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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    You're not alone. I have the same problem. Went through everything and couldn't solve the brown boxes problem so I finally after two weeks of trying I gave up. If you figure it out let me know.
  2. Transamerica Pyramid

    As always great work!
  3. IRM I-HT SkyLimit Satellite Research by GreatDane

    As always excellent work! Love the IRM stuff I have it all!
  4. Hyatt Ziva Tower One

    If I could give it a million stars I would! Perfect Thanks!
  5. Hyatt Ziva Tower One

    I love your work!!! As always a beautiful job! A master batter and lotter! Thanks!
  6. Old North Church Boston

    Great Work as always!! We bow to your greatness! (as a lotter anyway)
  7. Harrods

    @mattb325 You are an awesome batter! 5 Stars +1000000
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Can we say Lotgasm!
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Simmer2 Hmmmm, I don't suppose......... Maybe upload it? Would love to have a set like this.
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Sooooo Coooool!!! Can't wait for it to be released!!! Got my vote!! Whoopie! (can you tell i'm Xstatic!)
  11. RRetail Commercial Relots Pack Three

    OK GREAT! Thanks!
  12. RRetail Commercial Relots Pack Three

    On the barns and noble lot there might be a problem. As the dependencies for it are dead and doing a search comes up with nothing.
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    I like it! I do see what you mean about the diag. I wish I could help but I'm a noob when it comes to lotting. But I would love to use your retaining walls when you get them complete! Good (Great work) anyway!!
  14. SM2 Abandoned Train Stop

    Sorry about that my head was elsewhere at the moment. I knew it was a rail station. Just my mind was elsewhere. As usual!
  15. SM2 Abandoned Train Stop

    As always Great stuff! Need more rail stations so this is a big plus!