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  1. Puerto Joya

    Maganda! Taga saan po sila? States o Pilipina?
  2. Chelsea Tower

    The way you BAT so detailed and extensive....You must own an architectural firm. :P Absolutely maginificent.
  3. Fortune Serene

    What program are you using to make these beautiful creations? They're absolutely amazing!!Great work.
  4. Sim Swim Arena

    Nice work SG.
  5. NDEX Montauk Gas Company by DT

    Lol. You beat me to it. :( Ahh, great work DT. Love the modern-esque style. ;)
  6. Efes Grill

    Great work. Haven't downloaded this before, I might as well get it now. ;)
  7. Simtropia

    Nice work jeronij! The port is amazing. Keep it up.
  8. NDEX Old Post Office by Ardecila

    Lol, that's one huge lot. And I love Transit Enabled lots! Great work Ardecila.
  9. Simcoe Place

    Looks awesome! Lots of detail. Is it not strange to see a NJZ building right next to it? :P
  10. Roy Thomson Hall

    Hey you released it. :D Great work. The inner-lighting is magnificent. 10/10
  11. Chipotle Restaurant by DuskTrooper

    Great job. Makes my mouth water :-). 10.
  12. The Avatar Above Me

    Erm...Holiday spirit. 9/10.
  13. The Avatar Above Me

    GDDan: I knew not many people were going to know what it was. but if you play WoW.... An original. 10/10. Ah, it seems everyone has X-Mas Spirit.
  14. The Avatar Above Me

    Pretty nice. I like the bridge. 9/10.
  15. skyscrapers The Palm Building

    A Plop Res. will work even without a growable. As long as you did everything right, yes. Good job on the lot. I like the nightlights.