed when I first showed Capilano's downtown that it cut off at the edge of the city tile... wondering where the rest of downtown went? Wonder no more! Here's the bit that you couldn't see.

The city is currently in the planning phase with Omni Hotels (who owns much of the land around the Capilano Omni Hotel) for a large park/boardwalk area. Many residents feel that such a development could add new life to downtown.

The views from the Capilano Omni are some of the best you can find in the Rockies. On one side overlooking the Capilano River and up Mount Norquay, with the other featuring a commanding view of downtown Capilano and onwards to Pine Hill, where the communications tower is located.

And that's all I've got, folks.. Be sure to check back next time! Also don't forget to check out my side project, Hamlets Across Canada.. Until then, so long!


Capilano Valley: Cabins


Update time! Just a quick one, with yes! New stuff! Some of you might remember that I promised this a while back.. if you remember.. here ya go! If not.. well, I hope you enjoy anyways. 3.gif

The elusive mountain cabin! There's a few of these hidden up in the mountains around the valley. As more and more land is becoming protected, these cottages are becoming prime real estate, some cabins this size fetching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars... cost varying on the views the lot carries. Most aren't built in groups though.. the scene we have here is somewhat of a rarity.

And thats all I've got here, folks! Be sure to check out my new sister CJ, Hamlets Across Canada. It features the same concept as this, only with a much broader focus. And don't worry.. we'll still be seeing regular updates here. 2.gif Well, until next time...


Spruce Grove: New NAM


Here was my adventures with the FAR. Took a while to get things working right.


Aerial view. I'm sure the FAR roads will be a mainstay in the towns from here on out. 4.gif

And er.. that's all folks! I promise some genuinely new content next time.. I've been reusing a fair bit of older stuff for the last few updates. Stay tuned!


Red River: New NAM


Update time! I didn't get quite as much done as I was hoping, I was having some issues with the new FAR pieces.. regardless, lets take a peek.

Exit off the Trans Canada near the edge of town. The town is considering turning the area around the pond on the left into an information/city park type area.

Just a little further down, just the highway curving with some farmland on the side.



Update time! Not the NAM update quite yet, just a quick showing of a new area I've got cropping up. Well.. "new". It's just on the other side of the mountain from downtown Capilano Valley. Lets take a look..

Small commercial area over in the area too.. the Tims is quite popular. Often, customers have to park on the street because of the small parking lot.

Another angle. Residents aren't too impressed that the city cheaped out and didn't build sidewalks along the avenues over here.

And a little further to the right. I think I've shown a shot similar to this earlier.

Overview of the whole area. Ignore the empty area at the top. 3.gif

And thats all, folks! I may have the NAM update in tomorrow, for sure sometime next week. So until then...




Moving on to Spruce now, we can see one of the storm drainage ponds up at the top. There's a few of these around town, mostly in areas built within the past decade. Creates an attractive feature to new neighborhoods.


Closer view of the pond. Its a popular walking area for local residents.


The far side of the pond.

And that's all for now, folks! Check back next week, when I'll have a full NAM update to show! Until then..


Red River: Repaving


Update time! Finally! Apologies for the late reply, work was getting the best of me for the past few weeks. I've just finally had a chance to get a few things done today, so it's not much of an update.. anyways, lets see what I've got in store!

Red River residents are quite pleased with the recent repaving of the Trans Canada passing through town. Rumor has it around town that the province is considering a full upgrade of many of the overpasses through town.


Update time!! Moving further on in Capilano Valley, lets have a peak at downtown.


Downtown! Whoo! You can see the Milennium Square at the bottom (re-built and re-named in late 1999, obviously 2.gif ), previously known as Capilano Square. The name change was somewhat controversial among residents, many of whom prefer the old name to the new one. I'm sure you all know how people hate change. 3.gif


The DoubleTree Hotel near the top of the image was one of the first "high-rises" constructed in Capilano Valley.. back in 1987. The Valley, with its proximity to Banff, quickly became a popular destination during and after the Calgary '88 Winter Olympics, with many guests staying in Capilano Valley and driving down to Banff to watch the games.


Oh and you can see the ever attractive NAFMIS Center in this picture. Shockingly, these colors are in improvement over the previous coat of paint. 2.gif


And a peek down the side of the mountain, with the radio tower in view. No development is permitted up the slopes of the mountain, in order to preserve nature.. as such, growth in the Valley has been skirted along the riverbanks. Great for nature, but ever so frustrating for the millionares who want to buy a chunk of the scenic view from atop the hills and cliffs.

And er.. that's all for today, folks! I may have a small Christmas update tomorrow but after that who knows when I may be able to update again.. things get crazy for me at work from Boxing Day until about New Years. So until then.. so long!



Huge thanks to porter66062 for winterizing the banners! Thanks a bunch! 9.gif

Update time! Lets take a quick peek at Capilano Valley.. I've got a bit more rebuilding done, with a new commercial area to show off!

Ah yes.. Oak Center. Lovingly named for the once majestic oak trees that lined the avenue, the trees were all killed by disease and have been cut down over the past few months. Replanting is starting to occur as well.

Further down in Oak Center, you can see a few trees already replanted. The city throwing their cash away to bring in mature trees, to bring back the classic look of the area.

The eastern edge of Oak Center. Residents still complain about traffic noise. Tough beans.


And an overview of the area.

That's all I've got, folks! Now for all of you whiners complaining about the lack of slums... er.. uh... ehm.. 22.gif

Can I take a raincheck? 3.gif

*Hides behind the curtain*


Spruce Grove: Mosaic


Huge thanks to porter66062 for winterizing the banners! Thanks a bunch! 9.gif

Update time! I had some time tonight, so I decided to do a bit of work over on Spruce Grove. Things are starting to come along nicely now!




As you can see, development is starting to take its usual sprawling form. Pretty soon we should find ourselves at a nice little greenbelt that cuts through the city, made for some high voltage power lines running through.


And McTaggart Rd. The city is planning to expand the road to 2 lanes both ways to help relieve morning rush hour congestion.

And er.. that's all I got, folks! Taking note of response from the last update, it looks like we'll be seeing more through the Time Machine. Whether it's a spinoff CJ or a feature in here.. well that's anyones guess at this point. 3.gif



Huge thanks to porter66062 for winterizing the banners! Thanks a bunch! 9.gif

Update time once again! Doing something a little different here in this update.. the keen eye will notice a small addition to the banner. Taking a jump into the future to see Red River as a bustling city of ~450 000... in the year 2108. Let me know what you guys think and I might do a few more of these kind of updates.. heck maybe even break it off into another CJ. Either way (good or bad 3.gif ) let me know! Now enough of my babbling.. lets see some pictures!

Woah! Highrises! Well, here's the northern edge of downtown, bordering right along Manning Drive (aka the Trans Canada). There's a few hotels keenly located along this stretch, capturing the through traffic.

A peek in at the core of downtown. You might notice there's a few buildings in a bit of rough shape, most notably Melbrooke Tower at the bottom. The province has hit a bit of a downturn in recent years and has hit Red River especially hard.

Ah and the fated Melbrooke Tower. Plagued with disaster since it was under construction when two workers fell off scaffolding to find their harnesses snap, the latest incident was a raging fire that gutted the building. It's now being demolished to make way for a parkade.

Lovely apartments on the southern end of downtown. While some people might think that's a Kroger's grocery store, it's really a Sobey's. Truly. Honestagod.


And here's just an overview of the downtown area.

Now, where the heck is this in Red River? Here's a flashback to the past that might help place yourself.


Helping at all? No? Not to worry, I'll have a better comparison shot next time I do a Red River 2108 update. 2.gif

And that's all I got for you folks. Do let me know what you thought of the time travelling to 2108. Until then....



Huge thanks to porter66062 for winterizing the banners! Thanks a bunch! 9.gif

Update time! My updates may become a little more infrequent over this month.. working retail during christmas sorta drains you a bit. 3.gif In any case, here's a small update for Red River. Hopefully I'll be able to a bunch more tonight on my night off to supply a few updates. 4.gif

New neighborhood! Yay! As you can see the area is still very much under construction and there are a few lots in stage 1 yet to be sold. Best hurry... they're selling fast!

And just an overview of where the new place is. The keen eye will be able to find the neighborhood of Windermere to place themselves. 2.gif


Update time! Hurrah! I got some progress done on Capilano Valley tonight, so just a little update on whats been done.

Another of the schools around the valley.

Capilano Ave. making a bend. I'll have to update the region map for the valley soon, as I've had to rename some roads, nevermind the networks being all wonky because of the changes in the area. Hopefully within the next few updates I'll be able to produce that for you guys.

Remember the nice roundabout we used to have? Here's that intersection now.


The city planners are showing some foresight here in leaving grass space on the sides coming up to the intersection. If in the future should the demand on the road call for it, it will be much easier and cheaper for them to build a new interchange. Genius, I dare say!

Unfortunately, that's all I've got for you guys today. I may have another small update tomorrow or on Monday, but we'll see. For sure next weekend will have another update. Until then.. adios!



YAY update time! Apologies for the delay, I was a few thousand km away from my computer, by a pool. But we're going off topic now.. I finally got enough to give ya a bit of a Capilano Valley update, so here it is!

Across the river from the mighty interchange, we've got a bit of redeveloped residential. It keeps the same sorta layout, with the avenue and everything, just sorta "updated".

And yes, I did somewhat eliminate Capilano Park. Fear not, it will make a return somewhere else in the valley. 4.gif

And here's just a nice way to place yourself from the interchange down!

And that's all I've got today. Hopefully, I should have more updates of the Valley in the future, work is just a little slow getting things done. 9.gif

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