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  1. You have a duplicate, so delete one instance of Trailer0. And clear the LocalRICOSettings.xml file in your Cities Skylines common folder. Just delete the file, then load the game up again, it'll create a new instance and this should be fine.
  2. Do you use Ploppable RICO?
  3. Crash On Save

    Don't Crash has been announced as incompatible with the new update, wait for the mod to be fixed and in the meantime just don't use Don't Crash.
  4. Damn you Natural Disasters!

    UPDATE: I deleted an extra driving range and the error message has slowed down considerably, however, I now find myself unable to plop down and see some important infrastructure (water pumps and weather radar mostly)
  5. After much farting about with RICO to get rid of the Divided by Zero error, I am now getting this error instead. Object reference not set to an instance of an object [System.NullReferenceException] Details: No details No details to even tell me what's messing up! I wouldn't mind, as it was saying this just before Natural Disasters hit, and a quick reload would sort this out, but it's not working now! Every thirty seconds or so this pops up, even on new games! Help!
  6. RHW-6S Toll Booth

  7. Burj Dubai LMT

  8. Bricoman