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About this City Journal

The Commonwealth of Shayden is a large country on planet Adonia that is in the United Sovereign Nations of the World (USNW) that is also a Commonwealth to Posillipo.

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§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Hi, sorry for not posting in a long time, but a lot of things got in the way with CJing. Anyway, I've been trying to make a good update for ST to announce my return with. But all I can do is find a few scattered pictures. :L

So here it is. A preview of the Capital of Shayden: Smith City.





I'm sorry for a lack of pictures, but perfection takes time. Happy Holiday's folks!

P.S: This CJ is done now. Expect something new within the next few weeks. You'll like the new CJ. Don't worry, Shayden will remain. It's just going under a few "changes". Stay classy and stay tuned ;)

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo




Welcome back to Spartanburgh! As you can see nothing has changed in the past 5 months. Spartanburgh is still a

culture infested city.


The city is still beautiful and historic, these houses have existed since the 1700's (but they have been renovated and repaired a

few times to prevent unsafe conditions)!


The school is still the same. But the crops haven't grown in yet, why you ask? Well, it's because Spartanburgh's growing season is

from June to October. Some years it starts earlier, but this year isn't the case.


Rain is common in Spartanburgh from May to September. Usually at least 1/4 to 1/3 of the month there's rain.


Usually the rain ruins most plans for the day unless people plan on shopping.


Just because Spartanburgh is an old city, doesn't mean it's commercial businesses can't be modern. Spartanburgh has many

businesses, because usually women go to buy groceries and clothes and children hang out in the stores to talk to friends (which also

bring in the occasional dollars)    

Okay thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Schulmanator: Thanks :)

emperordaniel: Now I may use that area for a park. :P

MamaLuigi945: Thanks. :)

Fox: It does look great from region view, thanks. :D

NMUSpidey: Thanks!

halenbyname: All I can say is that the weather is bi-polar. :(

jack3oh3: Thanks, but the owners of Escambia and Insulo helped me with the football fields!

escilnavia: Thanks. :)

bwong: It's also got the moves like Jagger! :P

Efkin: They ARE 8-2-0 so far, and the best in the league. :D

bigro: Yeah, this AFL is the Adonian Football League (American Football)


The Growing Season in Spartanburgh has officially ended for the year. But this means more than just the end of crops for the citizens of Spartanburgh. This means a change of activities:


As it can be seen, the start of snow has come, because of the sleet that's fallen over the community all day.


When kids would usually go out and play and farmers would go outside and tend to their crops in the summer, none of that is done during the fall or winter.


Usually the most popular hangout spot at this time of year is the movie theater. Here teens will hangout with friends and watch movies with buttery popcorn to munch on.


Children and Teens during the spring when school is about to end, and what's left of summer when school starts would usually ditch school by hiding in the crops. Once the season ends they are often discouraged from doing so, as hiding in the crops is the best known and only successful tactic.


Snow will pick up throughout the night, and families will watch their favorite sports team play (Harrison City Coyotes is the favorite SNFL team of Spartanburgh, as Spartanburgh is located close to the metropolis.)

That's all for now. Don't forget to comment. Cheers!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Okay, this will be just an announcement post (I will do replys to the last update, in the next update) but I have a few things to discuss. Firstly Shayden has changed a little bit. I have changed the location of Shayden:

So instead of Shayden being located here:


It will now be located here:


It's been relocated, because I want to give Shayden more of an American look an feel. And I think that the way I've relocated Shayden will definitely help with that. I can't expand anymore though as that would unfair to everyone else in USNW. The population has also changed.

Second thing I need to say, if you are interested in joining a Union of some sorts, I highly suggest going to USNW. You can choose your own land on a custom planet named Adonia, and talk to a lot of cool people. If you don't want to be in a Union, but still wish to keep updated with Shayden, than go here: http://www.usnw.net/f105-the-commonwealth-of-shayden

Usually I post in here first before I do on Simtropolis. In fact I even have things posted on the USNW site that I don't here (it's more minor stuff, not actual updates).

Okay thanks for reading, and I'll try to shoot out an update when I have the chance.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


emperordaniel: Thanks!

MamaLuigi945: Not quite. ;(

escilnavia: Thanks! :)

hahei: Thanks for saying that for me, hopefully people will read your comment. :)

BuilderYear: SimCity Polska

I'm back with a CJ update! Though it'll be short lived as I have a very busy day today (I really wish I could work on SimCity 4 all day) And tomorrow will be busy as well, and the next tons of days. Also, I remade Harrison City again because I made errors in the city that I needed to correct (the roads). Here are some pictures of my progress.

Today is the first day of snowfall in Harrison City. Sure it isn't sticking to the ground, but it's still falling. A cold front is passing over Harrison City and what was supposed to be rain has turned into snow.


If you notice, the left corner seems empty, but that's because I haven't made any progress over there yet. :P



Even in the snow's fury a lens will be flared.

I also have got stadium for the cities AIFF team, and its SNFL teams. The AFL stadium will be made later.


The Harrison City FC Turf. This team plays in the AIFF and does a good job of it.


Turf of the Harrison City Coyotes. This team plays in the SNFL.

Next update I won't be so personal like I was this time, but I wanted to clarify some things. Alright, that's it for now. You can go away again.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


111222333444: Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Fox: Thanks!

escilnavia: Thanks. :)

James12311: I'm glad you like it. :)

sim_link: Glad you like it! :D

MamaLuigi945: C'mon, it's not THAT good. :P

osneaga: I'm sorry, but I can't understand you. Now I feel rude.

ThomasSimpson: Thanks sir, but I'll let you know something, Matinenda isn't completely done yet. ;)

Huston: Thanks! :)

shoko: I'm not sure if there is a City Life Condo in there or not. Glad you were able to spot that out, now I know. :)

testuser1234: Glad you like it! :)

NYCisbig...: Thanks! :D

legomiles: I'm glad you like it. :)

emperordaniel: Thanks! :)

Wraner: Yeah... But I'll be working on Spartanburgh for a while now, so you won't have to worry about big skyscrapers.

I'm really glad everyone likes Shayden. Thank you everyone! :)

Sorry for not updating for a while. School, Wrestling, and Friends have me really busy. So here are some pictures I've made in the past week to show I'm not dead:


Houses on a cold fall day!



The Golfing business of Spartanburgh! (Top: Golf Shop, Bottom: Golf Course)


Okay, that's it. I'll try my best to make a full update soon. Sorry about that. :(

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


ggamgus: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :)

kj3400: Thanks. :D

SRB95: Thanks.

Fox: I'm Glad you liked it. :)

nycsc4: I've already said CP 19th Century Houses on the LEX. >.<

shoko: Thanks :P

crossroads61: I'm glad I almost got the style you wanted. I just plop my residentials (they still function of course. :P)

Aaron Graham: I'm glad to see that from a person like you. :D

111222333444: Thanks. :)

Okay, so I've finally got onto Harrison City again (Spartanburgh is to be completed later) and I got some things done, not much though. So I thought that I would make a preview for Harrison City.


The Residential District gleams and helps shape Harrison City into the city it is.


The bright and shining Commercial District at day.


The Rain Depresses the City for the whole day...


The colorful Commercial District at night.

Okay that's all for now. I wish I could post more pictures, but I need to do way more work before I can make another update, because I want to try to make a mosaic for the first time in my next update. Okay see you then, don't forget to tell me what you think. Also by then, I want to have made a replies header, and an introduction header. So hopefully the update will be posted before the 30th (my last day of my summer vacation), because I'll be busy from then on and I'm not sure how much I'll have to be able to play SimCity from then on.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Thanks everyone! I used CP 19th Century Houses, they're on the LEX.

Okay, I got some more progress done on Spartanburgh but not much, so expect to see repetition.


Some more shops, and an Outdoor World to the right.


More business' such as the 2 strip malls, a Wendy's, a Rite Aid, a mini golf course and much, much more.


Spartanburgh has New England Climate so it's usually either sunny, rainy, or snowy.


The Strip Mall in Spartanburgh.


Residential (Warning: Repetition on the way)


Repetition picture #1


Repetition picture #2


Spartanburgh is a proud member of Shayden.

I plan on doing more in Spartanburgh, and I've still got 2 weeks until school starts, so I plan on working on Spartanburgh then. Well enjoy.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Everyone: Thanks! Soundwall: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/2433-highway-sound-walls/

Well after remaking Harrison City I decided that I didn't like the look of Spartanburgh. So I remade it as well. But a few things got in my way of doing it for a few days (Minecraft and USNW stuffs) so I haven't got much done on it yet. So here is what I've gotten done so far:


This is where Spartanburgh is located. Not too far south from Harrison City.








I'll have more soon, but for now I don't have enough for an official CJ update

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Everyone: Thanks!

Well, I decided to remake Harrison City because I'm not quite satisfied with the look it has right now (repetitive, ugly, etc.) so I decided to remake it. Here are some pictures of Harrison City V2:


Some of the new plopped and functioning residential houses in Harrison City ;)


Some of the new commercial skyscrapers placed in central Harrison City.


More residential buildings that give the city the population it has.


The Highway (Road going from top to bottom of picture) and the local road.


Some industrial facilities.

More to come soon...!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Everyone: Thanks!


Welcome to Harrison City! The Bustling Metropolis that is one of the most important cities in its region!

Harrison City is a colder city, with New England-like climate and is located on this map, including some other important cities in Shayden:



One of the many areas that the citizens of Harrison City live at.


Some of the Commercial District located in this fine city!


Aurora Field, home of the Harrison City Knights, who participate proudly in the SFL!



And a nice night view to finish this update off.


§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo



Coat of Arms:




Map of Adonia with Shayden: political_map_v6-2.jpg


Nation Name (Longest Official Form): Commonwealth of Shayden

Commonwealth of: Posillipo

Nation Name (Native Form): Shayden

CJ to Nation on USNW site: http://usnw.forumotion.com/f105-commonwealth-of-shayden

National Anthem: Love the Free and Brave Shayden

Capital: Smith City

Government: Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

Heads of State:

Queen: Vasilissa

Prime Minister: Ronald Smith

Term Length: 5 years

Official Language: English

Population: 265,315,563

Climate: Subartic, Mediterranean, Marine West Coast, Semi-Arid, Arid,

GDP (§47,284 - Per Capita): GDP (§47,284 - Per Capita)

Currency: Shaydians (§)

HDI: .931

Drives on the: Right

Internet TLD: .shy

Telephone Code: +15

Thanks to simfreak1998 for the flag, coat of arms, and helping me with applying for USNW. And Marsh for making the Adonian Map (I only made Shayden, not the whole map)


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