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  1. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Cool! Thanks, pnorrell!
  2. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Anyone know anything about this project? it appears to be from NOB but I can't find anything on his site or on SimCityForce where I originally saw it. Any thoughts?
  3. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    pnorrell, t wrecks, vester -- i would absolutely use these buildings if they could be growable instead of replacements. unfortunately, i don't speak japanese but if there's anything i could do to facilitate this just let me know
  4. Blank growable lots

    This'll be fabulous!!! I've been tweaking some industrial filler lots I made with blank building files but have gotten nowhere with them. This should be a great help to me!!! (well, outside of having to re-LE the lots but c'est la vie my questions will be answered and all will be happy again!!!)
  5. NIMBY Collection 1

    by the way, if you don't want these as NIMBY just use the ilive and adjust the particular DAT! that way you can have a tattoo parlor next to your border bookstore (funny, another high quality SG lot!)
  6. NIMBY Collection 1

    I'm a true realist in every way so these lots will do great in my cities! The quality is spot on SG quality and i especially love the posterboards/billboard images which by the way are no more explicit than walking past victoria secrets in the mall.
  7. AS CS Lots

    sweet. i love small commercials like these. i prefer buildings that help me with urban sprawl and these will definetly do the job.
  8. McSouseland Pavilion

    Cool BAT! I checked out your website and there seems to be quite a few cool lots on there too. Only problem is i can't figure out how to download them! I created a login in the foro section but still no luck when i click on descargar on the lot - it brings me back to the front page!
  9. ITS Archway Swimming Centre

    Fabulous as always tonkso! thanks for all your contributions.
  10. Does anyone know the way to change the sidewalk effect created by a lot's density. For example, some landmarks when plopped have the 'rural' low density look of mixed grass/sidewalk along the street sides which looks plum silly in a medium to high density downtown area. I looked at some lots in the ilive reader and the only property that seems to point in this direction would be LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes. This would let you choose up to 3 different zone types .... but i have no idea what those would be. I've searched through the forums and found only Swamper's mod that changes all sidewalks to a uni-density. That would work but i still would prefer my rural areas to be sidewalk-less. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. PARIS large Police Department

    Absolutely fabulous looking BAT. This'll go in my region prontissimo! A 10 for sure.
  12. Nokikana Mobile Phones

    simply awesome, thanks.
  13. Kolmiotalo

    Absolutely cool!!! if you can, make more of these. you're other creations are awesome, but this one seems to tackle a shortcoming of the game -- can i give this an 11?