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  1. Nope, not a chance in hell. It would still be a pale shadow of the game I waited ten years for. I won't give them a red cent until they confirm a Simcity 5 and acknowledge this wishlist:
  2. Scrap it, take it off the shelves, apologize and listen to your community, a good start would be here: Just look at how out of touch they are with what the community wanted, it boggles the mind. See how much hope, love, ambition, excitement and anticipation there is at the start of the thread, it all goes pear shaped around page 12, just after the first community Q&A sessions, when people like me knew the game was not going to fulfill any of our wishes or expectations.
  3. Have you read these? Did you know about these major issues while you gave this broken game a glowing review? http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/1a6rj0/its_not_pathfinding_its_glassbox/ http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/1a6oeo/proof_that_the_game_is_misleading_regarding/ You are aware that none of the sims are persistent, right? That they act the exact same way as sewage or electricity, right? That they go to a different workplace each day, come home to a different house, with a different wife and different kids, each and every single day........right? So there is actually no simulation, The sims are a resource generated by certain buildings at certain times with certain building destinations, It's just a bunch of interacting resources pathing between buildings, it's anything but a simulation of a city.
  4. This. I saw this coming months ago. Indeed, after the first community Q&A (the one which confirmed no terraforming and no regional transport) I knew, straight away, that the game would fail. They've tried to reinvent the wheel and failed miserably.
  5. Honestly you just have a bad city layout or are trying to play it like SC4.... My best city uses a circular design, with townhall, in the centre, and services on the next inner circular ring and the main avenue off the highway splitting down the centre, and I have over 50k population, traffic flow is very good, with tourist coming in. Mixed resident and commercial zones on the outter rings, industry, water and gabage on the edge of the city where the wind blows Park and rides at all major resident junctions and at the city entrance and exit. Have had no major fire or crime issues, unlike some of my other grid like cities. My largest city has over 160k, with room to grow. You need to have junctions for the cars to U turn, I've noticed So, 'Your city, Your way' means nothing anymore? This is what I've said from the start, the game focuses on competition instead of creativity, it's all going to boil down to the same thing we see in RTS games Like Starcraft, where you have an optimal unit build order, optimal base layout etc... Sure you had an 'optimal' layout in previous Simcity games, but it wasn't fun to play with that layout, nor was it geared towards it, nor we're you forced into doing it to compensate for the archaic Pathfinding/AI.
  6. Everything in this game is simulated by an individual agent......poorly.
  7. It isn't, it's called simcity, it has repercussions. And no, they wouldn't necessarily, from what I've read the game is bug ridden and glassbox is broken and designed poorly. - sims walking in circleshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHdyzx_ecbQ- Broken simcity pathfinding. http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/19yjgz/has_anybody_ever_decided_to_follow_a_random_car/ - car's constantly doing u-turns http://i.imgur.com/iWJhc3Y.jpg - a fix for above issue, requiring the building of a dirt road, just like in real life. http://imgur.com/ZMSbYZQ - trade port won't recieve freight. http://i.imgur.com/MvGQp2W.jpg - bugged interface http://i.imgur.com/oAu9XxW.jpg - station apparently not connected. http://imgur.com/a/gVKs3 - optimal road layout is a one road network. http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/19uev9/does_this_game_even_have_ai/ - extensive reddit post regarding the lacklustre, un-realistic, lazily designed pathfinding. I heard there we're some server issues too? Sure people might complain about the map sizes or other lack of features.
  8. Queue Simulator 2013? Simhamlet online edition? That always bugged the hell out of me too, 'oh in the new simcity you can trade resources between cities! You can even get other cities to handle your waste, or electricity!'....Yeah, I could do that in Simcity 4, it's how you get green cities...
  9. There was never a need for a reboot. This game should have been called Simcity Online, simple as that. By making this game a reboot, they have essentially stated that the simcity 4 game model will never be pursued again, that it's redundant/irrelevant and micro focused simulation is the new way and the way that we should be playing. The reboot means we will never get the 'simcity 5' many of us waited 10 years for, they decided for us what we liked and what we want in a city simulator, and claimed it's what we asked for, and just to make sure, they made it a canon simcity title. It's a slap in the face to the fans who have supported them over the years and is nothing but insulting when they state they are listening to their fans, and that they respect them. Of course I'm going to compare it to simcity 4, because this is what Maxis are saying it is better than, that this is what is replacing what many, many people adore. It's not that it's 'not a new simcity 4', it's that this is the way it will always be in the future. (if this franchise has one)
  10. Boooo! Assosiating something as awesome as Game of Thrones with this shitty game! Booo I say!
  11. Not in the slightest. Maxis bought in on themselves the second they decided the franchise needed a reboot.
  12. Sadly ironic?

    I'm of the 'Game is no good regardless of online' variety of critic. I, up untill this point was indifferent, and occasionally defensive of always online., it was something that never bothered me. My problem is with the gameplay and loss of features and freedoms from previous iterations for the sake of multiplayer, probable microtransactions, leaderboards, accessability and frivilous, micro focused simulation. I don't care how they get their karma, but i'm happy they are getting it.
  13. I can't help but smile and laugh as the devs get their karma, I started to wonder when the last time I was this happy about a piece of gaming news, and it occured to me, the last time I was this happy about a game was when I heard that they were making a new simcity.... Anyone else got that feel?
  14. Signed up to say

    I certainly was never waiting for multiplayer...I was waiting for massive tiles, more transportation options, better terraforming, ease of modding and gereral increase in scale, scope and freedom. Instead the poeple who bought it get none of that but they do get a multiplayer that doesn't even work.