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  1. Version


    Loosely based on the appearance of the Old Patent Office Building in Washington DC, the Museum is a brand-new building with (for the first time) some brand-new behaviors. Basically, it's a landmark-meets-library - apart from attracting tourists that shovel out cash in the gift shop, it also lures in your local populace who might learn something from the experience. Given enough tourists, your sims' education will literally pay for itself. It can be found under the education menu. Special thanks to MaxisGuillaume for the idea and some guidance.
  2. Looks great! Feel free to create menu items for any of my mods you might want to add, although I'll reserve the right to create my own custom menu's in the future.
  3. Version


    Finally I'm able to release a new version of my first building mod - an offline version of the Central Train Station. Besides being able to function besides the default station, this one has a few perks; New better looking lot more suited to the station size Buildable on road as opposed to on rail Contains built-in tracks Has a much higher capacity than the default station (at a slightly higher cost)
  4. any idea where the file highways of tomorrow I need that package.

  5. Hello, hope you can help me. I am creating a mod this is based wings mos streets You can create a menu for the mod I want to build roads. I want to create a structure of streets have their own menu, its own texture. finally, I want to create another type of streets that is pending and can run unto the other original streets. I've changed texture and stuff like that but I could not in contrar as it helps create.

  6. Version


    I've been working on this one for weeks, but it's finally here; the elevated railway based on MaxisGuillaume's 'Maglev as Subway' mod (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29428-maglev-as-subway/). This mod uses the maglev network to create a Chicago/New York style "EL-Train" with tracks and stations that can be placed above roads. Can I still use the maglev? Yes, this mod exists as a completely new network - however, due to how the game is implemented, the EL-train vehicles replace the default maglev ones. So, you can still build the vanilla maglev tracks and stations, but the vehicles that will travel on them are EL-Trains. Can I use this in combination with MaxisGuillaume's Subway? Yes - while this mod is inspired by his, it exists as a completely separate entity, although just like with the maglev, the new EL-Train vehicles will travel on the paths - of course, in case of the subway this might actually be preferable if you want a more realistic subway. For the time being you can't connect the two networks together yet, but I'm planning on making this possible. (Many thanks to MaxisGuillaume for helping me to get this to work)
  7. Version


    This train is a replacement for the default one, but is different in a few ways - first of all, it is longer and has a higher capacity than the default one, and secondly is pulled by a single engine instead of existing in a 'multiple-unit' configuration. The engine is based on the NS Class 1600 The carriage is based on the ICR carriage
  8. Version


    This mod is an offline-only version of my Public Transport Stops which allows them to exist as standalone objects besides the official in-game transportation stops; so unlike all 'online' mods, it needs not to replace an existing item but adds three completely new ones: Tram Stop: A longer platform with two shelters, plenty of seating and lighting. Bus Stop: A glass bus shelter with a small bus stop marker School Bus Stop: A small wooden shelter
  9. Cut the Grass

    I love it! I have attempted the same thing in the past but couldn't find the correct file to update - glad you got this to work!
  10. Thanks for making those awesome buildings and cars. Greeting From your own country :D

  11. Version


    This mod changes all the smaller public transport stops into the following more realistic and less out of place alternatives: Tram Stop: A longer platform with two shelters, plenty of seating and lighting. Bus Stop: A glass bus shelter with a small bus stop marker School Bus Stop: A small wooden shelter
  12. in belgium we also got small streets with one direction and also streets where the tram on the lane of the car ride. if there is a mod for simcity 2013 consisted would be great fun.

  13. Train Fix Mod



    If you're having problems with having one of my train mods show up after the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack, placing this package into the SimCityData folder will fix that for you. Also, when you're not using a train skin mod, you get the old Maxis train back.
  14. The Unisphere

    Haha, I knew someone was going to bring that up; the reason why New Zealand is missing is that I tried to keep the amount of polygons as low as possible. The geography is lacking in a few more places but I had to balance out the complexity versus its accuracy.
  15. Version


    The Unisphere in Flushing Meadows - Corona Park is probably one of the more underrated landmarks in New York City. Since it's essentially a huge fountain, it looks great in any city park area, and as it was built for the World's Fair, it also fits in quite well with the modern Cities of Tomorrow aesthetic. In-game, this landmark replaces St. Basil's Cathedral (for the sole reason that it was the only building that had an appropriately-sized base lot), complete with new icon, preview image and text.