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  1. Adjohoun

  2. Paeng's Cemetery and Park Walls

    Never cease to amaze me Thanks for the great contribution
  3. The Index, Dubai

    [quote name='Buckers' timestamp='1314656872'] Guys im new to this how do i get the buildings into sim city ive downloaded them but cant get them into the game please help ! [/quote] put it into ur plugins which is in the file SimCity4 in ur documents
  4. Harrison City Preview

    this is absolutly amazing, love the photos and buildings chosen
  5. TEASER: Airport & Suburban homes

    its raining hard here, had a tornado wrarning
  6. Update 4- West Auburn

    omg dude this is like 100x better than anything i have anything created, this is absoolutly amazing, i dont think i have seen anything quite like this, but if u can give me a link, where do u get those trees that border the streets, in other words this CJ is godlike
  7. Wirdle Wide Web

    and also that building with the pool on picture 2, at the top right
  8. Wirdle Wide Web

    OH wow this is absolutly marvelous, your city is so modern and is filled in to with perfection. Also wat is that building that is in the middle of the 6th picture, and great job, keep up the good work
  9. ...It's time to make Sim City 5, Maxis.

    the number 1 problem i beleive is why Maxis wont make another simcity is because SC4 is developed into a huge community, where the players have made the game much better than they planned it, is they were to make another one they would have to restart all the buildings and that would be very time consuming,in other words i would love for Maxis to make a simcity 5 but they are going to need the help of the community
  10. Update 12

    what are those boardwalks..... the ones above the bottom ones and the bottom one, its very good i like it,
  11. CJ

    How do u properly make a city journal, like how do u add pics from your game???? Any comment is welcome
  12. Urban Cycleways Pack

    this is actually very good, i like it, but if u could can u switch the pink trees with green trees or somethin like that in the future, this is awsome in my eyes 4.5/5
  13. Lawson, Chane County, Everson State

    i love this CJ it is detailed very well and your city planning is very wel intact, i would also like to add that Foothills medical center is one of the more bigger hospitals in Alberta, it is located in Calgary and it has the exact same name (just wanted to point that out) but in other words this is wonderful
  14. Lights

    I have no night lighting even though i have all the needed dependencies and also i have no lighting for buildings that say there is no lighting dependencie needed. Help me!!!
  15. Black Cat Fireworks Superstore

    dont be to harsh on Frex_Ceafus he is just a beginer and is doing very good since his first BAT, anyway nice job on this very good