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  1. New DLC, official info

    Any kind-hearted person willing to donate an extra code for this set? I'm having problems getting one since I'm outside the US... edit: Or does anyone know if the snail mail thing works for cases like mine?
  2. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    Thank you! Going to distract myself with this until SimCity 2013 is released.
  3. An Actual Urban Planner Takes On The Original SimCity

    In this guest editorial, John Reinhardt, a member of IBM's City Forward team, compares the actual job of urban planning with that found in the Super Nintendo version of SimCity. There's an urban legend that my mentor once told me: "There are two piles when you apply to a top urban planning school. If you write about your love of SimCity, your application goes straight into ‘Pile B'—the trash bin." Harsh words, but perhaps there is some truth. An entire generation was taught Urban Planning by Dr. Wright, a 3-inch, green haired imp, from the Super Nintendo version ofSimCity. I myself was hooked from a young age, and made an entire career out of it. Today, I work for IBM as the Program Manager of City Forward, and I'm part of the American Institute of Certified Planners, but my education goes back to the early 90's and Dr. Wright. Continue http://kotaku.com/5984156/an-actual-urban-planner-takes-on-the-original-simcity
  4. It's a different SimCity, like they said it's a reimagination/reboot franchise. We can't and shouldn't force it to "fit" into any specific category, obviously.
  5. What does SC5 have that SC4 doesn't?

    It's supposed to be base game, not some sort of SC4 expansion. SC4 vanilla was released without any mods.
  6. If what your avatar says is true, then Maxis should work on a new Spore instead.

  7. Where are yoo hoo?