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  1. Only 1 word search?

    @CorinaMarie You are AWESOME!! Great work! And thanks to @Yarahi and thanks to @Cyclone Boom for your suggestions. Yes I will have too use google for now on until they get those upgrades done. Or at least put my search in quotes.
  2. Only 1 word search?

    Not sure as to where this should go feel free to move to correct thread. I've noticed for a while now but to lazy to ask. But I'm only able to do 1 word searches for instance water mods won't fly all I get is no results. But if I use water or mods then I get thousands of results which is no fun to go through when you are looking just for water mods. It's not just water mods but any search more than 1 word I get 0 results. I figure I'm just not using the right syntax. Any help would be appreciated
  3. SM2 Kennedy Bus and Subway Hub

    I don't do many roundabouts but for this I will be using them more! Awesome work!!
  4. SimCity 4 on Steam for $4.99 USD till July 5th 10am (Pacific time)! https://store.steampowered.com/app/24780/
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    OK a new update on Bay City. Just been working on the airport and the business park, and did a bit of work on the marina. Still a lot of work to do. Been busy working on a new map which keeps me busy.
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    OH OH can't wait to get my hot hands on this lot! Gotta mop the floor now from all the drool! HEHE
  7. IRM I-HT Nova Energetics by HunD88

    Totally Awesome! I have all the IRM! Perfect work as always!
  8. RDQ Venus Arcology

    GREAT JOB!! Love it! Keep up the great work!! Totally Awesome Dude!
  9. Neighbor connection and changing road type

    Thanks @Tarkus I was afraid of that. I was thinking that I may have to do that. At least now I won't have to back pedal.
  10. Removing SC4desc files (Dazed and confused)

    Thanks @markussaage! I'll have to back track and check. But I think i may end up having to recheck a lot of downloads at least back about 2-3 weeks anyway. I know some will be plops and some are I'm pretty sure are growables. I always thought that the descriptor file was always automatically saved when the lot was saved. Now that I know that they are not always, I'll have to decide what if anything other than just leave all the files alone or go through all and figure out what needs to go or stay. @matias93 mentioned datpacking but I've heard pro's and con's about that and since I have never used it I'll have to read up about it.
  11. Hey all question At neighbor connection points on both sides can you change the road type between each connection? I'm talking here about keeping the same size as in tiles like keeping the road for instance a TLA-7 but changing it at the other side with say a ave-6 instead. I was curious about it as I'm considering doing just that but not sure if it would work. I would be going from a TLA-7 to a road 6 or maybe an avenue-6. Since they are the same size in tiles I thought maybe it would work, but again I really don't have a clue if it would. One city is up and running the other is a WIP barely have the network designed yet, thus the question. I will assume that as long as I keep the same tile size of network it will.
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Well I decided to show a updated Bay City, still very much a WIP but got it started, industrial area set for the time being, going to put more work on the burbs and airport area. Been trying to keep the industrial area at street level as much as I can so my freight stations get used. g Got the marina started, got to hit the tutorials on fixing up the coastline.
  13. Brain cramp! You're right! Sometimes I wonder about myself! Thanks!