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  1. Parklets

  2. Natural Parks

  3. Tree Anywhere

  4. Thank you very much for your answers.
  5. Orion's Belt Modpack | Bigger Cities Made Easy!

    I had same kind of issue with first usage of Project Akar's RCIHPlop mod (without Orion): No plop points detected. Fix (at least for me) was to save, quit game, restart game, and reload city. I had to do that only the first time after RCIPlopAll mod install. Hope this helps.
  6. Two days ago, "SUGC Modpack" mods collection was available for download, and it has disappeared now. Why? As I was about to uninstall and clean-re-install Simcity 2013 for it, I would like to know if it will be brought back. Many many thanks to all modders!
  7. Electric Power Lines

    Congratulations! Your mod is number 200 in "Simcity 2013 - Game mods" section  :D
  8. Parklets

    This mod changed my mayor's life! Thank you soooo much!!