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  1. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I enjoyed his kindness and devotion over many years.. he will be remembered.. A unique fellow
  2. Industry Doubler

    This is a mod of the highest quality.. .well thought out, properly proportioned to the game structure, and balanced to the Maxis game and well-tested (you guys carping about pollution.. just use a cheat!) .. and yet you even gave the whiners a way to turn it into a pollution cheat.. I give it full thumbs up! Exactly what I would expect from the Big B..
  3. Pedestrian Commute Distances

    There is a NAM option (I think.. it relates to the simulator version chosen) where you may elect to have VERY LONG walking distances. You may have selected that simulator "by accident". Check your simulator mode to be sure you haven't checked that. If you pick it, sims will almost walk across an entire city tile
  4. VM graphics support is indeed primitive..
  5. I have played SC4 for many years.. since about 1985 or so when the first Simcity came out. But for some reason it didn't occur to me to help people BEFORE they actually buy the game. We have possibly become blind to the confusing issues for new buyers because we've been playing so long.. but there are confusing factors on what is needed to play effectively and to enjoy the benefits of great sites like Simtropolis. I have also been a user of Amazon.com for many years and am a happy customer. I decided to try to help out people who are seeking to buy the game and to start playing. For that reason I have written reviews on Amazon to try to guide others. I'd also like to enlist the help of the Simtropolis users. I'd like you to read my reviews and add your comments and your "helpful" or not ratings. Please feel free to join in! I believe you may have to have an Amazon account so this may not apply. I'd still love to hear what you have to say even if you aren't an Amazon user. My reviewer name is John "Old Guy". My reviews are as follows: SC4 Deluxe RushHour Expansion Pack SC4 Basic SC4 Basic My objective is to help people make the right choices when they are buying and to encourage them to not only buy, but to follow up by joining us in such places as Simtropolis. Sorry for the multiple reviews, but the way Amazon's listing system works, the review must be placed on each offering. I think this forum is a reasonable place to post. If there is a better place, please move it. Thanks.
  6. Without "cheats" you can only have one university. If you have a heavily populated city, you will fill the university to capacity. At that point your only option is to use the college(s). I routinely use them anyways as it does much the same thing at a much cheaper cost and without gobbling up the huge tract of land. I find it especially useful in small, developing cities.
  7. Bug or feature?

    There are some peculiarities about the "rewards". If it doesn't work properly use the "you don't deserve it" entry and just replop it. It can hardly be considered cheating, since you already earned it.
  8. A city that supplies utilities

    Isn't the power they supply really expensive though? When you take into account the fact that a waste-to-energy plant gets rid of garbage and provides power, the price seems much more reasonable. I will admitt though, the price still is quite high. By the way, I didn't know that you could fund the waste-to-energy plants down all the way and still have them burn garbage, I'll have to try that sometime. Once again, I suppose I should say, if you are looking for cheap garbage disposal, Peg's Garbage Chute is a good option- I use a few in all of my cities now. (Link) Given the "real life" issues with "trash burning power" it's probably realistic. We have a many-millions $ plant built here in Columbus about 30 years ago. It had so many problems and was in various states of no or reduced service it was commonly known as the "cash burning power plant". Eventually it was decommissioned and abandoned at the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to the public (thanks Mr government! )
  9. Sparking power pole

    It may eventually ignite adjacent structures. I'd try to get rid of the power poles or fix the power plant's budget. I use these plants at zero funding all the time and have no problems.. neither fire nor "sparking poles". I have had the sparking poles on rare occasion, so this suggests to me that whatever the issue is, it doesn't relate directly to the 0-funded trash burner.
  10. ST "Friends"

    It appears that the web design intent is to allow people on ST to have a "friend" status similar to FB, etc. This seems to be designed in a similar fashion where someone requests "add friend" then the other person "approves" that status. However I recently found I had been "friended" without my approval (and was being automatically emailed with that persons items of interest). I went to "unfriend" that person only to find that I not only was friended without approving it, but that the only "unfriend" option was to "request of the person to unfriend me' This is totally backward to how it should work and I am guessing is either an error on the code of the web design OR has been improperly implimented by the "admins" for ST. I'd appreciate it if this function were "fixed" so that it worked similar to FB and others. Thanks. This has nothing to do with the person who friended me, but to the proper implimentation of the function.
  11. Plenty of pc power.. perhaps you can show some pics of the "problem cities"
  12. The game is made up of many simulation threads which run loops at date driven intervals.. there is the basic which runs at all times, then some run daily, monthly, and every 3 or 4 months.. and maybe at longer times too.. I expect your are operating on a fairly low power pc (perhaps a laptop, etc) and when that monthly loop runs, you see it slow down while it runs, then it catches up and runs faster again... just guessing
  13. People Power Shakes The Arab World!

    I find most posts here to be incredibly naive.. yes there is a disruption to a formerly stable mid-east government (hmm.. where have we seen this before?) but all that creates is a power vacuum.. it remains to be seen what forces will actually rule Egypt and if it will have even the most rudimentary resemblance to a "democracy". I expect it will be a year to 18 months or even longer before we find out.. and what Obama (or any other US official) thinks of whatever happens will be of only the most peripheral consequence.. and certainly no cause:effect
  14. Sim City 4 runs Too Fast!

    Thanks.. glad it worked out for you.. yes I'm not quite sure what the problem was (it deals only with AMD's so-called x64 or X2 processors.. AMD doesn't explain the issue very well and I'v eonly seen it affect SC4 (though it may be an issue with other programs) I've had an X64 over 6 yrs now and SC4 is the only one I can tell is an issue. As far as I can tell the patch has virtually indetectable impact on system operation, so I keep it installed at all times.. who knows when it may be causing issues in an unseen manner.
  15. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    If you search for "seasonal" you probably will find some examples.. this requires multiple models and timed props