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  1. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Average floor height approaching 10 stories. bonus stuff under the bridge
  2. Show Us Your Interchanges

    I have been doing it ever since prop anarchy was released, but barrier placer makes it a hundred times faster, when that mod gets curves you will see how far i can take it
  3. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Finally got around to adding the streetcar system, in my city it was never truly removed in the 1920s because along with the heavy rail the car couldn't compete with public transport. "muh sightlines"
  4. 5 minutes 30 seconds for 1500 assets/mods
  5. if there is a way to do it automatically.
  6. Following up, planetree + gantrys are really nice.
  7. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    There's 40m of vertical elevation in places, the city is built on a hill it's pretty difficult to see though. As for the rail, here is a map, there are other lines that aren't shown that run away from the northern station.
  8. Show us your Downtown/CBD

    Overlooking state parliament, former governors house (now state library), and the original church. 180 from previous shot.