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  1. It is very good thing that a team of devs spends their own time and effort maintain an expansive mod pack . I am currently just 'frustrated' that the only response to the ( well known ) overpass glitches is "we can not reproduce this behavior" . This essentially breaks over 40% of functionality of the mod pack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l39WzMzB9s
  2. @APSM This is referring to NAM version 32 { SNIP }
  3. The singleprop installer does exactly what it says and installs a single prop version and there are still dependencies that you have to install if you want the bus signs and timetables that applies which ever version you use, this is clearly stated in the readme's, the 3.6 readme covers in detail the files and what you need to do with them with regard to the 3.5 version files and whether you are replacing a file or if its new and also what files you need to delete from the 3.5 version. Yes all the readme's are lengthy, but if you follow all of them you should end up with a working RTMT As MushyMushy says its part of the game and we can't change the way the game was designed to work, even if it was a bug. -catty RTMT Team There are other mods that somehow emulate roads and streets to get around this issue.
  4. Highways have different traffic capacities than roads, after about 6,000 a normal road will go red. Too many stop lights, I have noticed, also cause a LOT of traffic backup - I also find it weird that 'roundabouts' cause congestion & routing problems. I do admit that I enjoy designing road / highway networks FAR more than city planning . Just for the hay of it, the current city I have going has 120,000 population, with no public transportation ( planned city ), though some roads are in the red the networks work well enough. * gets the bulldozer out * I tend to lay all the major roads out in a grid THAN attach branch roads - forcing traffic exactly were I want it to go.
  5. RTMT blocks the lots it's directly in front of ... they need to fix that !
  6. Newbie help (well kinda)

    It takes a while to experiment with different mods to see what happens and to just to your play style. I 'only' have 450 meg worth of files in my plugin folder ( 30+ mods ) - there are folks who have well over 2+ gigs worth of mods. It's all about how you like playing the game, AND how much your computer can take .
  7. Real Highway has WAY too many bugs with it's overpass system to attempt anything complex. ( NAM version 32 ) You can do T and Y interchanges, HOWEVER it is next to impossible to make it compact, and difficult to make it look good. The Maxis interchanges are the most compacted you can get, unfortunately . Edit: The star you posted is physically imposable with that limited space.
  8. That is an understatement ! { SNIP }
  9. By the CD ... they have everything bundled together . http://www.simtropolis.com/stexcollections
  10. There are many RHM road bits that are broken . It is advisable to run a Maxis highway in between regains if you desire multi tile highways . Something "broke" in the last NAM update ( 32 ) ... I have many broken road and rail connections .
  11. Worst City Planning

    Come on down to Pittsburgh ! The entire city looks like they threw roads and bridges and highways any were they fit ! It is very easy to take a wrong turn !!!
  12. Simcity 4 MUST HAVE MODS.

    They are just props =-( I was going to run "oil", "water" and "steam" through them, however I can not find a good 'reconfigurable' refinery mod . [*1] Only thing I have 'extra' for the set is a cooling tower (( unable to find 'reconfigurable' realistically sized 'power house' ether [*1] )) *1 - without going through dependency h###
  13. Biggest city you have with no subway/metro?

    I built this to show you that is it possible to make a city with out public transportation ... 1: There are no busses 2: There are no kind of passenger rail 3: There is no subway 4: I used no mods that change traffic congestion 5: I did not use any kind of mod roads 6: I did not use any mod to change RCI demand 7: Almost everything is high tech / high wealth - except for the farms in the north west corner I unfortunately do not have any of my "old" stuff any more
  14. Paeng's Parking Lots Vol 01

    I am very glad there is not a ton of dependencies with this mod !!!  There is an annoying bug, however.  When I query any parking lot it shows usage as "0" - when I use the NAM query it shows cars are using it.
  15. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I think it would be in your best interest to accept the fact that if you want quality SC4 content, you'll also need dependencies. That said, try this one: That is the first parking lot mod that I have seen that does not require a huge number of dependencies - thanks.